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Ambre Orient is another exponent of the Armani Prive collection that enjoys incredible quality and exceptional odor characteristics. It is an oriental perfume, which despite what it may seem for its notes, is subtle, light and delicate, with a masterful amber, which shows us an airy, vaporous and powdery work that borders on the sublime. I loved it.

In the beginning the thyme is felt in a tender and delicate way, with an incense, sweet, resinous and slightly shaved aura, which is beautiful, almost touching femininity, but stopping it in time a spicy and woody note that gives body and volume and avoids that develops excessively feminine. When this woody and spicy note comes into play, the thyme disappears and in its place feels a very light patchouli, surrounded by sweet, resinous and spicy woods, but nothing aggressive or strong, on the contrary, they are delicately crimped, it is like if they were vaporized in the air, I do not know how to explain it, but I feel it as if in a reverie, where you are not yet able to see clearly and the dreamy sensations and reality are interwoven, precious. Little by little, vanilla and amber begin to be felt more intensely, because being, they were from the beginning, but in a very ethereal and mild way, and also now, some cinnamon begins to feel very subtly, creating an ambiguous set, Creamy and also something dusty, beautifully executed, without stridency or exaggeration of notes, maintaining that dreamlike air that has enchanted me. A magnificent work of perfumery that has been discontinued, a shame because it is really beautiful, although I think that Myrrhe Imperiale could cover the void left by Ambre Orient, since they share that same mystical and dreamlike air, with different aroma (myrrh and not amber) , but with the same character.

Perfume of excellent performance, with a very good longevity, remaining on skin for about 10 hours, with a very marked wake from the beginning, then from 3 hours low to moderate and in the last hours it remains at skin level. Perfect for cold and temperate seasons, and it does not matter whether for the day or for the night, but for special and intimate occasions, it is not a daily perfume, it is rather, something special.

If you find it and you can afford it, go ahead, it is a beautiful perfume, but without paying excesses, that on the internet there is a lot of crap that, sometimes, they ask for real barbarities for him, that I would not pay, because to pay a lot of money I would go directly to Myrrhe imperiale that is not discontinued, has a similar vibe and can be found cheaper, though, not cheap.

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This perfume is a fairly light and fresh incense, and, when I say light, I do not mean a scarce or weak aroma, no, I mean that the incense in this fragrance, despite being the protagonist, is executed to create a refreshing and quite versatile aroma, far from the treatment, of this note, which I am used to in oriental, where they are generally dense and opulent aromas.

The beginning is very citrus and fresh, with an outstanding yuzu very energizing, but lasts a blink, because, at the moment, the incense is incorporated into the mixture, providing a balsamic and smoky touch to the citrus freshness of the beginning, creating a fresh aroma , sweet and smoky, but equally elegant and fine, I like it. Then, the citrus fruits go down in intensity and the spices are incorporated, highlighting the cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg, feeling the spicy aroma, but in a clean and fresh way, very balanced and really beautiful. Gradually these spices decrease in intensity, and the aroma begins to sweeten and feel woody. Amber and benzoin give him that resinous and balsamic sweetness, and the papyrus has to be in charge of that woody sensation, which he would not know how to define, but that does not get to smell of wood, is rather a hint of it, but equally beautiful, masculine and elegant. The truth is that I did not expect such a fresh and versatile incense, a young and cheerful aroma, executed very elegantly.

In my skin the duration has been good, between 6 and 7 hours with a moderate wake, not bad. A very versatile aroma that you can wear at any season and time, and also for any occasion.

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This Infusion d'Iris Cèdre is a beautiful, clean and dusty aroma, which pleases everyone, is one of those aromas, which, although not being generic, is designed to please the masses, and therefore I do not find it original or groundbreaking, but yes, very beautiful and pleasant.

Its aroma is a dusty iris surrounded by flashes of cedar and neroli, very pleasant and well orchestrated, and all this, on an ephemeral base of sweet benzoin and incense, which, despite being almost imperceptible, provides the just and necessary warmth, so that the aroma does not become excessively linear. Everyone who has given it to smell has liked, being its greatest virtue, that characteristic smell of clean, expensive soap, freshly washed clothes with a good fabric softener, who does not like to smell like this, after a shower? Well, that I think is his great claim. A nice and pleasant perfume, but I am more intense oriental, I think it is not for me.

It has a moderate performance, its longevity is between 5 or 6 hours, with a moderate projection from the beginning, but, for a perfume of these characteristics it is more than good, although, yes, too expensive for what it offers.

Unisex perfume of warm and temperate climates and to enjoy it during the day.

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This Ambre Nuit is an extremely refined perfume, which oozes delicacy, quality and a certain air of elegant femininity, but that does not fool your name, this is a tribute to the rose and not to amber (resin) as I thought.

