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5 years ago
Weekend for Women by Burberry

Weekend for Women„Burberry Weekend”
I'm inordinately picky when it comes to florals, but I like this one. Burberry rarely lets me down. This perfume feels like a walk a field of wildflowers and fresh grass with the sun warming your back. There are enough bitter notes (I've seen aromatic grassy notes...

5 years ago
Butterfly / Hanae Mori (1995) (Eau de Toilette) by Hanae Mori / ハナヱ モリ

Butterfly / Hanae Mori (1995) (Eau de Toilette)„Hanae Mori”
Hanae Mori is the kind of scent you wish for whilst thinking of pearls, blush pink roses, and tea length dresses. I think it's quite cute in the way that at first whiff you think "nice, vanilla!" but after a good few moments you realize it's very similar but actually...


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