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2 years ago - 04.11.2020
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So Little Knew, Yet So Extremely Valuable

In the previous post, I told you about some of the perfumes I love, but which last very little on my skin. Today I would like to tell you about some perfumes I did not know, but that have turned out to be surprising. It may have happened to you, too, to read a review, a comment, or a statement of perfume you know and discover that there is another similar perfume, perhaps even better, with better performance. Or to be part of some group and receive a notification for a member's photo posted on a social network, and fall in love at first sight with the bottle, or with the experience provided by the author.

Well, beneath, I will describe some goodies that have contributed to generating these emotions in me and have prompted me to write this article. The almost untold perfumes, yet that are so extremely valuable.

Lalique Le Parfum

Le Parfum arrived in my collection like lightning in a clear sky. While ago, a member of a group I follow on Facebook published a post with a photograph and a statement highlighting the beauty and qualities of Lalique Le Parfum. Fascinated by this object unknown to me, I immediately searched, and Notino sold it at a small price per 100 ml in EDP format. I affirm that if I hadn't read that the nose behind this masterpiece is Mr Dominique Ropion, I would have bet it was a creature of Nathalie Lorson. Using smoked and dusty accords are almost a trademark of Mrs Lorson. I enjoy the perfumes of Lalique, always prime quality on all levels. Encre Noire above all, then the fabulous L'Insoumis by Fabrice Pellegrin. And Le Parfum is no exclusion. If you are interested to know what they have in common, Lalique Le Parfum, Guerlain Shalimar, and Guerlain Habit Rouge, I suggest you keep reading... (https://www.parfumo.net/Perfumes/Lalique/Lalique_Le_Parfum_Eau_de_Parfum/Reviews/129614)

Grès Cabotine

Too bad you can't see my face and my surprised expression when I discovered that the author of this gem is the same as many fragrances that are part of my collection. For example, Dunhill Icon Elite, Banana Republic M, and the legendary Wings Beverly Hills men. Cabotine de Grès is the youngest and most contemporary version of Cabochard. It is built around a white ginger lily flower not mentioned here, which has a tropical, fruity, white flavour with hints of ginger. Cabotine comes in two concentrations, like EDT and EDP, which share the same vibration, but the latter is a little sweeter but not greedy, and closer to Tendre Poison - or better, Poison likens this since it was released later. I wouldn't say I liked the first time I smelt it, I wrinkled my nose and set it aside. Maybe the tester was dated, and the slightly stale fragrance seemed to be an opulent, heavy, and cumbersome old aunt's scent. Not long ago, however, I got to see some reviews on Youtube and wanted to give it a second chance. My opinion has changed for the better, the green, fresh and sensual tones were released immediately, and as soon as I got home, I ordered it online for about 10 euros, a real bargain!


Charlie Blue, Red, and Gold

The first two I have already reviewed here https://www.parfumo.net/Users/Elysium/Blog/Article/how-about-revlon-charlie-purple, where I explain the beauty of layering them together. Instead. Gold arrived a few days ago.

Gloria Vanderbilt

I have often seen this perfume on sale in department stores, and have always been through it. After reading the reviews, and listening to the advice of a dear friend of the essences, I bought it. They label the classic Gloria Vanderbilt as a floral-oriental, but it’s not the opulent oriental flavouring trend of Middle Eastern perfumes. Instead, it’s a sweet, woody, soft, powdery, spicy, surprising and pleasantly floral. The master perfumer Sophia Grojsman (YSL Paris, Lancome Tresor, Estee Lauder White Linen, etc. are just a few creations) created the original formula who crafted several scents that people around the world treasure. What can I say, the more I smell it, the more it becomes an addiction, literally speaking it is a drug that slowly gets under your skin and you can no longer do without it...


Sung Homme

This is one of the best barbershop cologne I've got in my collection, so damn soapy, freaking good, aromatic, fougère, resinous, and clean. A full review will come soon.

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue

I must say a big thanks to @Anessa, who introduced me to this gorgeous golden oldie and well-known classic through her fairytale described here on Parfumo. Who does not know this scent? Me, I didn't realise it. I have always seen it on the perfumery shelf, often also very bargain, but I don't know why I wasn't curious to try it. I mean, this is not usually the type of fragrance I would seek out to work. Bought this on a semi-blind buy based on Anessa's positive reviews on here... and I am not disappointed! This frag is everything I've read about, which is terrific. 5th Avenue vintage is the first of a series, many other flankers have been released after it, more and more contemporary, for both day, afternoon and night, including After Five, NYC Uptown, and NYC Only to mention a few. About the scent, it is floral, no question about it. The perfumer behind it is Ann Gottlieb, who gave life to some beautiful perfumes as CK Man and Reveal CH Chic and MJ Bang.


Suddenly Madame Glamour Lidl

I put it back the first time I tried it because the first few seconds were abysmal. Maybe the tester I picked up was an old one, stale, although strangely I often see several testers available on the shelf, perhaps I got one that has been there for who knows how long. The fragrance grew on me on my way home after shopping. I didn't go back to buy it straight away, undecided if I liked it or not, that annoying opening left me doubtful. Something intrigued me, but something else didn't convince me. Then one day, surfing the internet, I came across an article by bargain expert Martin Lewis, in which he successfully and emphatically compared this cheap perfume to the much more expensive Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. This intrigued me, not so much because of the similarity itself, but because I didn't know the original, and so I decided to give it another chance to find out if this type of fragrance was for me. No sooner said than done. The new redolence right out of the bottle smelled agreeable good when sprayed.


Rawaa Al Haramain

A bargain that comes as a great scent for those who wants more than ordinary needs. A CH Good Girl imitation? Genderless gourmand floriental gem. A full review will come soon.

Halston 1-12 and Z-14

This masterpiece was released in 1976, is clean, crisp, and fresh, as opposed to its sibling Z-14 that is more sparkling, warm, and sexy and was launched in 1974. I bought this blind so that I could have both Halston Z-14 and Halston 1-12. What a bizarre name for colognes, a sort of formula's code numbers! I am absolutely in love with this fragrance. An outdoorsy woody fougére to me, luminous, fresh and dark, unusual American fragrance, not smooth, not playful, maybe not a crowd-pleaser, nobody seems to talk about.


Capucci pour Homme

First things first, of all the olfactory families, accords, or concepts existing in the world of perfumery, chypre doesn't tickle my fancy. Don't get me wrong, I know it's the most beautiful, sophisticated, and lesser-known fragrance family, and it's not that I despise it, it just isn't one of my olfactory tastes, to the point that on some occasions, seasons, and moods, it bothers me. In past years, any scents evocative of the chypre family intrigued me; there was no emotional relationship. I presume it's a matter of attraction-repulsion between chypre's accord and my sense of smell. For this reason, in my collection, there are almost no chypre colognes, neither modern nor old-school styled. Well, a very few fragrances that fall into such a family, and I can count on one hand, scilicet Chanel Pour Monsieur, Pour Homme Van Cleef & Arpels, Versace L'Homme, Halston Z-14, and 1881 pour Homme Cerruti. The perfume leaves behind a beautiful track, slightly nostalgic, with a certain Parisian chic air that would have been familiar to the characters of Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly, and of course, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.


Zara Accord N°3 Woody

Oh, man! Don't be biased 'cause it's sold as a woman scent. If you like Gucci pour Homme II, you'll love this rare gem. Men, dare and try it! Beautiful fragrance, I got it after I've seen Steven (Redolessence) review on YouTube.


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