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DonVanVliet 21 days ago

DonVanVlietForum Update - Part 2 (Show new posts)
Thank you for your feedback on the major update of the forum. We have now tackled the issue of the "posts since the last visit" and technically improved it. A few notes on this:In general, all new / unread posts of the last 30 days are taken into account - unread and older posts "expire" and are considered as readThe system now works...

DonVanVliet 26 days ago

DonVanVlietForum Update - Part 1
Today we have made a major update to the Forum. There have been many technical changes, there may still be some problems, which you can report here. Here are the most important changes.Easier formattingText is no longer formatted using the old BBCode tags. You can now select the text directly and format it accordingly.EmojisThe forum now supports emojis....

DonVanVliet 3 months ago

DonVanVlietHow to pronounce complicated perfume names?
Most of you might have already noticed - Parfumo now offers the option to have a fragrance name pronounced for selected perfumes!Just click on "Pronunciation" in the grey info box on the perfume page:We currently support the languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Arabic.For English perfume...

DonVanVliet 7 months ago

DonVanVlietUpdate - New features for your collections
In the next part of our update series, the collections were overhauled. Quite a lot of changes have been made here and I hope that this list is fairly complete.Better navigationThe navigation has now moved up from the sidebar. This makes navigating through the individual collections easier and clearer.Sort and filter perfumes in collectionsAdditional...

DonVanVliet 12 months ago

DonVanVlietUpdate - perfume brand details, better sorting options and more
We've released a major update today that fixes many problems and adds some new features.If you have any problems or suggestions, please report them here in the replies. Please reload the website first and empty the browser cache if necessary.Facts about the fragrance brandFor each brand there is now a tab with...

DonVanVliet 2 years ago

DonVanVlietWe turn of the lights – The Parfumo Dark Mode
It‘s now possible to activate the new "Dark Mode ". If you turn it on we use a darker color pallete for all controls that's easy on your eyes.To activate "Dark Mode", simply click on "Dark":

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