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This is the softest scent from Les Néreides. Very nice and for every day use. Soft vanilla notes with a bit of spice. The rose comes forward shyly at the beginning but hands over the sceptre to the creamy notes without complaint.

It doesn’t last as long as the other powerscents from Les Néreides and is very well suited for all vanilla lovers who don’t want to smell too much of it.

(Own translation from review dated 24 August 2009)

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....seems this scent and so does justice to its name. For lovers of heavy patchouli scents well suited. For all the others: enjoy with caution. This scent stays and does really smell like dusty wood (a little anyway!!).

(Own translation of a review dated 03 August 2009)

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You expect May running around the corner! The blooming messengers in this scent harmonize perfectly. Lilac rules but freesia, jasmine, gardenia and hyacinth round it up. You could think it is a soliflor scent. Do you know those dark lilacs, really fat trusses of lilacs and how they smell after a spring thunderstorm? This is the smell.

Soft musk should be renamed: cuddly-cotton-soft musk. It serves only to hold the flood of flowers together.

More and more I am enthused by Neil Morris and his scents. He mounted the pedestal to be one of my favourites.
(Own translation of German review dated 02 April 2010. Apicius introduced me to Fetish before that and I was hooked!)

I did it. This one had to be in my collection. I am spriiiiihing….

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This is for the „sweet“ guys! I’m not saying Satyr is a gourmand scent, not at all, but there swings a discret sweet note underneath which could be to much for persons who dislike gourmand scents.

But let’s start slow…young Satyr dishes out one by one what he brings along. First of all he obviously dashes along the creek in the forest on Naiad territory. I clearly smell moss, green leaves, fresh forest air accompanied by a light wood. The chap probably broke a fresh twig about to flirt with the Naiads after he took a dive into the creek, water still glistening in his hair. But it is not only the fresh Naiad impression I get, there can already a warm-woody almost balmy touch with light spices be detected. And distant pale flowers. I suspect gardenia or tuberose but don’ nail me down on that since there is a light sharpness distracting me.

In between whispers a fresh medical something, but only very faint. Young Satyr switches to even more flattering tones. He wants to cuddle and only frequently swings his light wooden twig, almost a bit dusty now. I like this faint dusty note reminding me vaguely of Patchouli Antique from Les Néréides – in a very subdued manner of course. A tiny aroma of hey drifts by the balmy resins, reminding me of fresh cut grass drying in the hot sun for a while. Now our Satyr is warm, round, satisfied and still delicate.

He has visited the Naiads in their rippling creek, dashed through the warm summerforest, took a break on a cushion of hey and languorously humming he enjoys the last rays of a warm evening sun.

This is how I see the chap and he can not be compared. Montales Boisé Vanillé comes to mind, whereas Satyr is sexy and Montale brings out more the cuddle factor. As said before, Satyr is very sexy and not necessarily meant to be worn in the office, except maybe by creatives. And it is definitely not for lovers of fresh-green or aquatic scents.

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Satine is flowery and fruity, powdery and sweet, a little woodsy and zappy, fresh but also balmy. It is all that - but not a plain flowerscent, not gourmand, not a fruitpunsh. It is simply a new BUDchild.

We have a very soft flowery start where the fruit can be sensed already. According to the ingredients given we have tangerine here but I think I’m sensing red berries, but later more about that. Then comes a crescendo of tangy fresh lemmonmyrtle, a bit herby green, this is my impression. It can not be compared to plain lemon or grapefruit, although more to the later which leaves this light green impression with me.

It continues descreetly with flowers, a bit powdery despite all the freshness. This must be the influence of the rose, even though I think only oris can produce this kind of powdery scent. But as always Howard Jarvis reveals only part of the ingredients to tickle the noses of his fans. A whiff of this tangy freshness swings up every now and then and continues so almost to the end.

Somehow you sense the lineage with Sophia and Sweetheart, there swings something from both in Satine. Sophia donates the light smokyness, Sweetheart the powdery note.

Towards the end Satine proofs her own character. It becomes sweet, but not sticky. I compare it to a nutty whipped cream with a touch of fluffed up butter or with soft dark chocolate caramel, the taste lingering on the tongue when it has long been swallowed. A drop of vanilla has been added to. And a smoky, woody breeze, very soft. And again light accords of red berries, even at the end of the development.

