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Grigioperla Uomo is my most recent buy from La Perla, still remembering how gorgeous was the first Grigioperla I bought in 1991. Together with the scent bottle, I got a quite big miniature made of metal, which I should still have stored somewhere in some place. That said, I believe that La Perla is celebrating a new era of casual luxury with this cologne. It is silky, luxurious and masculine... this timeless fragrance captures the perfect style of Grigioperla for the modern gentleman.

It's a cold start to the day, and this fragrance seems to be perfect. Uomo opens very masculinely with a playful blend of sparkling grapefruit, aromatic cypress and a unique bittersweet of anise. The bitter citrus fruit and the spicy aniseeds are the most prominent notes, they render an aqueous and watery vibe not in a salty or marine kind, while the cypress is lingering in the background without covering the other two. A charming and elegant opening on my skin, I like it.

A few minutes later, a heart of elegant heliotrope accented with tonic notes of white thyme creates a signature heart. The initial head develops into a buttery floral but with something inherently woody and masculine about it. That is the wooden accent added by the presence of the cedar, yet it is not like a pencil sharpener smell. Indeed, the floral and sweet heliotrope rules mostly balanced by the aromatic and green white thyme.

The base is all about oriental flavours of the all precious, soft, rounded and luscious vanilla beans, modern soft patchouli and animated by a balsamic touch of guaiac wood, a tiny bit smoky, not so strong nor similar to medicinal agarwood. The resulting blend ensures smooth finesse in the dry down for a great trail.

To me, Uomo is a soft, woody and creamy autumn fragrance. You don't smell many newish scents like this, so classy and understated. The projection is perfect, and the smell lasts for about 6 hours. I am a bit sad by the packaging and the bottle because the bottle has a sticker on a paper label. However, I guess I still haven't learnt 'never judge a book by its cover'. It is a cold seasons scent. spring and fall are fine, ideal for a business day, as well as a lazy weekend day.


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Who could have prognosticated a clothing company associated with insipid, narcissistic teens would have produced one of the best adult male perfumes ever. Probably the most recognisable scent of all time and I kind of hate it for that because it smells so freaking good. A cologne that every popular teenager has or did have, and linked to many terrible crimes on the campus of many colleges. But that does not matter. Ok, I am 54 years old, and I know that A&F rotates towards a younger demographic. But this fragrance is absolutely fantastic. Fierce was a blind buy based on reviews, and I visited many sites and forums before buying it, too many I would say. Since I have another A&F cologne, South California or SoCal to be precise, which I adore, I ultimately bought it.

I didn’t expect Fierce to be wrong, nor did I suppose to love it. Yes, it met my expectations, but I like it better than I thought I would.
With my surprise, the first time I smelt it I felt dark woody feeling, somehow I was not thrilled with the purchase. Fierce is citrus aromatic, fougère, woody, spicy, and resinous. Its opening is a competent citrus accord with a bit of warming spice, the cardamom I reckon, and a generous dose of resinous fir balsam. The overture has a citrusy mossy aspect that remains throughout the fragrance life. However, you don't indeed detect any overcast citrus as say the scent of an orange or a lemon. It's not sugary nor tart by any means but instead bares those tendencies of citrus without actually smelling as though. It's hard to explain.

Then after a while, I started to feel the sweet notes, the jasmine, lily of the valley and the incredible rose. It was not such a bad smell.
Its textured floral central level is masculine enough, and the touch of aromatic and green rosemary adds considerably to the depth of the fragrance by cooling the warm florals.

I enjoy the base and make special note of the rosewood and oakmoss. Oh man, it’s a pleasure to find those two modernly unpopular notes used so well in this kind of fragrance. The light musk and hint of vetiver remain under the dominant and heavy woody notes along with the not tart and unsweetened citrus moss. It's quite beautiful and by far the most woody fragrance I've ever smelled and also the sharpest wood fragrance I've ever sniffed.

