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10 years ago - 04.04.2012

Creme 21 – a german institution in the 60/70/80s

The Henkel brand Crème 21 was literally custom made end of the 60s for a new form of cosmetics retail in self-service stores and alimentary stores. Up to then cosmetics were only sold in special stores like drugstores, perfume-stores and the like. The turning spirit of the 70s with the bright colours, new music, liberation of the youth (yes, still and again) reflects in the bright orange colour. Through unusual ad-campaigns young, open minded folks were reached, all of them young dads, young moms and the hip offspring no less. And the was naked skin on TeeeVeee, wowowow!!! – even in colour.

But sooner or later the hype was over. 1986 Crème 21 vanishes slowly but surely from the german market, Henkel dropped it in favour of one of their other products. Here it becomes difficult to describe if you haven’t seen it: the product was a soap, green-bluish-white marbled, suggesting freshness from the ocean – an almost completely naked women comes out of the same and is very refreshed!! More naked was not possible on public TV at that time (70/80s). Finished with orange, green-blue-white marbled is in now. Crème 21 slumbers until Antje Willems-Stickel buys the worldwide rights to the brand from Henkel and rejuvenates Creme 21. Not only that, she enlarges the product line: showergels, special scent mixtures and of course the Original Homburger Glückswasser (=happy water) enter the shelves of the usual suspects (i.e. drugstores, etc) besides the original Crème 21.

A very nice homepage you can enter here: Creme 21 – and it comes in english as well.

Sweepstakes, nice historical background information, new products, an online-shop and much more can be discovered.

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