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Oil Aboard!

Ahem, sorry for the little pun there, I couldn't help it. As you may have guessed, this post will be about perfume oils, one of my many passions. However, I don't have as many as I would like as most of the perfumers who create these little wonders aren't based in the UK and so I'm very often put off ordering because I'm always very impatient to get my hands on a new smelly. But I have got some from eBay to bolster my collection and am currently waiting on an order from Smell Bent and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

This is my box of goodies, the full bottles and the samples/imps that I have from various sources. Everything here is a perfume oil, I keep them separately from my other perfume samples.

This is my small collection of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, I shall name them further in the post.

Here are my Nocturne Alchemy OIls and my one Smell Bent bottle. I used to have Incensed from Smell Bent, but I sold it on eBay as I found it too dry and linear.

Vampire's Black Bouquet - Sorcery Scents

This is Vampire's Black Bouquet by Sorcery Scents here in the UK. The lady that makes these has a huge selection to choose from and they are all hand made and sent in a 10ml roller ball. I used to have another from her called The Morrigan and I really must order more from her as they are great quality and unusual. Vampire's Black Bouquet is a bouquet of roses, dirt and patchouli.

From left to right: A Nocturnal Reverie: violet musk and oudh with black amber, ambergris, agarwood, black currant, dark musk, fig, and lavender incense. Bette Noir: Benzoin, wild plum, smoky amber, bergamot, orange blossom, myrrh, and dark berries. The Future Ball: Crystalline white musk, Somalian olibanum, smoky benzoin, Damascus rose, dark myrrh, sacred sandalwood, life everlasting, rock rose, and gummy bear fingerprint residue.

From left to right: Illuminati Cotillion - Black Helicopters over Black Phoenix: Ceremonial incense, pipe tobacco, temple roses, and shittim wood. Neil Gaiman's Coraline - The Cat: Sleek, black, dark, and clever: benzoin, honey, cedar, and dark musk. Halloweenie - Pomona 2009: Azaroles, nuts, and apple blossoms with red apple pulp, mulberry, blackberry, and pomegranate juice.

No you're not seeing double, this is my Tavern of Hell from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab along with it's back-up bottle. This is completely to die for. It has a darkness, smoky, incense quality along with a slight sweetness that makes it irresistible. Tavern of Hell: White gardenia, ambergris bouquet, lavender fougere, orange blossom, melissa, tobacco flower, coriander, ebony wood, ylang ylang, absinthe and aged whiskey.

Here we have my Nocturne Alchemy oils, from left to right: Gold: Of Egypt: Tyet: Dragon Blood Incense, Blue Grass, White Musk, Hyacinth, Magnolia, Daffodil and Violet (contains shimmer). Crystal Plumeria Santalum: Vanilla Musk, Plumeria Flower Essence and Egyptian Sandalwood with a drop of Sapphire amber musk and Anniversary Kyphi incense mix. Dark Santalum: Sandalwood, black peppercorn, shadow amber, patchouli, moss, pimento and dark vanilla musk incense.

My one and only Smell Bent... Well I am awaiting another one which is actually a 50ml EDT (I think), I ordered it from their 4th Annual Garage Sale, it's called Leathery and I don't think it was ever officially released, so I'm really excited to receive it. Anyhoo, here we have my Mirror Ball: dark incense, woods, hyacinth and night-blooming jasmine.

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