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The note pyramid make this edp sound like just my cup of tea. Oh no, wrong.

The base notes look just right, dry, woody, maybe a bit bitter. Lots of lovely flowers in the middle. Nice aldehydic citrusy top. I get none of that.

To me it is a thin, sour, lemony toilet cleaner type of smell (with a bit of mint) that keeps on radiating all day with just one spray. It is a very fresh aftersahve from the '70s type of smell.

When I first spray it on there is a heavy waft of this lemony, dirty minty smell but my skin has some softer notes, more floral, a little creamy. But that skin smell only lasts a few minutes and then all I smell is this rather high pitched, sour, artificial fresh.

I've worn it for a few days, and perhaps I am just sensitive to one or more of the aroma chemicals used in this formula but for me it is top notes all the way down. I wonder if the edt is significantly different?

The bottle really is a very pretty heavy frosted glass oblong with a lovely dark green lid.

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I have been wearing Vol de Nuit (2017 edt Bee bottle) for around about a week now and I like it despite it being a complete hodge -podge to my nose, and despite the odd way it wears on me.

On first application it has an interesting flurry that reminds me of the bottle of En Avion (Caron) that I worked my way through. Slightly bitter, oily. That phase doesn't last long and is overtaken by something that reminds me of a cologne, something like 4711, a slightly sweet herbal citrus. Then it's joined by lots of vanilla, a soft sweet vanilla with a Play Dough vibe. Further along it becomes very powdery with a definite baby powder tone, a citrus-floral musky dry powder, maybe orange citrus.

There is hardly any strength or throw . I'm pretty sure it doesn't leave much of a trail (I don't smell anything much entering the room in which I sprayed some 10 minutes ago). My son is pretty hot on noticing what I have sprayed but he said he couldn't smell me (unless I stuck my arm to his nose) and I had sprayed 2 to 3 on each arm and the same on my chest and back. It does, however, seem to last all day sending out wafts of fragrance when I get a bit hot.

Overall I find it rather weak and would describe it as a citrus vanilla powder perfume; I definitely don't get a spicy woody perfume as per the description, and can't smell sandalwood at all.

It's nice in a just out of the bath way, but far too weak. I will enjoy wearing my bottle (safe daytime scent) but won't purchase The EDT strength again. Because of it being so weak I am only giving a 5 rating for the EDT.

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Trying to find something to do with this I added a scant teaspoonful to the non-fragranced laundry liquid in a wash. It stays on clothes through the wash and I am sitting now in a bubble of scent front the t-shirt washed then dried on the line.

I can't see me being able to use it up.
I have this in the shower gel and my goodness it is a tenacious beast.

I washed my hair in it (note to self - don't do that again); 36 hours later the smell was getting on my last nerve so I washed my hair in fragrance free shampoo. Another 36 hours later (or maybe 48) and I washed my hair again. Yep, sweet perfume wafts filled the shower as the hot water poured over my hair. Sweet perfume wafts as I dried my hair with a hairdryer. 6 hours later and still wafting albeit in much reduced intensity.

The notes I notice are sweet tobacco and peru balsam, with an undercurrent of cedar and the occasional waft of a leathery smokey accord. I find it very sweet and it reminds me at times during the wear of cedar aftershave from the '70s.

Superficially I find it a very nice smell but it doesn't progress so the sweet, sweet tones get on my nerves.

I haven't tried the perfume itself as I am completely put off by the shower gel.

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The first spray made me feel, "Ha! That's nice. Nothing I have liked for ages and then five come along at once.", the others being from Pappillon and Joan Collins.

Within a few minutes however my impression did a sharp about turn to , "Yikes!".

The first few minutes made me feel that the perfume would be a lighter, easier to wear Fracas type of perfume but all too soon a thick, heavily sweet coconut cream poured over a rich, dense, sweet Tuberose and built up and up and up to overwhelming levels - this from a single spray from one of those 2 ml carded samples.

10 minutes in and a peppery aftershave type of note started to waft to my nose, which did remind of eucalyptus but was rather odd paired with the coconut/tuberose. This aftershave/eucalyptus note is tenacious as four hours after washing the perfume off it still projects strongly.

I get that coconut cream with tuberose syrup very heartily from Do Son by Diptyque which to my nose smells like those sun tan oils that were ever present throughout the '80s. That I find quite nice but with the eucalyptus - not so much.

I found this perfume powerful, one that I could smell constantly throughout the wear (which would have been great had I liked it). Carnal Flower makes Fracas seem positively well behaved on me.

I really dislike the eucalyptus pairing. Even after I had washed it off and four hours later my son said I stunk, it was acrid, and wouldn't stay in the same room as me. I agreed and was pleased I had only sprayed my wrists which several washes later were still radiating. Next morning, some 20 hours after application, and despite 3 or 4 washes with soap and water, my wrists still smell faintly of a really odd medicinal smelling eucalyptus and sweet sweet artificial coconut floral.

I never tried the original so can't compare but this one to me smells very artificial and harsh. Some of that may be the pairing with my skin but it smells pretty similar on a paper tester to me.

