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The legacy of old
Let me start by saying that, in my opinion, the name for the fragrance is well chosen by the house of Creed. Whenever I think of the vikings from the olden days, I think about the warriors who conquered a lot of the world and left an indisputable imprint.

It is the same with the DNA of this fragrance. Some call it Old Spice with different notes; some call it a barbershop fragrance. It may be all of those things to some, to me it is all of those. Yes, it has an old-school vibe to it. Yes, it has barbershop related vibes. But, that is also the reason why I love it so much.

The fragrance DNA smells familiar, like the scent your father or grandfather would have worn back in the days. However, Creed has twisted the formula in such a way that it doesn’t smell outdated. It actually smells refreshing and, dare I say, exciting. This is, according to me, the reason it got so much hate when it was launched in 2017. It got compared to Aventus, which is a completely different DNA, and couldn’t stand up to it.

However, in the recent months, perhaps years even, I feel that it is getting much more praise and people start to understand and appreciate the fragrance for what it is: a classy fougere fragrance with an updated scent profile for the distinguished gentleman.

At the initial spray I detect a spicy hint of pepper which quickly disappears and makes room for some citrus notes. After 30 minutes or so I start to detect a menthol note which beautifully blends with a bright rose. This combination is just heaven and I like it very much. After 4 hours the basenotes are coming in. Woods, earthy patchouli and a slight hint of lavender.

The performance of the fragrance is okay. It lasts in total about 7-8 hours with good projection for the first 2-3 hours. Mind that you can get noseblind to it. While wearing this fragrance I thought it was short-lived, but I was asked the question at work what it was that was smelling so good and which fragrance I was wearing. This was 3 hours after spraying it on.

In conclusion, a very modern take on an old and familiar fragrance DNA. Definitely masculine and for over 30. Performance could be better, especially considering the price. However, if you like classic DNA’s modernized with something unique, you have no need to look further.

All the best.
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