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Dni1977Dni1977 1 year ago
Glistening (2019) - Boadicea the Victorious

Glistening (2019) BTV Glistening / Initio Oud for Greatness
Last week I ordered for a gorgeous Xerjoff attar at a niche perfumery. Together with my order, they gift me five samples of perfumes. As an avid collector of perfumes, my eyes sparkled when I saw that among them there were...

Dni1977Dni1977 1 year ago
Oud Noir Intense - Fragrance Du Bois

Oud Noir Intense Thameen?
Something strange happened when I tested this fragrance on my skin. I sprayed it on my right hand, I smelled it and then my brain thought: I know this, it's Thameen's Carved Oud. Then, I sprayed my Carved Oud on the left hand and both were very, very, very,...



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