Day after day I started to fall in love with this fragrance, I was sniffing the bottle every 15 minutes 20 times a day maybe more. I become addicted to the sniffing. But then the feeling started to decrease. I still when I wear this I feel it every way I go 7 hours minimum with few sprays only. But the first days will stay with me forever one sniffing from the bottle was enough to feel the smell 3-4 hours all way out, like a considerable emotion. I have several niche fragrances, but I keep coming back to Fierce.

That said, the scent is woody aromatic for cold romantic autumn and spring nights. Sillage is excellent, and longevity is outstanding. I can breathe this on my dresses the next day.

Anyone from a youth to an adult up to the age of 50 can pull this off, even though I don't think anyone over 25 would try this out and it's a darn shame! Maybe the fact that all the teens are wearing this do not understand the concept of over applying cologne that has ruined this scent for you. A timeless cologne doesn't have an age group on it; this fragrance can be worn by any man, at any age. Spray it on your hand, walk around, and see what you might think of it then. You might be surprised! Overall rating from me, buy it, you won't be disappointed. Fierce has set a new standard of excellence in the world of fragrance that few colognes can match.


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"I could be another silly or an exception to the rule...", yet some notes meshed with my skin release a Davidoff Cool Water vibe! Forget about the opening, Usher He is all about fruity notes from pineapple and Calone blend, yet the more it enters into the heart and dry-down stages the more it reminds me of Cool Water, which is a good thing, entirely. I have blindly bought it, first of all for the beautiful and sophisticated bottle design, clean and modern with a black bottle and silver cap with engravings on it which looks nice, and then because I was curious about the scent itself and didn't find any place for testing it. Let's see how does it smell on me...

It opens up with a blast fruity accord of pineapple and melon, the artificial Calone flavor abounds here, and there is a tinge of citrus due to the verbena leaves. So, a massive ultra-aqueous melon opening, reminiscent of the sea and ocean and giving the olfactory impression of the fresh seashore through its marine/ozone nuances, is lightened further by pineapple to provide the scent with an airy, ultra-light feel. It is a very watery fresh citric that all too quickly evolves into a spicy and aromatic heart. I like the aura that it creates around you and then lingers in the room where you sprayed it.

The mid-notes delay on the skin with the warmth and sensuality of lavender, peppercorn, and violet leaves. The opening evanesces after five minutes as the suede presses out the fruitier elements. The slightest hint of white pepper does come through, leaving an immaculate yet layered balance that lasts until the dry down, where musky sandalwood that is very light and subtle never entirely drowns out the traces of suede, pepper and the tiny bit of fruit residue. In the heart, Usher He becomes peppery and herbaceous. Many scents use pepper in their formulas, but I admire the use of pepper, is piquant and long lasting but not overpowering, and it ages well on the skin never becoming sour or stale.

Though a pretty linear fragrance until the base which turns more woodsy, but becomes very soft and sort of drifts away from the opening and middle. Here the notes smell of sweet woods and amber with hints of leather/suede and tons of musk. There’s undoubtedly leather present, but it is ‘downy’ leather, not rough, pungent leather. A touch of vetiver keeps the base a bit smoky and earthy, while the sandal adds a creamy and warmth aspect that balances the musk and the guaiac wood. The dry down creates an underlying softness.

It is mostly intended for young men and buddies and will work best in those cases, yet a daddy like me does not dislike it. The projection is excellent and the smell itself is terrific and masculine. Usher He is not an expensive cologne, yet people often have a prejudice about this fragrance, but it is very refined, masculine and fresh. Longevity is pretty good, so this perfume will keep you smelling good for at least 6 hours, probably more. It is fruity and inoffensive so you could wear it in most circumstances.
Some people associate this one with Green Irish Tweed except this one is much cheaper, whereas I am inclined to compare it with Cool Water. I do see a moderate resemblance, but, where Cool Water is green and aromatic, Usher He is leathery and fruity. They do smell somewhat similar but still are different enough to remain unique in their own right.

