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5 years ago
Scent 6.4
Douceur de Vanille by Les Néréides

Douceur de Vanille„Crême Brullé”
This is the softest scent from Les Néreides. Very nice and for every day use. Soft vanilla notes with a bit of spice. The rose comes forward shyly at the beginning but hands over the sceptre to the creamy notes without complaint. It doesn’t last as long as the other...

5 years ago
Scent 8.3
Patchouli Precieux / Patchouli Antique by Les Néréides

Patchouli Precieux / Patchouli Antique„Dusty....”
....seems this scent and so does justice to its name. For lovers of heavy patchouli scents well suited. For all the others: enjoy with caution. This scent stays and does really smell like dusty wood (a little anyway!!). (Own translation of a review dated 03 August 2009)

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6 years ago

DeGe53„Creme 21 – a german institution in the 60/70/80s”
  The Henkel brand Crème 21 was literally custom made end of the 60s for a new form of cosmetics retail in self-service stores and alimentary stores. Up to then cosmetics were only sold in special stores like drugstores, perfume-stores and the like. The turning spirit of the 70s with the bright colours, new music, liberation of the youth (yes, still and again) reflects in the bright orange colour. Through unusual ad-campaigns young, open minded folks were reached, all of them young dads,...


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Good morning! I have a cold. Will start slowly today.
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Thank you so much for your reply to my blog :) I have sent the message /question to Roberto Dario so he can provide the right information :D I will let you know as soon as I get it, or he might choose to sent it in himself. With kind regards, Guusje