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4 years ago - 26.07.2018

The new collection of zara inspired by the molecules

Today the package has arrived, and I have not yet been able to test them in conditions, but I will tell you the first impressions that are causing me;

As I mentioned earlier, these perfumes have the appearance of last, with a small spray on the wrist the diffusion is very noticeable, so, in the absence of more thorough testing, the first impression is good in this regard.

In general, there is no doubt that they are molecular perfumes with very linear aromas, but they are not bad, they smell great, and for the price they have, they are more than good.

They are risky perfumes, and for those who are curious about how a certain molecule smells, it is great, because isolating the notes, the molecules are clearly appreciated.

The bottles are very small in comparison to the box that contains them, but in the hands they are not as crappy as, at first glance, they seem in the images.

ZARA C4SHMER4N: bergamot, cashmeran and tonka beam.

It is a sweet woody with spicy nuances. The bergamot is felt in the first instants, but disappears very soon, leaving a woody aroma, spicy and very sweet, for a good dose of tonka bean. It is not an exceptional aroma, but it smells good and has good performance.

ZARA 4MBR0X: musk, ambrox and cedar.

This has a very alcoholic outlet, then it smells of woody musk, it is not a clean musk, it is strange, it smells like stale wood with mushrooms, a warm and moist tinge, with salty and minimally sweet tones. Then, there are moments that remind me of the aroma of tobacco leaves drying in the sun, with those rough and bittersweet touches, which, together with the cedar wood, produce a medicated and strange woody aroma, which not everyone would like, but there is no doubt that it is, at least, original. In general, a woody and musky fragrance with sweet hues and medicines, I could even say that with animal tones, in short, a very original and risky perfume for what Zara normally takes out.

Performance is not bad, although the wake is a little loose, but do not take this data to crack table because it is a preliminary impression of a small sample in the forearm.

ZARA C0R4N0L: cardamom, coranol and cedar.

This is my favorite by far, it smells like a hallucinate. The output is loaded with cardamom with woody tones and shades like smoked vetiver, which I love, a pity that this output happens in a plis, because it is beautiful. Then we have an aroma of cedar wood wrapped in a kind of balsamic and spicy halo that I love, it even seems to include beautiful floral nuances.

The performance as a first impression seems to be good, although his wake is moderate pulling down, but do not pay much attention to this fact because I have not yet been able to test conditions, it is only a first impression with a spray on the wrist.

One thing is clear, and that is that they are original perfumes, and as such, not for all noses, so try them before making the investment, although, with what they are worth, it is worth risking.

Sorry for my bad english.

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