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Bits & Bobs & Pet Peeves...

Thought I would show off my latest acquisitions. Rather happy with these:

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: The Raven - Sleek, dark, and ominous. Violet and neroli mingled with iris, white sandalwood and dark musk. Sheol - The final burst of the soul’s light and joy before passing into the depths of the earth, and into the cords of Sheol; Sheol, who is never satisfied, and who makes wide her soul to all. Vibrant gladiola, graceful stargazer lily, triumphant iris and bright heliotrope flare, and is finally made somber by heavy copal, a drop of labdanum, and tonka.

Smell Bent: Leathery - from their recent "Garage Sale". This is pure leather, dry, animalic, and smooth. I love leather but I have a feeling it is too much by itself. I layered it with Carolina Herrera's 212 VIP and the combination of the sweet rum, vanilla and leather was heavenly!

Pet Peeves: I buy quite a few things on eBay, it means I can get hold of rare and expensive items at a fraction of the cost I would normally need to pay. But I can't believe the amount of people that sell perfumes with NO LIDS! Perhaps it's the slight OCD tendency I have with my perfume obsession, but I don't understand how or why you would want to leave the lid off a perfume. It may not do anything to enhance the longevity of the perfume, but it is part of the beautiful packaging that most perfumes come in. I keep most of my boxes when practical, but I do understand why non-collectors get rid of their boxes. However, LIDS? Please tell me I'm being unreasonable and obsessive here! I've got to the point where I refuse to bid on something without a lid. It indicates that the perfume has been stored very haphazardly and may not be in the best condition. Plus if you have a dusty dirty bottle of perfume, why would you not CLEAN it before selling? What the hell is wrong with people? I have been needing to vent about these two issues for a while, I needed to get them off my chest. I feel better now...well, sort of lol!

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