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EauMySoulEauMySoul 12 months ago
3# Nota di Viaggio (Ciavuru d'Amuri) (2019) - Meo Fusciuni

3# Nota di Viaggio (Ciavuru d'Amuri) (2019) A fig centered beauty
I think I have found my holy grail fig perfume....the newly released reformulated version of Meo Fusciuni’s 3# nota di viaggio (Ciavuru d’amuri). Because of new restrictions on a couple of materials he used in the original eau de toilette,...

EauMySoulEauMySoul 14 months ago
Freefall - Lost In Heaven - Francesca Bianchi

Freefall - Lost In Heaven An innocence combined with a life lived
With my last order (which completed me having Francesca’s entire line), there were two samples enclosed. I’m like oh great, now I will probably need two more lol. Because I literally want everything this woman makes....

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One of my favorite fragrances of the last 5 years. A perfect green chypre. Classic chypre lovers should not miss this one.
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Shivsri13Shivsri13 13 months ago
Thank you so much! You do know how much I admire your photography and how encouraging you;ve been for my work!
TruckladyTrucklady 17 months ago
Your pictures are always so beautiful.
IriniIrini 19 months ago
Vielen Dank für wunderbares Fotolob meine Liebe, freut mich sehr das es dir gefällt:-) Wünsche dir fein sonniges WE und sende schöne Frühlingsgrüße **
ItchynoseItchynose 22 months ago
Hi EauMySoul! Thank you for your kind words about my picture. You have beautiful photos too!
ZoraZora 22 months ago
Thank you so much dear EauMySoul for your very nice comment. Many greetings and have a nice weekend.
ZoraZora 2 years ago
Thank you so much:). Many greetings.
Shivsri13Shivsri13 2 years ago
Thanks for your comments on my photograph. Very encouraging
ZoraZora 3 years ago
Thank you so much dear EauMySoul. Your pics are also very beautiful. Many greetings and have a nice Week.
008Pauline008Pauline 3 years ago
Hello :)

I think your photos are great !
Thank you so much for always commentating my photos with such beautiful lines.
I wish you a wonderful turn of the year and good luck in 2018 !!
IriniIrini 3 years ago
Thanks a lot....! I'm happy about ....:-) Best Regards and silence Xmas....***