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03.06.2018 22:30 Uhr
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La Ville Lumière versus The Big Apple: A Tally of Two Cities

I've been privileged to do business and tour both New York City and Paris many times -- perhaps quite a few miles of walking through their storied streets. Mandarina Duck "Let's Travel to..." scents are a lovely reminder of the beauties of both cities, charming on the coffee table or in the bathroom. A friendly visual match between two cities told by a lover of Paris wandering through New York.

Mr. Duck strolls along the Champs Elysées

The mistral is blowing, that breezy, cold wind from the north, and it carries with it a fragrance unlike any other... a mix of sea salt water, spicy and aromatic herbs and mossy woods. Smelling that wondrous aroma I have a vision of a balcony crammed with aromatic plants and redolent flowers in a little neighborhood of Paris.

M. Duck Let's Travel to Paris is an aromatic-fougère scent, the opening is a bit brisk, citrus, fruity, and herbal. The freshly peeled green apple melts with bergamot juice, and the sage is heavenly. Together with this mixture, I get an alcoholic base. Well, then the alcoholic vibe calms nicely but almost a right after that when the rosemary and violet notes kick in it comes back. Not as strong as it was at the beginning but still. If I had to match this scent with a French liqueur it would be a glass of iced Vermouth.

The heart is green, aromatic, salty. When it is healthy, rosemary is glossy, bushy and gives off that delicious earthy aroma. Its spikey green branches remind me of the Provencal countryside, The crunched violet leaves and the marine accord assume a watery facet, so cool and so refreshing.

It's drydown is mossy, with oakmoss and amber keeping it clean but muddy with just enough warmth. It's masculine, sensual, green and very smooth.

This may be considered for younger guys but I am in my 50s and enjoy it very much. It is an all-around good green splash that seldom if ever disappoints and always gets compliments. It's not a strong scent, it's pleasant for people to smell on you, it's sporty, youthful and energetic, so it's perfect for casual wear or in the office. Wear this scent during the warming days of spring or through the heat of the summer, it wears well as a daytime informal or smart casual cologne and it can both be used for formal and informal situations easily.

Let's Travel to Paris is closely akin to Pal Zileri Cerimonia pour Homme, Hugo by Hugo Boss, and the recently reformulated CH Men without the sweet accord, all are alternatives with a closely similar vibe.

Mr. Duck Bathes into Powdery Water

Close your eyes and let your mind fly away for a moment... you are inside an iconic yellow cab while you tour New York City. The cab’s windows reflect the astonishing New York skyline, The Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building just to mention a few, and the background is lit up with Times Square billboards, dazzling lights and neon signs painting the skyscrapers’ silhouettes. There you are! Let's Travel to New York resembles all of those sweet dreams and takes you to the liveliness energy of this city that never sleeps.

By the way, I woke up this morning with M. Duck Let's Travel to Paris on my mind. The weather was so-so, the sky was pale and cloudy, and a crisp breeze was gently blowing. Thus, I took my morning shower, had my breakfast, and got dressed ready to go to the office... just quite a few whiffs of scent to complete my outfit. After a while, I was sitting in my car and driving to the office and I smelt a pleasant powdery and creamy note, and I wondered who or what was scenting like that... since I was on my own in the car it could only be my scent. Ouch, it was so damn good, but you know what... I suddenly realized it couldn't be Let's Travel to Paris, which is supposed to be an aromatic-fougére, rather I must be mistaken and sprayed Let's Travel to New York, which is unquestionably an oriental-fougére. Of course. it doesn't matter, perhaps it does not fit this season... let's see how it performs on a late springtime day.

To start with, Let's Travel to NYC begins with luxurious bergamot, just a bit of airy lavender, and enough carrot seeds to add fruity and powdery tones. Interesting, carrot seed essential oil comes from wild carrot seeds, it doesn't come from the carrots we eat. It is a rooty, iris-like note with earthy and woody facets. The mixture results really agreeably powdery.

At the heart comes an avant-garde flower blend of freesia and orris. While the freesia delivers the flowery touch to the scent, the orris root pushes the scent towards a more mellow and powdery facet, yet remaining in the masculine territory. The powderiness is however far away from Dior Homme and ain't no lipstick effect here, yet it is closely alike to baby powder that I don't mind, but that’s a subject not everyone is comfortable with. The heart is so smooth, classic, and comforting that I can't take my nose off of it, and reveals sophisticated floral notes which reminds the most exclusive and elegant facet of the upper-east side and its prestigious atmosphere.

The intense, warm base is made by a combination of noble and addictive woods like the enticing charm of the city. The blue cedar, the creamy sandalwood, and the coumarin whose aromas resemble the scent of fresh cut hay altogether blend with the powderiness of the heart, with an intense temperament, like NYC.

The scent on my skin has an average longevity, surely 6-8 hours, and the projection is moderate and close to the skin after 1 hour or so. In my opinion, it performs well in cool/warm weather, thus both sprint and fall seasons are appropriate for wearing it.

Let's Travel to New York is closely akin to YSL l'Homme, they share the same vibe, from the opening throughout the dry down, even though few notes differ in the two compositions.

Are you ready to pack your bag?