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Elysium 1 month ago

ElysiumPrivate Trip To Asia, A Place I’ve Never Been
ZARA CHAPTER 3 East Asia is a place I've never been to. Many countries attract me, such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, with beautiful cities like Shanghai, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hoi An. During a trip to Asia, besides the humid and intense heat, a perfume overwhelms our sense of smell, a perfume as suggestive as it is indefinable....

Elysium 3 months ago

ElysiumSomething From The Last Century
Good evening friends of fragrances, I wanted to tell you about a new perfume that appeared on the shelves of Tigotà, a beauty, and home care group. I am talking about BASILE Oceano, EDT pour Homme of 100ml to less than 15euro.  Taken in a closed box, the only item just arrived and without a tester, I try it as soon as it comes...

Elysium 4 months ago

ElysiumSketches of Andalusia, Catalonia, and Madrid
Spain is big, bigger than Italy, and the variety of landscapes, foods, people and things to see can certainly compete with that of our country. And then, on your journey through the Spanish regions, you soon discover that in Catalonia they eat different foods from those of Andalusia, or that the music of Galicia differs from...

Elysium 5 months ago

ElysiumWhat Is Essential Is Invisible To The Eye
What matters is not the steps you take or the shoes you use, but the footprints you leave. In recent months I have often thought about essential in our days and our lives. Going for a walk, especially for relatively long periods, one discovers the fundamental value of essentiality, which means carrying only what is necessary,...

Elysium 5 months ago

ElysiumOn The Way To Inky Vetiver: Encre Noire Masterpieces
Writing is a passion, an emotion, a self-satisfaction, or a free journey towards a world a little more livable than ours, without borders or conflicts; share the same pleasure for the same moment of sincerity and appeasement.A question that JFP26 asked me, a user of this community, was the inspiration, and so I wrote...

Elysium 6 months ago

ElysiumThings Haven’t Always Smelled So Good In Grasse
"In medieval times, the city had a thriving leather business, but the tanning process made the merchandise pungent, which did not suit the gloved nobility. A tanner from Grasse presented a pair of perfumed leather gloves to Caterina de Medici, the queen of France from 1547 to 1559, and an industry was born. "Today Grasse...

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