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Diyenli61Diyenli61 10 months ago
Immortal Oud - Amado

Immortal Oud Better version of Black Afgano
First time I sniffed this parfume I was directly overwelmed with the oud-amber mix. It is well balanced and not irritatingly like some other parfumes have. After an hour it got a smell which was familliar with me. Suddenly it came...

Diyenli61Diyenli61 10 months ago
Oud al Fayed - Christian Provenzano

Oud al Fayed Masterpiece
I got a chance to test this parfume and I think it is above my expectations. This masterpiece start really heavy, a typical middle eastern scent. You feel like walking in the streets of Dubai. After an hour it gets freshnes. I think the Jasmine and lily...




Galahad7Galahad7 12 months ago
Another successful transaction with this seller. Very considerate and professional with good communication. Highly recommended.
Galahad7Galahad7 16 months ago
A hitch-free transaction with this seller. Safe delivery of my package from the Netherlands to the UK. I recommend this seller.
AllonjoAllonjo 16 months ago
Nice contact as a seller and buyer. Great communication. We come back. Met vriendelijke groet Allonjo!
AlmiraAlmira 3 years ago
Thank you for your kind feedback and the nice contact, it was a pleasure to deal with you!
Anytime again :))
Kind regards