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Very nice cologne .. fresh, citrusy .. maybe a bit feminine but definitely well composed.+5
Scent 9.5

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2 years ago

DonVanVliet„Fragrance Notes Directory is now smarter”
Our fragrance notes directory is now much smarter!If, for example, you want to know in which men's perfume grapefruit is particularly strong in the top note, you can now find out. We're utilizing your voting for this feature. :-)


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KLewisKLewis 75 days ago
Thank you for the welcome, really liking this community so far.
StarA1StarA1 8 months ago
Thank you very much for your welcome in this wonderful forum dedicated to lovers of perfume
SuzanneSSuzanneS 13 months ago
Thank you for the warm welcome
IanFriedrichIanFriedrich 13 months ago
Hi there. Thank you for the warm welcome.
I'm very enjoy Parfumo. I feel happy & enjoy to stay in this community =D
MonsieurZoloMonsieurZolo 13 months ago
Thank you :) I really enjoy Parfumo and discovering new fragrances.
AnessaAnessa 17 months ago
You know you made me laugh out loud, "posting a photo" leading me to the page of the berry perfume No.1, I looked through the notes etc. and still thought it might have been released as some kind of satirical joke...then I read it was never released :-( (or I should rather be relieved? ;-))
StellaDiverFStellaDiverF 17 months ago
Thank you for the warm welcome! ^o^
ScentFanScentFan 17 months ago
Thanks for the comment, Don. Yes, Rose des Vents is amazing. I'm still wearing it.
GeorgeMarasGeorgeMaras 17 months ago
Nice to meet you ! I'm glad to be here !
MuotarekMuotarek 18 months ago
Thanks for the welcome, what a great profile and collection you've got!