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9 days ago
Scent 9.0
Jardenia by Jar Parfums

Jardenia„Queen Jardenia's Wonderland”
Jardenia is the creamy smell of organic decay found underneath your bare feet as you walk through a pine needle forest during the twilight of a day some time in Autumn. The initial green is sharp and mentholated, slightly resinous, honeyed and feels sticky...

10 days ago
Scent 9.5
Ferme tes Yeux by Jar Parfums

Ferme tes Yeux„Fight, Flight or Fornicate”
Ferme tes Yeux is eerily morbid to the point of decay; and as it flirts with death it has all the tools ready for skilled dissection by the deranged surgeon. Its state is pre Rigor Mortis as it, paradoxically, has lost little of its ambery and spicy warmth...

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Zahd is like the morning after hangover-lovechild between too much Château Latour Pauillac and a gluttony inducing massive Black Forest Cake+5
Bottle 6.0
Sillage 8.0
Longevity 9.0
Scent 9.0
Citrus bathroom cleaner and very chemical smelling. Once the nice opening has settled it quickly turns abrasive. Performance is overrated+2
Bottle 6.0
Sillage 6.0
Longevity 7.0
Scent 4.5
essentially "the old Nuwa"+2
Bottle 8.0
Sillage 9.0
Longevity 9.0
Scent 9.0
30ml, £7000+3
Bottle 10.0
Sillage 8.0
Longevity 9.0
Scent 10.0
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