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3 years ago
Scent 9.0
Caveau des Innocents by Alkemia

Caveau des Innocents„A dark decadent delight”
Caveau des Innocents is a multilayered hedonistic dream. The opening is all spiced, sugared, rum-soaked pear with a hint of sweet citrus. Anise, clove, and coffee rise up alongside golden resin, and over the next hour the boozy pear sinks into caramel, vanilla...

3 years ago
Scent 4.0
Burning Roses by Alkemia

Burning Roses„Awkward rose with incense”
Unfortunately, the rose here does not behave on my skin at all. It is extremely sweet, tart, and powdery all at once, resulting in something that veers between crushed Sweetarts candy and soap in a way that just feels awkward. It is accompanied with something...


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