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14.05.2015 18:14 Uhr
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Parfumo gets responsive!

I am glad to announce that today, a major update of the Parfumo site went online.

Parfumo has been adjusted to the so-called "responsive web design" which enables a much better use of Parfumo on small output devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The major difference is that Parfumo is no longer displayed in one fixed page format and thus making a lot of zooming and left-right scrolling necessary on smaller screens. Instead, specifications of your output device like screen size or resolution are taken into account, and the different elements of a Parfumo page are arranged and displayed accordingly.

If you use Parfumo with your smartphone held upright you will notice that all elements are displayed in a way that they fit into your screen: no more annoying zooming and horizontal scrolling, only fast up- and down scrolling is necessary to quickly navigate to all elements of a page. You can also simulate this effect on your PC or laptop by simply minimizing the width of your browser window so that it resembles the screen of your smartphone.

Parfumo has been completely adapted to the new design specifications. Responsive design is strongly supported by Google, and since April 15th, the responsiveness of a website has become a criteria for the listing in Goggle searches. To find out, if and to what extend a site is responsive, you may use a test tool site like this:

Along with the update you may notice some minor changes in appearance and and accessibility of some functions. These werde done to further optimize the usability of Parfumo. One function had to be disabled: it is no longer possible to shift and re-arrange single elements of a Parfumo page.

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