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Private Trip To Asia, A Place I’ve Never Been


East Asia is a place I've never been to. Many countries attract me, such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, with beautiful cities like Shanghai, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hoi An. During a trip to Asia, besides the humid and intense heat, a perfume overwhelms our sense of smell, a perfume as suggestive as it is indefinable. And if landscapes, people, or language are not similar, it is easy to agree that Asia's natural scent hovers beyond the borders. Like a blend of perfumes present on the continent, this characteristic fragrance will accompany us throughout our journey and remain firmly anchored in our olfactory memory. The woody and powdery notes are widely acclaimed. They evoke the forest, dear to the Japanese, whose country walks remain the family's favourite outing. Recurring raw materials such as hinoki wood are also used. Its woody-aromatic scent evokes the strength of cedar, combined with the freshness of aromatic herbs. Sandalwood from Indian Lands, Tonkin musk from Vietnam, Cherry blossom from Japan, and Ylang-ylang from the Philippines are just some of the redolences that linger in the air.

And ZARA for next, autumn is launching four brand new pieces from the CHAPTER 3 collection, right after CHAPTER 1 and 2. I tested them all, and two of them captured most of my curiosity. Both are Asian-inspired and characterized by sweet orange blossom and spicy vanilla. The other two are also very good and exciting and will undoubtedly be my next purchase. Indeed, these two tickled my nostrils and awakened something in my olfactory memory that prompted me to buy them first.

The new collection is not present in the database yet, so here are my first impressions. A full review will come soon.

Majestic Opulence

This mystical pale brown Eau de parfum opens with a burst of sour raspberry, something creamy, and dry cedar wood from the base. Slowly, the scent becomes powdery and sweet, the presence of iris rhizomes and orange blossom exudes and bursts, with the woody cedar shavings still lingering in the background. That buttery vibe sets the right mood for the final smoked vanilla, used here in its amber, authentic, and warm way, with fruity and burnt nuances reminiscent of crème brûlée. It is a modern, unique, and long-lasting fragrance.

Golden Decade

In this Eau de parfum, with a warm dark amber color similar to a fine cognac, the olfactory pyramid includes notes of orange blossom, a plethora of this elegant flower, and brilliant bergamot. Soon, indolic jasmine blooms in the heart on a honeyed orange blossom peeking out in the background. It is an enveloping, courteous, and elegant fragrance. And finally, it gives off spiced vanilla with its warm embrace, sweet yet not gourmand, which blends with the creamy blonde sandalwood.

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If you are on a budget, check the collection in the store; for just €15, they are worth every cent. Excellent package, good sprayer, glorious scent. What else?

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