That is the point of this cologne, and it does that perfectly. You should wear it in warm seasons because then it will do its best. It is not a winter fragrance. However, the nuances of the notes work fine and better during middle seasons like spring, and fall. It is also very versatile so you do not have to be afraid of wearing it at work.


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The perfume is not extremely masculine as the name suggests. Instead, it is appropriate for those kinds of metrosexual persons. In my opinion, both men and women could wear it. It defines the precise blend of freshness and sensuousness. Well, it smells like fresh lilacs, one of my favorite flowers. It isn't a pure floral fragrance though. It's much more sophisticated and sexy. The box has a Chameleon hologram that changes color if you rotate it, and the bottle as the Chameleon brand printed with colored letters different from one another. It's so damn gorgeous!

Chameleon is a fresh spicy, floral, and amber scent, yet it seems to be more of a smooth, fruity oriental than a floral oriental. It opens up with a light citrus accord, dusted with a pink pepper note that gives it some intriguing aspect, but just a hint of dirtiness. Bleu de Chanel was the pioneer somewhat responsible for pushing pink pepper into prominence, but Chameleon feels more rounded than that. The top notes give off a subtle radiance.

The heart reveals with a very soft hint of lilac still layered under the golden fruit notes. Lilac is such a lovely note in fragrances, and it seems there are not many men's colognes that include lilac as the main note. So comforting, relaxing, and soothing. The geranium adds a sharp greenish note meshing the peppery effect. However, the lilac scent stays on the skin all day, which makes me incredibly pleased.

Once the scent settles on my skin, I start to notice warmer, oriental notes of patchouli and possibly amber. Mind, there is no earthiness in the patchouli base note, either. Instead, the scent dries down into a blend of silky amber and slightly syrupy patchouli. There's a faint vanillic whisper in the final stages of its development, rounding off the fragrance's lite-oriental aspect. Its staying power is above average for an Eau de Parfum.

I would say that Chameleon is more of an evening scent, but it works well during the day as well. It is seriously intoxicating, without giving me or anyone around me a headache, none of my coworkers complains today. This scent is perfect for any time, could it be day or night. As said in the chart this is more of a fall time fragrance, and I agree, yet the amber here is not intense. There isn't a warm accord to this like many fall fragrances, and I regret that a bit.
It doesn't come with a fruity nor very floral scent like the typical feminine perfume, even though it has the notes of lilac with amber. Yes, you do still get the floral scent in the first few minutes when you spritz it on, but when it settles in, you'll have a fresh and soft smell lingering around you. I do recommend having a whiff before you buy because it's not your typical firm scent. Noteworthy, being a spicy floral with notes of patchouli and amber, Chameleon won't be the first cream for anyone with a sensitive nose.


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I am astounded at the beauty of this fragrance! This is reckoned to be the female counterpart of Bois de Oud Imperial. I just wonder why people insist on male or female fragrances. If you really love and understand perfumery, no need of being an expert, you probably should know that genres in this kind of art don't matter at all! So, if you like a perfume go ahead and wear it. To confirm this, I was testing this astonishing scent on my skin, just because I was curious about how it smelled respect to Bois de Oud Imperial and the assistant nearby told me "Man, that scent smells really impressive on you, it wears you beautifully, you'd better buy it", and I did it without hesitation.

Well, having said that... Let's start talking about this beauty: Bois de Oud Rose is first of all extraordinary, from the moment I remove the cap and catch the first whiff I'm hooked. The jammy rose is the queen and the rubbery oud the king, two complementary essences that attract each other in a sensual, contrasted perfume, precious, with warm spices like vanilla and patchouli, gorgeous and subtle, which end this masterpiece with a golden key.

