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Who had luck to rise on Yugoslavia and have been in Adriatic sea knows at first this smell. It is combination of salty sea water, sun lotions from that time and orange rubber boats. Silly is in't?

And yes, it have a little bit similarity with older expensive brother Sail, but like always with comparison with niche expensive smells it is overrated statement.
Sillage and longevity on my skin is more then good, and you should be careful to not over spray because it can drown you. It have also that old vibe of 80's and I think that can be spring/summer winner for most scent lovers from that period.

In my collection this is a smell which I had most compliments, but that is mostly because in my surrounding are most of people who had smelled something like that on sea. Do not think this is a scent for young generation more for perfume lovers who love to explore something different (and this is that in aquatic group).

Like all the scent which take that special spot in my brain about memories, it is must have scent...

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This kind of perfumes is very hard to classify when they are almost erased in today world. No, I do not think that they deserve that (vice versa), or that they do not have class or value compered to today smells.
Like all old school scents they have been tamed, and specially like Drakkar, Bogart or similar which have been known in that time for cheaper version of Antaeus or similar expensive brands (but without that drastic quality of smell), it have loose up energy, little bit of original smell, and especially longevity and aura. But overall if we look today industries of perfumes it is not that bad, if we choose not to remember how it was.

For me this scent is great opposite to all others smells for hot weather. It is enough light even with some notes you could think can be pleasant in hot days. And that is virtue of this scent. It is very fresh, green, woody on old school way. Have also two faces, first on opening dominant woody green juniper- pine, but not on Polo or Pino Silverste side, very very soft version. After maybe hour or two then we have other mix notes woody, musk, and floral again very pleasant.

Sillage and longevity are descent but really it is shame that do not last longer. It can endure solid for 5-6 hours and after 3 or 4 hours it is skin scent.

This a very good scent opposite to mostly spring-summer scents which today have other philosophy how to smell, and also it have almost aroma therapy kind of way. Someone who want to have many options in his collection of scent I recommend this because it can be good to try something new, err old.

...yes a little reference with Twin Peaks. It was at pick in same time when Lynch throw us that mystic and so different episodes from other sitcoms. For me there are similarity, it was bold, interesting, and have your 100 % attention.
It is also full understandable why someone hate this smell because it is one of hate or love smells, but I do not think that anybody can be straight line with it.
Even now this fragrance (nevertheless it was weaken from original), is pure fire, and when you think designer scent I can bet in top 5 what-smell-you-imagine-with-leather-jacket. And if I look now to main straight designer perfumes it again have superiority to be bold and not even a close infantile smell which new modern masculine fragrance have.
For me I like to wear on evening and special dates, but really it can be (if that person can endure), wear everyday, even for work (with less over spray), and you will be different and sure be noticed in positive way.
I do not have luck to taste original late 80s and early 90s because i was too young, but now for sure it can endure to 8 hours which is ok. Ofc, silage first 2-3 hours is great, after linear come down to skin, but it is not light skin scent even then.
For now this is my signature, because every time it take me to that journey with fire, red curtain and mesmerizing feeling.