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DarkbeatDarkbeat 2 years ago
Abu_Al_Hifs an amateur artisan perfumer.
Thanks to eBay I have met Abu_Al_Hifs, an amateur and independent perfumer, who works the incense as a teacher. I have spoken several times with him, and he is a kind and communicative person, and his perfumes…. amazing, at least, the ones I know. Abu_Al_Hifs is a nickname of yours that he uses as a nickname for his eBay account, so there really is no brand... More
DarkbeatDarkbeat 4 years ago
The new collection of zara inspired by the molecules
Today the package has arrived, and I have not yet been able to test them in conditions, but I will tell you the first impressions that are causing me;As I mentioned earlier, these perfumes have the appearance of last, with a small spray on the wrist the diffusion is very noticeable, so, in the absence of more thorough testing, the first impression... More