For me, this perfume has three notable ingredients, bergamot, rose and amber, the others, or are not, or I do not perceive them and they are only to provide ephemeral nuances. It is a linear aroma with two clear phases, the beginning and the rest of the fragrance. From the beginning the rose and amber are quite clear, only that, at the beginning they are wrapped in a thin layer of fresh and sparkling bergamot, which cushions the fragrant rose and the sweetness of amber, to make the fragrance something more refreshing in your start. This start is short-lived and then there is only rose and amber, but do not think of a resinous, sweet and woody amber, because the shots do not go there, it is gray amber, and it feels half dusty, semi-sweet and vaporous, very mystical and gaseous , creating an aura around, elegant and refined, exquisite, an ideal complement to a deep velvety, beautiful rose. A perfume of roses without more incentive, yes, very beautiful and elegant.

It has a more than acceptable performance, of good longevity, between 7 or 8 hours, with a moderate projection at all times, it is not a beast, but it has enough to be noticed.

It is a unisex perfume, but it seems a bit more feminine to me, but well, to taste the colors, I will dress it equally until it is over. Perfume of fresh and temperate climates, and for the night, although it could also be used during the day.

Regarding the perfume itself, it is a beautiful aroma that oozes quality, but it is not worth what it costs even as a joke, it is a beautiful and elegant rose without more, I do not know what is exclusive about this fragrance to ask € 300 for it. If you have money left over and you like it, go ahead, but everyone else try it before buying, there are aromas of rose, in the market, much cheaper, everything is a matter of finding the right one.

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Incense spectacular, green, balsamic, and even an earthy tint, original without doubt, had not smelled such a green and natural incense until now, simply amazing.

The exit is green green, where you can see the fir and pine with an amazing naturalness, it is like when you place the Christmas tree and after having been touching the branches and needles, you smell your hands, and that green and natural smell that gets impregnated, it's what it smells like to me. This beginning lasts a sigh, and at the moment the incense and resins appear, sweetening the green notes, which do not disappear after this beginning, recreating a green, very natural aroma, with a precious resinous sweetness, in which they begin to distinguish the first blows of a spectacular incense. Gradually the green notes begin to decay and the incense takes possession of the aroma, which, together with the resins and a very delicate floral reflection, speak of the East and its stories, offering us a sweetly resinous and fragile floral fragrance with a veil beautiful background woody. In its final phase the wood feels more, feeling a resinous incense on a woody background, almost dusty, fine, elegant and full of mystery.

Very good performance, in skin it is maintained for more than 8 or 9 hours with few sprays, its wake is moderate high at the beginning and then it goes to moderate, and although it is not exaggerated, it marks presence very dignified. As for its use, I see it more appropriate for cold and temperate seasons and for the night, although it would also not fall apart on a cool winter or autumn morning.

It has been a perfume that I loved, with a magnificent quality, but with an important tare, its price, although, if you can afford it, the perfume is highly recommended, but, if not, you better not smell it, because You'll want to have it and it really hurts your pocket hehehe.

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The quality of this elixir is superb, both scently and materially. A fragrance of clear oriental inspiration, forceful and exquisite.

From the beginning you can perceive the rose and the oud, with some saffron and even a small smoky hue, very elegant. This beginning is very woody, spicy, a balsamic tad, and somewhat smoky, with a velvety rose, beautifully sprinkled with sensuality and elegance. The rose is extremely well fused to the other notes, and does not feel as blunt as in other perfumes based on this threshed mixture of oud-rose. Then the rose and saffron begin to falter, and the aroma begins to take shades of sandalwood and amber, feeling the creamy aroma, warm and sweet, rejoicing very well to oud and incense, which provide the final tandem to recreate a beautiful aroma of creamy, spicy, resinous, smoked, sweet and warm wood that makes mouth watering to lovers of this type of perfume, truly a perfume that exudes exclusivity and luxury.

Its longevity is quite good, in my case it has lasted about 9 hours, with a moderate projection from the beginning, although the first hour was somewhat more remarkable, anyway, it is not bad performance. It is a nocturnal fragrance for cool and temperate times, although in an event, special or formal, daytime, it would not clash at all.

The aroma looks something like Incense Oud by Kilian.

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Oroluna is another perfume, in which the rose is the absolute protagonist, the rest of the notes are to highlight aspects of a rose so realistic that it gives the feeling of having it in your hands.

In the beginning we found a pretty energetic rose, with a very remarkable citrus and balsamic halo, and it has even given me the feeling that it includes some mint, because it has a beautiful, fresh and natural menthol leave. The rose of this exit, little by little, begins to lose that freshness, and begins to faintly dust, mixing with some geranium and dragging, woody nuances with an accompaniment of blunt patchouli, but nothing strident, highlighted by a veil of incense , which makes the aroma feel steamy smoky. A rose beautifully adorned with wood and smoke, with exquisite workmanship. After time, the rose gradually disappears, and the aroma becomes woody and spicy, warm, a little smoky and with ethereal nuances of a pristine musk, really beautiful and original, and I'm already a little tired of the rose as note protagonist in perfumes, lately, it seems that everything I try is like that, but this time it is executed in such a way that the rose, despite its prominence, is originally set, feeling a fresh and current aroma, and I liked that a lot.

