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Elysium 3 months ago

ElysiumSo Little Knew, Yet So Extremely Valuable
In the previous post, I told you about some of the perfumes I love, but which last very little on my skin. Today I would like to tell you about some perfumes I did not know, but that have turned out to be surprising. It may have happened to you, too, to read a review, a comment, or a statement of perfume you know and discover that...

Elysium 3 months ago

Elysium​So Damn Sublime, Yet So Miserably Ephemeral
Have you ever craved for a perfume, because you read some excellent reviews, because you wore it some time ago, or more just because its olfactory family and the notes that compose it go well with your tastes, and you have ventured a purchase blindly? The desire increases with the wait; the perfume becomes part of your collection;...

Elysium 5 months ago

ElysiumHow About Revlon Charlie Purple?
As I am curious by nature, and I have both, I wanted to experience this mix on my own skin. The result is indeed excellent! The chypre and floral tones of Charlie Blue blend perfectly with the sweet and floral tones of Charlie Red, giving life to a new sweet, floral, and chypre scent. I first sprayed the Blue and then overlaid the Red. The result...

Elysium 5 months ago

Elysium​The Scent of Moor's Head Pearl and Topaz
It is not often that you are on vacation and come across a perfume, or preferably two, that you don't know and have never seen around. Well, here's what happened to me last week on my way home after summer vacation. I was a guest of friends and while shopping, I was struck by the beauty of the packaging of these two perfumes depicting...

Elysium 8 months ago

I can't wait to find out who will be the first designer or niche brand to introduce Dreamwood™ in its creations and discover the aroma that releases this new synthetic molecule. And you?Firmenich, the world’s largest privately-owned perfume and taste company, is proud to launch its newest exclusive,...

Elysium 2 years ago

ElysiumZARA, the Thunder Feel, and the Metallic Spirit
In late 2018 ZARA released to the market a couple of colognes classified as masculine, in EDP concentration, a great package, a heavy and magnetic cap, a superb sprayer, and a plentiful 120 ml bottle colored with translucent shades outside and liquid silver inside... which almost justify the higher price around 25€ opposed...

1 - 6 of 36