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TetracomTetracom 9 days ago
Thank you very much for a great swap!
Bashke81Bashke81 9 days ago
Thank you so much for a good deal. Recommended! :)
ZoikgreeceZoikgreece 5 months ago
Thank you Despoina , it was a great pleasure to deal with you. Excellent communication, fast shipping, safe packaging.
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IondeIonde 1 year ago
Καλωσηρθες στο Parfumo!!
NikolinaNikolina 1 year ago
Γειά σου Δέσποινα,
Πολλα φιλιά
DespoinaDespoina 1 year ago
My name is Despina and I am from Greece.
My profession is a chemist.
I have a strong relationship with perfumes. It is my hobby that I love very much! In the collection there are around 370 perfumes. Each perfume touches me in its own way.
I will be very happy to meet new aromatic friends, and not only.