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DonVanVlietDonVanVliet Welcome, I'm Don 5 months ago

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Very nice cologne .. fresh, citrusy .. maybe a bit feminine but definitely well composed.

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DonVanVliet 12 days ago

DonVanVlietUpdate: Perfume details page tweaks
In today's update, we have made a some improvements to the perfume detail pages. ðŸ’ª Ratings
The details of the perfume ratings are now available for all rating criteria. For this purpose, the detail view has now been moved to the lower section "Ratings". For example, just click on "durability" and you will see the distribution...

DonVanVliet 20 days ago

DonVanVlietUpdate: Linking of perfumes
We completed an update today which simplifies the linking of perfumes. It is now no longer necessary to learn the rules. ;-)  Here's how it works: Just type the # symbol followed by the name of the perfume (at least 3 letters).A small window opens with the search results. Select the perfume you want.It will now be inserted in the correct...


Das ist ein lustiger Fl...
Das ist ein lustiger Fl...


DraxlerDraxler 1 day ago
Nice to meet you :) Thanks to you I felt the friendliness of this site.
StamatiosStamatios 1 month ago
Thank you for the warm welcome!It's nice to be here.Regards!
SentenzaSentenza 2 months ago
Absolute professional and with huge care to members. Thanks a lot for your help. Appreciate it!
MeteoroMeteoro 2 months ago
Thanks for the welcome message. Pretty neat platform you guys have built here. Great job!
MalekaeMalekae 3 months ago
Thank you for the welcome and hello.
FatihkarlFatihkarl 5 months ago
Thank you very much for the warm welcome :))
WinandWinand 7 months ago
Hi DonVanVliet, thank you for the warm welcome! Loving the Parfumo community ??
StarEyeEJ257StarEyeEJ257 8 months ago
Thank you for the welcome!!
Shiron212Shiron212 11 months ago
Thanks for the welcome, have a nice day!
LescentofmanLescentofman 1 year ago
Thank you for the warm welcome :)