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Eliasgha1Eliasgha1 10 months ago
Only The Brave Tattoo - Diesel

Only The Brave Tattoo Shisha (apple flavored)
Very underrated fragrance, I would recommend for spring & fall. Smells really fruity and very similar to Shisha apple flavored (if you live in the miffle easy you know what I’m talking about) Really won’t break the bank and can be a blind...

Eliasgha1Eliasgha1 10 months ago
Insurrection II Pure - Reyane Tradition

Insurrection II Pure Worst creed aventus dupe
This fragrance smells really similar to Creed aventus which is amazing, can’t complain about the scent .. unfortunately it’s the one of the worst performance & silage fragrances i have in my collection. If you really enjoy the scent...


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