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DeGe53DeGe53 10 years ago
Creme 21 – a german institution in the 60/70/80s
  The Henkel brand Crème 21 was literally custom made end of the 60s for a new form of cosmetics retail in self-service stores and alimentary stores. Up to then cosmetics were only sold in special stores like drugstores, perfume-stores and the like. The turning spirit of the 70s with the bright colours, new music, liberation of the youth... More
DeGe53DeGe53 11 years ago
Short article about Bud Parfums, Australia and interview with Howard Jarvis
What a discovery!! While virtually travelling I found Bud Parfums in Australia. What does Miss Everybody (like me) know about Australia? Sheep, kangaroos, former convict colony of the British Empire, imported rabbits making life hard for everyone, Ayers Rock, wide very hot country on the other side of the globe, takes forever... More