Satine is a scent that can also be worn well at the office. The sillage is nice, not to strong. Stability is good, up to 8 hours. Again we have a very beautiful composition without a rival in sight. But what else can we expect from Mr.Jarvis?

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... Dezember 2010 Estée came out with this well-beeing gift. I like Sensuous. This one I like even better.

Where some companies - and not only the smaller ones - fail at their attempt to introduce sexy new products and may it be only by showing lascivious spots on TV, Ms. Lauder beams understatement but with finesse.

The modest bottle, an eyecatcher solely through form and colour, speaks for itself. You don't have to glitter and sparkle to be sexy. Sensuous is never overloaded. It's New York, Boston, East Coat (as we in Germany know it from TV!!). No Hollywood bling. And that's the scent. Starting warm and substantial without being overpowering. Not to spicy, not to woody, powdery-warm throughout, thanks to lily and rose.

I also noticed there is no jumping and jerking in the development of the scent. Everything flows, like thick maple-sirup. But the impression is not to sweet as could be expected from the vanilla in the base.

After hours a warm aura remains around you. The creators of the scent I owe a big thank you for leaving out musk. It could have spoiled everything. But now we have a fluffy-warm note which catapults the well-being factor way high in the cold season.

6 Awards

Pulp - Byredo

No, kiddos! This is the ultimate no-go. Help, I always thought pomace stinks, but Pulp tops even that.

Whoever detects something fruity here must have a disturbed sense of smell. SORRY, no offense, don't take it personal. This here is simply a mashed fruitbasket, left to rot for four days. The flies are buzzing around.

To make things worse a bitter note comes through, not being able to get rid of the allover rotten smell. And it has a staying power that devils brew. I really had problems to clean the back of my hand of the smell without rubbing the skin of.

No, thank you, not for me.

And thank you, Antoine, for the tester.

This will be easy.

After a fresh start, mint here is not like in chewing gum more like a mild tea, the green ferns and herbs are quickly entering the game. As for the herbs I think there is rosemary and a wiff of wild camomille to be noticed. It's an almost oldfashioned mixture being carried by a bit of musk and soft resigns.

This is almost like a retroscent for guys, very nice, not sweet, not to rough and staying close to the wearer. Very nice also the absolutely reasonable price. It costs less than some of the drugstore scents and is way better than some of these.

04/09/2012 alltime favourite!! The little heavy bottle with the decorative top arrived in a black velvet pouch (very accurate) in a black box, very well cushioned, so nothing should happen to it.

Perfume oil. A warm-creamy scent, cuddling to you and adding to your personality, not covering it. This is a scent for days when you are at ease with yourself. Imagine sitting cuddly with your sweatheart, candles burning. You're wearing something flowing, soft, nightblue velvety. Your favourite music plays in the background (not really techno), outside the snow is falling (a little melodram always adds to the atmosphere), you're sipping your favourite drink (IrishCoffee or punch would go well). Pure wellbeing.

If you like amber, your right on the spot with this one. The added patchouli adds a little twist, vanilla polishes the edges without making it to sweet. A scent that stays close, not daring to throw itself onto others.

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Wonderfullll! Immediately I start charging for the kitchen, grin on my face, to rummage through my basket of sweets. Where is that Chupa-Chups (fruity lollipop), whereisit! With the first spray of Jezebel I was summersaulted – whoooops – at least mptingty years back. Then we didn’t have these Chupa-Chups but Ahoi fizzy powder (you could powder it on your tongue and it started to fizzzzzz). Something like cool-aid just not for drinking. The red and yellow mixed together. On top of fruit salad, juicy, yellow-orange. And with whipped cream to crown it.

Every one thinking “yukkk” right now probably eats hot dogs with onions and everything. Suite yourself!

But a few flowers are as well on the table. Yellow, white, maybe honeysuckle with jasmin or ylang. And somewhere around there a piece of toffee is hidden, the lighter one, soft and creamy.

What’s the name of that movie with Johnny Depp in the Chocolate factory? Yeah, that one….. It probably smelled like Jezebel right there.

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