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This is lovely, albeit similar to a couple of oils I own and similar to a perfume I tried a decant of but didn't get on with.

When I first spray this on I get a sweet woody orange petitgrain with just a touch of geranium. It quickly develops into a slightly lemon scented rose Turkish Delight, sweet but not sickly. A touch of musk, a smidgen of dry woods or grass.

I don't get any smoke so I assume the Tobacco is Tobacco Flower rather than the (to me) dreaded Birch Tar Oil. I don't pick up on the caraway.

Grossmith Saffron Rose I found to be similar but with a discordant cinnamon and funk. I tested this one from a small decant.

Ajmal Musk Rose is similar but Musk Rose has more lemon to the rose and is very musky, more powerful in scent altogether. I am not quite sure why but I find Musk Rose a little more masculine than I like.

Al Haramain Himalayan Rose is similar but thicker, denser, richer, starts off greener, and the rose tilts towards having the smell of unburnt Indian Rose Scented Joss-sticks. Works very well in the heat.

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Soft vanilla/balsam like amber with a burst of lemon/mandarin, I am Woman is instantly likable.

Slightly herbal but not obviously so, slightly floral with a sweet sugary jasmine and bergamot fizz, a teeny touch dusty, a smidgen of dry wood.

Nothing over done, nothing under done, soft but plenty of smell, wears down smoothly leaving a nice skin like scent, hardly musky but just a touch to hang it all together.

On me it doesn't turn funky but remains a well-groomed, scented just after a bath type of smell.

Some of my perfumes I sometimes think, "oh, better not wear that one to the hospital it might start screeching." I can't think of anywhere that I couldn't wear this one, day or night, stressful situations where I might start humming, buzzing round the shops, visiting relatives, going out for the night - it's just a really nice smell, nothing difficult, nothing challenging, familiar so people around me will think it smells nice, familiar but I don't have anything else like it.

I bought the 12 ml eau de parfum for £15 off of Amazon. I don't know whether to buy the 50 ml for go for several of the 12 ml but I will get some more because I smell lovely ha ha.

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Overwhelming benzoin and vanilla, linear, wears a little sour on me.

Review just to say really that I put a couple of sprays from a sample vial around my wrist (and patted around a bit) a couple of hours ago and suddenly noticed that it had stained my skin bright yellow, like a pale iodine stain or nicotine stain. Two washes with soap and hot water and the stain is still there.

Beware if very pale and avoid spraying on exposed skin and also, I guess, pale clothing.

My skin still smells quite strongly but not sour after the wash.

Surprised me. Sample from about 4 months ago.

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When my man friend turned up in the early '90s wearing Joop! I wondered why he had decided to wear a woman's perfume. Powdery, sweet, floral soaps and bath oils. It was certainly very different to the usual stuff that men wore.

Puzzlement aside I really liked the smell and bought the Joop! Woman which I didn't end up liking and which was not so feminine smelling to me.

I still tinker with the idea of buying myself a little bottle of Joop! to see if I still think it smells as sweet and powdery but I don't really want to be reminded too much of him so probably won't.

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I have tested this perfume from a manufacturer's sample many times since 2015 and having seen it on sale at for £24.95 (a whopping 61% off apparently) I decided to have another go.

So according to the note pyramid this has Pink Pepper as a top note, Orange Blossom as a middle note, and a base of Benzoin, Vanilla, and Tonka Bean.

Not to me it hasn't.

I find this perfume to be extremely fruity with citrus and melon. This fruity achord lasts for several hours, and in fact becomes stronger during the wear until irritation sets in. Underneath all that fruityness there is quite a whallop of vanilla and tonka with a slightly sour benzoin.

The whole has a waxy floor polish scent to it, like a Mr. Muscle or Mr. Sheen pot pouri polish. I don't find it smells like orange blossom or neroli (I'm thinking of Rubj for comparison) but rather a sharpish, sour jasmine. It never developes to a base note skin scent on me and next morning the fruity notes are prominent.

For half an hour or so I find this quite enjoyable, longer than that and the intrusive fruityness with waxy floor polsih florals irritates. It doesn't wash off easily and sticks to fabric tenaciously, so much so that my chair has quite a scented smell from where my arm rested.

On the whole if I wanted a summer perfume with this type of feel I would go for Grossmith Shem el Nessim although at triple the price (undiscounted Roberto Cavalli) it won't be hitting my collection anytime soon.

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I have tried three Papillon scents; Anubis, Salome, and Dryad.

Overall to my nose they smell a bit raw and unfinished, rather like my home made perfumes or my aromatherapy mixes. Interesting to test but not a perfume to luxuriate in.

Anubis opens up with a citrus leather accord, a medicinal frankincense, a teeny tiny balsamic sweetness. Within a couple of minutes the smell flattens and a deluge of harsh sandalwood sets itself up for the duration. And for me that's it. For hours I get this rather flat, medicinal, leathery sandalwood. I find it rather cold. Anubis is far from being dry and earthy and although not exactly green there is a brightness, an almost acrid sharpness to it.

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