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5 years ago - 14.03.2018
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​In Pursuit of Missy Spring

We are nearly close to the middle of March, yet the harsh Winter seems as though it doesn't wanna go away. It is a lazy Sunday evening, the rain is falling for two days now and outward it is pretty cold, yet too cold for the imminent springtime... Ouch, Missy Spring does wanna come later on this year!

Notwithstanding, the smell is the most subtle of senses touched by spring. Our sense of smell is, perhaps, the most powerful of all five senses. A particular odor can invoke memories and emotions that have long been tucked away. In the spring season, there is the sweet fragrance of flowers, which is perhaps the first thing many think of. Yet few other smells announce the arrival of that beautiful season. If you are anything like me, what are the natural scents that make really the spring?

The scent of blooming flowers

The blooms hold on until mid-March when the riot of blossoms breaks out, first the plum tree, then the cherry blossoms join in, along with the apple tree’s white small tender leaves. After the first rain, the walkway is covered in pink petals of snow. It's easy to tell that spring is in the air by the sweet smell of seasonal blooms.

Cerruti 1881 and Kenzo Power Cologne are two of my floral colognes.

The scent of the sparkling air

Then there is the smell of fresh air, so undefinable and yet something we all recognize on that first day after a long winter when we open a window and that smell, so deliciously fresh, wafts into the house for the first time after so many months. It is an aroma which reinvigorates a person and truly freshens a house and the senses... the air of spring brings health and life on its wings.

DSQUARED2 He Wood Cologne is sparkling like air, Burberry Touch is like a strong, deep breath.

The scent of rain

After the rain has fallen there is the rich pungent smell of wetness, the earthy odor of damp dirt and things growing. It comes on the wind, a harbinger of the storm, and strikes the senses with a particular almost tang. That is a unique smell that I always wonder how it is created, and so strongly, to come even before the storm has reached. No flower has an aroma with such reach. The scientists call it "petrichor" (the pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a dry spell) purely so they had a word for it. It comes from the Greek "petros," meaning "stone," and "ichor," the golden blood of the gods in Greek mythology.

CK Euphoria smells like spring's storm and John Varvatos Artisan Aqua is similar to a waterfall.

The scent of cut grass

The smell of flowers will be along soon enough, but early spring is dominated by the earthy fragrance after the rain and the wonderful, evocative odor of new-mown grass. Spring brings the smells of fresh cut grass from the infield that take me back to childhood... Like so many things, it is best enjoyed in the early morning or in the closing of the evening. To step outside and see the glisten of fresh dew on the cut grass and smell the sweet fragrance speaks of a day full of possibilities and work that can be done. To sit on the porch and smell that same fragrance in the dying light speaks of work done, a good day spent and the last hours of a day to be enjoyed in relaxation.

CK Truth captures and reminds me that fresh smell, ZARA Kilsbergen is like a wide a huge green lawn.

The scent of clean laundry

There are few scents better than the smell of clean laundry. Perhaps coffee and freshly baked bread, but we know which we would rather spritz onto our pulse points. While we'd often like to swap our daily commute for a duvet day, the next best thing is a fragrance that evokes everything we love about staying in bed at the weekends: clean, crisp sheets, bare skin, fresh towels, and a general Eau de lazy. This is the stunning scent that to create a sense of clean, pure scent reminiscent of freshly laundered cotton. I think you'll love it as much as I do.

Prada Infusion d'Homme encompasses that soapy aroma.

The sun shines just a little brighter and I am loving every minute of it. Spring is not far away, no more, and it is a thing to be enjoyed with all the senses.

I look forward to reaching out all my spring scents soon.


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