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4 years ago
Puredistance I by Puredistance

Puredistance I„My first niche perfume”
It got me unexpectedly and conquered from the first breath. With this fragrance began my love affair with selectivly, which are a lot. But this fragrance, like a first love, never forget. He is incredibly gentle and cheerful. For me it's the scent of spring,...

4 years ago
Xocoatl by Fueguia 1833

Xocoatl„Xocoatl - bitter water”
What is in the vial? There is an exotic drink called xocóatl (xocoatl — "bitter water"). Chocolate recipes Mayan - made of ground cocoa beans, cooked in water and seasoned with tropical spices. Sweet and spicy with bitter taste and slightly salty...

Perfume Blog

4 years ago

Elena00„Mimosa&Cardamon Jo Malone”
What is she like outside?Playful, alive and tickles the nose frosty air and bright sunlight. Caring - creamy plume envelops like a warm scarf, protecting it from the harsh Siberian spring. Transparent-watercolor - fills the space around with delicate spring greenery.A timid and fragile - shyly turns...




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