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DonVanVlietDonVanVliet Welcome, I'm Don 3 months ago

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Very nice cologne .. fresh, citrusy .. maybe a bit feminine but definitely well composed.

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DonVanVliet 2 days ago

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DonVanVliet 4 months ago

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Das ist ein lustiger Fl...
Das ist ein lustiger Fl...


MalekaeMalekae 1 day ago
Thank you for the welcome and hello.
FatihkarlFatihkarl 3 months ago
Thank you very much for the warm welcome :))
WinandWinand 4 months ago
Hi DonVanVliet, thank you for the warm welcome! Loving the Parfumo community ??
StarEyeEJ257StarEyeEJ257 6 months ago
Thank you for the welcome!!
Shiron212Shiron212 8 months ago
Thanks for the welcome, have a nice day!
LescentofmanLescentofman 1 year ago
Thank you for the warm welcome :)
MihaiuMihaiu 2 years ago
hi.the button ''Propose a Parfume'' doesn't work for a while, and i don't know why. can u help me? thanks & excuse my bad english :)
AcidicaAcidica 2 years ago
Don, thank you very much for your warm welcome, I'm glad I'm here!
GolcherGolcher 2 years ago
Thank you for your warm welcome, it’s good to be here! Greetings from Costa Rica
KLewisKLewis 2 years ago
Thank you for the welcome, really liking this community so far.