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16.03.2017 13:51 Uhr
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Grossmith Samples Failed to Inspire - What Shall I try Next?

I have a basic approach to perfume - does it smell nice and does it lift my spirits?

What I want,
Is something that smells nice.

What I need?
Something that lifts my mood.

What I get,
Is something that is neither.

What I'll do,
Is test and test 'til Easter.

Finding something new that hits the spot is proving difficult. I don't work in the industry, and I'm not a blogger, and I can't get out to the shops so either I buy untested or I fork out for samples with not much to show for it at the end.

I flip flop between buying samples, essential oils, and perfume oils. As my old nan used to say, 'You don't know what you want and you won't be happy 'til you get it.' For memory of my nan Rozy is on my list for this year, parfum or voile to be decided. I hope the formula hasn't been tweaked.

Up for test I had five from Grossmith and to cut a long story short I feel none of them are for me.

Diamond Jubilee - reminds me of Echoes version of Beautiful by Estee Lauder. My son said it was too soft and doing a side by side with Echoes I agree. Diamond Jubilee does smell good quality and I rather like it. I would wear this if given a bottle but for a self purchase I am looking for something else and don't want a limited edition that I will never be able to have again once the bottle is finished.

Betrothed - reminds me of Royal Dream by Al Haramain which isn't one of my favourites. The tiniest dab of Royal Dream completely blocks out the efforts of Betrothed. I like Betrothed better; it smells less artificial.

Phul Nana - doesn't smell the same as the decant I have from a few years ago which had quite a bit of geranium. I'm undecided on this one as I have wanted it for a long time. Undecided probably should mean no but I kinda want it anyway. Hmmm. I am not sure that I don't want it because my mum said that when she was young there were always perfume cards with this on being dropped through the door by salesmen, she said it was everywhere. I get the impression Grossmith went through an everyman stage but I don't know their history. She'll not be able to tell me now - how cruel is dementia to us all.

Golden Chypre (Black Label) - lemony musks play up too much on my skin and so remind me of Musk Rose by Ajmal; dry down Royal Dream by AL Haramain. Musk Rose is too powerful for me and rather masculine although my son says I needn't think he is going to save me from a blind purchase. I liked this one the least.

Saffron Rose (Black Label) - I like this one but think it more suited to my young son (it was the only one he said was ok). Oud, cinnamon, slight peppery bite, vaguely rosy, bit of a metallic twang. Reminds me of Tova Signature (without actually smelling like Tova) with added oud and rose, less bergamot and lime, obviously not a lavender fragrance, and Tova has more soft musks. I think Saffron Rose smells much better quality and I would certainly wear it if given a bottle but for a self purchase I am looking for something else.

I wore each perfume for two full days and feel uninspired to write proper reviews on any of them (although I still like Phul Nana). Think I'll take a break from buying samples and go for a blind buy of an oil or another Annick Goutal - by birthday budget is still to be spent.

Here is a swan giving me a rather old fashioned look. Photo by my son. I was chased by a swan when a child; boy could my little legs shift in those days.