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DorothyGraceDorothyGrace 5 years ago
A big cheesy grin and happy wave to you.
FannyFanny 7 years ago
How was lunch?!... ;)
SleuthSleuth 7 years ago
Hi Denoula, nice to see you here :)
DigindirtDigindirt 8 years ago
Yes Denoula, I am Conifer Lover, the one who likes to DiginDirt!
SmellsogoodSmellsogood 8 years ago
Hello Denoula, nice to see you here too!
PipettePipette 8 years ago
Hi, Denoula, you had a topic about Language over there. Do you feel like reviving it here ?
DalmajenDalmajen 8 years ago
Hi Denoula! So nice to see you here! I'm sure you will enjoy it here!
SeatonicaSeatonica 8 years ago
Hi Denoula - been waiting for you :)
MiaTrostMiaTrost 8 years ago
Lovely to see you here! I still cherish your Basier Volé sample, which you so generously bestowed on my lily-quest :)
DigindirtDigindirt 8 years ago
Hi Denoula, nice to see you here. Have fun!