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EauMySoulEauMySoul 3 years ago
3# Nota di Viaggio (Ciavuru d'Amuri) (2019) - Meo Fusciuni

3# Nota di Viaggio (Ciavuru d'Amuri) (2019) A fig centered beauty
I think I have found my holy grail fig perfume....the newly released reformulated version of Meo Fusciuni’s 3# nota di viaggio (Ciavuru d’amuri). Because of new restrictions on a couple of materials he used in the original eau de toilette,...

EauMySoulEauMySoul 3 years ago
Freefall - Lost In Heaven - Francesca Bianchi

Freefall - Lost In Heaven An innocence combined with a life lived
With my last order (which completed me having Francesca’s entire line), there were two samples enclosed. I’m like oh great, now I will probably need two more lol. Because I literally want everything this woman makes....

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One of my favorite fragrances of the last 5 years. A perfect green chypre. Classic chypre lovers should not miss this one.
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Shivsri13Shivsri13 3 years ago
Thank you so much! You do know how much I admire your photography and how encouraging you;ve been for my work!
TruckladyTrucklady 3 years ago
Your pictures are always so beautiful.
IriniIrini 3 years ago
Vielen Dank für wunderbares Fotolob meine Liebe, freut mich sehr das es dir gefällt:-) Wünsche dir fein sonniges WE und sende schöne Frühlingsgrüße **
ItchynoseItchynose 3 years ago
Hi EauMySoul! Thank you for your kind words about my picture. You have beautiful photos too!
ZoraZora 3 years ago
Thank you so much dear EauMySoul for your very nice comment. Many greetings and have a nice weekend.
ZoraZora 4 years ago
Thank you so much:). Many greetings.
Shivsri13Shivsri13 4 years ago
Thanks for your comments on my photograph. Very encouraging
ZoraZora 4 years ago
Thank you so much dear EauMySoul. Your pics are also very beautiful. Many greetings and have a nice Week.
008Pauline008Pauline 4 years ago
Hello :)

I think your photos are great !
Thank you so much for always commentating my photos with such beautiful lines.
I wish you a wonderful turn of the year and good luck in 2018 !!
IriniIrini 4 years ago
Thanks a lot....! I'm happy about ....:-) Best Regards and silence Xmas....***