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8 years ago - 15.07.2014
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My decant system

My decant system consists of:

a...decants from most of my full bottles for portable convenience.

b...decants of frags I know well and enjoy intermittently but do not want an entire bottle. includes decants taken from full bottles I have previously owned but given away to more loving homes.

c...decants of frags I'm "auditioning" for a place in my collection.

d...decants of flankers, different vintages and concentrations of frags. these are for comparison, layering and getting my head around the creation. in these cases I will usually have a full bottle of the favourite incarnation(s).

e...decants of things so costly, rare or powerful that a full bottle would blow something.

f...decants i've acquired through friendship and networking, these are things that I may not have actively sought, but have acquired through gift and generosity, and through swapping. these will usually be sprayed forward (the other possible fates are to join group b or c or be drained and purchased full size)

The decants are neatly organised in functional 5ml glass spray bottles. My convenience decants from full bottles are in with decants of things I know less well. They are all grouped by predominant note, fragrance family or genre (my own system that appeals to me) and the benefit of this is not forgetting about decants, I see them all each time I select a fragrance to take with me for the day. I'm cultivating a habit of wearing less familiar things more often.

Rate of conversion from decant -> full bottle - extremely low (it's a tough audition!)

Rate of conversion from full bottle -> decant slightly higher of late, I'm cleaning out my wardrobe every season (not just Spring!) based on what I'm *actually* wearing. I have been giving away frags found milling around the bottom of the Rarely Worn tab here in the Perfumo Assistant. Also I'm breaking the silly habit of hanging on to full bottles with a few wears left. Use 'em up, move 'em out!

Ratio of full bottles:decants, 1:3

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