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11.06.2018 23:37 Uhr
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An Amazing Trip along the way of Weeds and Strains

Do you ever wonder why certain aromas affect us the way that they do? Freshly cut grass, coffee grounds, gasoline, baby powder? Maybe these are the ones that seem to affect me – spark memories, produce emotions, get under my skin. Have you wondered why these smells impact us the way that they do?

Well, let’s talk about terpenes, which quite literally are, what you smell. They are the life blood of plants, berries, fruits, that give the distinct odors you pick up when you smell them. That distinct smell of the pine tree at Christmas, and that fresh bouquet of roses? Terpenes. Every plant is full of chemical compounds. Cannabis is no different.

Don't be scared about the title... I've been doing some holidays in Palermo, Sicily, and I've come across a huge advertisement resembling a Cannabis leaf, which states something regarding a perfume shop that creates artisan fragrances on demand tailored to your needs and flavors.

The Profumoteca (http://www.laprofumoteca.it/shop/profumi/canapa-li...), that's the name, is a unique environment, a place where tradition and innovation, professionalism and passion meet: a universe that includes both artisan fragrances with a specific note or mixable to create your own personalized perfume, or exclusive creations of our formula or inspired by commercial perfumes.

These days they're launching a new scent named Canapa Light, an amazing fragrance extracted from all parts of a Marijuana plant, leaf, pistils, and stem. Seemingly citrus, it actually dominates a green sour note that at the same time gives the user a feeling of relaxation, vitality, and energy, I bet it is coming from terpene. The scent belongs to the herbaceous family, is light and green. It opens with a blast of zesty notes, so weed here smells like some kind of citrus fruits, rich in limonene. Sooner it yields to green light notes similar to fresh oregano and thyme, yet the citrus, tart, and sour blend is lingering in the background. Earthy is the dry down like rich loam and soil, or dry sandalwood, or scented rosewood, or better like tobacco, the fresh stuff though, not the chemical-laden weirdness in cigarettes.

Since I've never used nor smelt the Cannabis or Marijuana before in my life, I've no idea how much this scent is closely akin to a joint... Yet it smells so good and relaxing, it is really amazing and suitable for this incoming summer. Very hard to pin down the aroma of Canapa Light as there is a multitude of facets, each with its own characteristic aroma, colors, textures, and effects. I've read that some strains produce a sweet, fruity aroma while others produce a deep, rich earthy or pine scent. This scent, in my opinion, smells pleasantly citrus, herbal, earthy, astonishing.

Please, note that it's not a clone of Black Afgano, which has a bitterness and smokiness aura... Canapa Light is astonishingly fresh and green, for daytime and evenings, both for leisure and outdoor activities, and office if you dare. Albeit there is no THC in there, yet the fragrance is addicting and after a while you cannot cope without. I've found myself inhaling the whiff coming from my wrist all day long.

I've bought the EDT version, yet both cologne and perfume are available. The notes are the same, just the concentration of the scented oil changes. The longevity is moderate and likewise is the projection. Be aware that being a mono-theme scent, mainly compound by canapa extract, it cannot be a long-lasting beast. The canapa notes belongs to the top note and are very similar to the citrus ones. Sillage stays close to the skin after the first hour, yet it works better if sprayed on your clothes. The light fragrance is fine for warm and hot summer days, for both men and women.

Ultimately, the scent is prepared at the moment you purchase it. You choose the color of the cap and sprayer, either gold or silver, and the size of the bottle, and the clerk pours the juice inside it in the concentration you've established. There are hundreds of different scents ready to be smelt and bought if you like them.

Have a safe trip with Canapa Light!