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07.09.2018 14:58 Uhr
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​Her Majesty the Queen of Spices: Carribean Vanilla

Albeit the Queen's title has been given to the Cardamom, having the Black Pepper the King, I firmly believe that Bourbon Vanilla deserves it.

For those who are not familiar with, vanilla is a non-pungent spice, sweet, with a pleasant perfumed aroma, oftentimes with woody or smoky facets. It's a flavor derived from orchids with more than 110 kinds of vanilla, and the plant is originally from Mexico. Today, the main area of cultivation for real vanilla is Madagascar, followed by Comoros and La Réunion, a former colony of France. In earlier times, the isle was called Bourbon, which is where the famous bourbon vanilla gets its name from. Additional growing regions include Java in Indonesia (a former Dutch colony) and Tahiti. Some vanilla is still produced in Mexico nowadays as well, though production there is far exceeded by that of other regions. Each regional variety of vanilla features particular characteristics.

The vanilla beans typically used for cooking or baking come from the vanilla planifolia species, more commonly known as Bourbon vanilla or Madagascar vanilla, which is produced in Madagascar and neighboring islands in the southwestern Indian Ocean and in Indonesia. The flower that produces the vanilla bean only lasts one day. The beans are hand-picked, cured, wrapped, and eventually dried in a process that takes up to 4 or 6 months. Vanillin is the main flavor that develops during fermentation. It is the spice’s strongest flavoring agent. Today vanillin is also produced synthetically, however, the authentic, natural substance is in no way comparable to the artificial one.

Due to the complicated and long fermentation process, vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world, after saffron. This is also why vanilla is commonly called “The Queen of Spices”.

Just recently I came across Perlier's Caribbean Vanilla fragrances, namely Original Vanilla and Vanilla Coffee. Notwithstanding they are both built around a bourbon vanilla heart, and allegedly genderless, the two scents smell different, I can tell Original and Coffee apart.

Vanilla Original

This juice is a concentrated perfume that releases the purest, most precious Vanilla to the skin, in a real burst of vitality, suitable for those who love sweet Vanilla and want to enjoy its intense, warm, embracing flavor. But there is more in this scent, other than luscious vanilla. The fragrance opens up a bit fruity and floral, with Vanilla flowers and wild strawberries. This opening is followed by a brilliant floral heart, a bouquet of luminous jasmine, refined rose and sweet orchid blossom. Finally, the drydown reveals all of the hidden beauty, an abundance of Bourbon Vanilla, a delicate white musk, and creamy sandalwood. Perhaps the plenty of flowers in there might lead to a woman's choice, yet it fits perfectly a man's skin without endangering his masculinity.

Vanilla Coffee

This jewel is a concentrated perfume that releases the purest, most precious Vanilla, combined with the intense aroma of Coffee in a real burst of vitality, proper for those who love dark Vanilla and want to enjoy its intense, warm, embracing flavor. Again, more than just gourmand vanilla is hidden in here. A morning freshly crushed coffee beans and a touch of floral freesia opens the day, like homemade breakfast on a kitchen table with a floral vessel on the window. The middle notes come with hawthorn blossoms, wondrous jasmine, and plenty of coffee flowers. This time, the drydown offers pure delicious Vanilla, a tad of gourmand toffee, and mild white musk. The plethora of coffee in any formats might lead to a man's choice, however, a woman who dares supremely wears it.

Cold days are looming, what's better than a warming and embracing vanilla scent! Think about them, a bargain for good quality and results.

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