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What Is Essential Is Invisible To The Eye

What matters is not the steps you take or the shoes you use, but the footprints you leave. In recent months I have often thought about essential in our days and our lives. Going for a walk, especially for relatively long periods, one discovers the fundamental value of essentiality, which means carrying only what is necessary, not being slaves to the excessive, living happily even with the “few things” that we can carry on our shoulders without working too hard.

What is essential all about? Perhaps something “sub-sedentary,” which is the basis of everything. Let’s think about a famous phrase taken from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery: “The essential is invisible to the eye. “ Essential means distinguish one thing, fundamental, substantial, indispensable, necessary. Salvatore Ferragamo tried to convey his meaning of essential through three distinct creations: Acqua Essenziale (Eau de Toilette)Acqua Essenziale Eau de Toilette , Acqua Essenziale Blu (Eau de Toilette)Acqua Essenziale Blu Eau de Toilette, and Acqua Essenziale ColoniaAcqua Essenziale Colonia. I don’t have a fraghead in my circle of intimate friendships, so I enjoy writing my impressions and sharing them with you.

Acqua Essenziale is a trilogy of perfumes created between 2013 and 2015. Although they are an original fragrance followed by the other two, the fragrances differ totally from each other, the two flankers have no connection with the original, a part of the name. The OG is fresh and watery, the Colonia is citrus and floral, and the Blu is sweet and amber.

Acqua Essenziale

Acqua Essenziale is a precious accord of vibrant freshness combined with the aromatic and woody notes of the Mediterranean. Because it is enigmatic, polite, gentle, wise, and slightly floral, I find it perfect for ceremonies, weddings, graduations, and other lively and unforgettable activities. It’s not an overwhelming fragrance, so you can easily use it both day and night. Try Acqua Essenziale if you like fresh and traditional fougére-type colognes. I feel the longevity and projection are average; it lasts all day on me. Versatile. I like it very much. It reminds me of a deserted place on a rainy day, without a luxurious or sophisticated atmosphere, simply a meeting between the greenery of a new home with water. My best compliments, Mr. Alberto Morillas, you deserve it. People who passed me always ask me for the name of this perfume. Since it is not very demanding, I often wear it on hot days when I don’t know what to wear or when I find myself in contexts where the choice of perfume is difficult for me. Acqua Essenziale has a casual soul, perhaps one of the most agreeable I know at the moment.

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Acqua Essenziale Blu

I found this scent extremely good. I get refreshing aquatic accords that break on delicate lavender nuances and come into play with a medicinal soapy sensation in the heart. The tonka and lavender in this one are intoxicating. While it doesn’t have brilliant performance on my skin, as both sillage and longevity are moderate—powerful at first, but then come close to the skin—it’s an inexpensive fragrance with a well-blended quality. It is a versatile fragrance as I can wear it virtually any warm climate, from spring to autumn. It works well as an office and daytime fragrance but can turn into a decent nighttime fragrance. I’m probably not going to use it as a winter scent, but that is more up to you. I find Acqua Essenziale Blu an excellent option for a casual evening out as someone who likes lavender. It is well-liked and often praised by others. Ferragamo and Alberto Morillas never cease to amaze. This is popular for a reason.

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Acqua Essenziale Colonia

The scent is the third in the brand’s fragrance collection. This one mainly combines aromatic, aquatic, woody, and fougére accords—a fresh green, semi-tart barber’s scent, with an abundance of white citrus blossoms. I appreciate the composition, and it would make a good office scent. Do not let the name “Cologne” fool you because this is an EDT and has a respectable duration and projection, approximately half a day on my skin. Sillage is moderate while longevity leans towards intensely. The cologne-like aroma makes it preferable during the warm months; Sprint and Summer are the good seasons. The whole concoction in this fragrance ends up smelling like a delicate Italian soap, and I enjoy it. It has an old-school sort of feel to it I enjoy. Fresh, aromatic, citrus, a bit woody and a tad spicy, that’s it. I am proud of Alberto Morillas’s work. The Acqua Essenziale trilogy is sublime, and the colognes differ from one another.

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Aquatic, citrus, or amber. What essential water are you on?


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