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FannyFanny 8 days ago
Thank you for a fine deal and swift shipment!
GewoonBBGewoonBB 2 months ago
Thanks for the beautiful bottle of Irisss and the smooth transaction
DalilaBDalilaB 3 months ago
Thank you so much Deni for the lovely interactions. All the perfumes arrived swiftly and safely. I would come back again for more perfumes fixes and wonderful friendly chats.
OlfactologyOlfactology 6 months ago
This guy is the Godfather of all niche perfumes in Denmark. Better follow him if you don't want to miss out on latest trends, gems, and tea in the Northern Europe fragrance community!
Denim86Denim86 7 months ago
Thank you Salahharake. That is very kind of you. :)
SalahharakeSalahharake 7 months ago
Enjoyed reading your statements, looking forward to more!