The performance of the perfume is quite good, I have been perceiving it for more than 10 hours in skin, and the wake is very noticeable in the first hours, then it becomes moderate, but marking presence very well. To dress it, I see it more a perfume of fresh or temperate weather, and not recommended for hot climates, which you can wear both day and night.

Unisex perfume very well balanced, never becomes neither excessively feminine nor overwhelmingly masculine, it is in a perfect balance, but ... € 340 per 50ml is a shameless tease, the perfume, despite the rose, is very original and It feels spectacular quality, but it is still a perfume of roses, of which there are thousands in the market, and I do not think that originality is such, to ask for that money for him, I am sorry but no, although if you There is plenty of money and you want it, well go ahead, because it is very beautiful, but if it is only curiosity, better try it in the store.

2 Awards
Perfume versed in the oud, spectacular, I love it, and if its performance were greater, it would be a perfume of 10.

The beginning is an explosion of forceful oud, leaves no respite with its effluviums of powerful, medicated and dirty wood. Little by little, the citrus note of mandarin begins to be incorporated, which regulates the crudeness of the oud very well, although at times it has seemed to me to perceive the odd nuance of Loctite glue, but a minimal and unimportant thing. Then, the patchouli feels more presence, accentuating the woody sensation of the fragrance, but in a dusty way, somewhat earthy and with a mysterious air. Thus, stealthily, it is sweetened resinously, to end with an elegant and exquisite wood of resinous, sweet and semi-dusty nuances, which removes the hiccups. He has conquered me with capital letters.

The performance is good, but it could have been better, about 7 hours on skin, with a regular projection, the start is spectacular, but it decays for the moment and immediately becomes moderate, a shame for such a succulent aroma. Perfume for cold and temperate climates and its habitat is night.

I would recommend it without a doubt, its aroma is elegant, sober and refined, but its benefits are not very high, so, better try it before, and when you do, you will tell us about it.

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I liked this perfume a lot, it is a rugged leather with a lot of temperament. A difficult fragrance, not liked by everyone, but if you are one of those who like leather, spices and resins in atomic version, you will love it, it has a beautiful eighties vibe, but not suitable for anyone. A strong aroma for people who know what they want, the rest to abstain.

The start is somewhat cooler with sage and basil, but nothing cool for the summer, no, rather something more tame than what comes next. From the first snort the leather is present, but here it is bent even by basil and sage, which give it that fresh and green touch, with a slight balsamic resin reflection. Gradually the leather begins to feel much more intense, accompanied by oud and incense, making the aroma very intense, balsamic, smoked, medicated and very spicy, giving a feeling of rustic and old leather, but of great quality. Perfectly it could be the smell of leather sacks that they use to carry loads of spices on camels, they literally have to smell like this. The aroma is evolving, but this spicy sensation does not lose it, and begins to feel warmer and resinous, roasted and incense, where the leather is still the protagonist, but now, next to a slight animalic touch that rounds a precious leather.

Luckily for those of us who like these aromas, the performance of this perfume is very good, exceeding 10 hours more than my skin, with a very good wake during almost all the development of the perfume. A night perfume for cold or fresh climates.

Intense perfume and not suitable for all audiences, but if you like these aromas, you have to try it, although the price of this jewel is somewhat high, it is not as exaggerated as that of other niches I have tried, and in comparison, I think worth every penny they ask for him.

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V is almost an exact copy of Armani Prive Bois D’encens. It is the same aroma, at an even higher price and with half the content, an absolute impudence. Although, if we are fair, there are a couple of differences regarding Bois D’encens that I would like to point out, minimum, but differences after all:

1- The longevity of this perfume is superior to the Armani perfume, but do not believe that it is much greater, a couple of hours at most, although something is something.

2- The aroma is equal to Bois D'encens, even in its linearity, but there is a small difference at the end of the aroma, which we will not be able to see in Bois D'encens and it does appear in this perfume, and that is, when the aroma You are almost wounded to death, the incense drops in intensity and you can appreciate a very resinous and spicy woody aroma of a beautiful ambarada-vanilla creaminess, the pity is that the fragrance is already in its last rales and is very weak already skin level

The perfume, like that of Armani, is an aroma of amazing liturgical incense, beautiful and addictive, of excellent quality, but if Armani already seemed very expensive, imagine this, which brings half the content and is much Even more expensive ... but as I always say, if you have money left over, it is precious, although I, if I am sincere, prefer Armani for logical reasons.

The duration in skin has been between 8 or 9 hours, with a moderate wake from the beginning. Its use is more appropriate for cold or temperate climates and especially for the night, although on a winter or autumn morning it would not disentangle at all.

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