At first, I smell a beautiful crisp morning dew on fresh roses with a camphoraceous accord, rose and saffron mesh creates such a naphthalene smell that reminds mothballs and leather tanning agents... it has a strong but not unpleasant smell. Initially, there is a brief burst of saffron, and the rose then comes to the fore, figures in strongly from opening through its lifespan together with a tempered accord of patchouli, oud, and amber. The rose note is bright and vivacious, from the most lovely to the most carnal, like a sumptuous rose bouquet but then fades away in the mid-phase as the ambery-woody elements take center stage. The saffron gives a sharp spice edge to a full scented damask rose that is so sweet.

As the composition moves to its early heart, the rose grows in strength as the oud slowly recedes. The rose is made mystical with the deep metallic vibe of oud while the amber in the base tilts the entire tone to a masculine warm comfy scent. The amber is the dominant note in this accord, soft unobtrusive amber and only the barest pinch of oud and patchouli are discernible. The rose seems to float in between the gorgeous patchouli and oud. A touch of guaiac adds woodiness to the green geranium leaves and earthy patchouli.

Rose and oud are gradually replaced by relatively sanitized patchouli and a vague synthetic burnt woody accord, with vanilla in the base that comes out a little more gradually in the dry down. Musk is in the base notes as it helps to keep this balanced not too overpowering. During the late dry down, the sweet rose finally dissipates to a whisper as the burnt woods smooth out, tamed by soft creamy sandalwood and vanilla through the finish. The vanilla is subtle and barely perceptible but I know it's there, making everything last longer and just smell better.

Longevity is great and projection is really superb. It's not much of a room-filler, but I found it quite strong. Sillage is initially good before becoming subdued around the mid phase, and duration is average.

Finally, a perfume that actually smells like luxury fragrances, but at least you won't smell it on anyone else. I feel in love with this lovely and gorgeous scent and definitely, just a professional mature man or woman can recognize the essence of this kind of scents so sensual, luxurious, irresistible, glamorous, sweet, exquisite, sophisticated and not expensive. The result is a perfect balance between strength and voluptuousness, a statement of pride and uniqueness. Of the rose oud fragrances for men I've tried, I believe this one to be the most masculine of the group because of the golden amber base, while the saffron rose-oud combination gives it a spicey Arabic tone, yes it definitely smells like an Indian or Arabic perfume.
Wear it on colder months, fall and winter seasons suit it, on business day as well as on leisure evening and dinner out.


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Just like the old metaphor that “blue is for boys and pink is for girls” that could easily have been extended to perfume by saying “woods are for boys and florals are for girls”. Really the only two flowers seen widely in masculine fragrances were lavender, which is more aromatic than floral, and rose, with the latter being sure to be wrapped in other more manly notes, oud primarily. With the release in 2005 of Dior Homme that simple thinking was boldly broken with a floral fragrance marketed to men which featured a different floral as its focal point: iris, ot better orris root. Aguas Masculinas N°3 Seducción Magnética is following that way and is all about lush orris root.

This is a men's gourmand fragrance, one of those scents that you either love or hate it. Since the whole V&L collection was sold online for a ridiculous price of nearly 10€ each, I blindly bought all of them. When I initially sprayed this on I felt like I had been digging thru my grandmother’s pocketbook. I got a lot of different notes and it smells very feminine, however, neither too sweet nor cloying.
Before challenging the men trying V&L Aguas Masculinas N°3 Seducción Magnética starts off with something familiar by using a combination of bergamot, grapefruit, and spearmint. The latter accentuates the more stringent aspects of the citrus fruits and sets the table for the orris in the heart. The head is fresh with velvety citrus edges.

Although its green citrus outflow could throw off with the start of a freshwater, the composition becomes extravagant as it advances towards the central notes. When the orris arrives it still could have retained a bit of a “too clean” feel to it. There is a gentle touch of cardamon and ginger to make it a little huskier. You have to really stop and pay attention to pick both of those notes up but they turn the orris into something less easily identifiable as a full on floral accord. The heart is chocolaty, gourmand, buttery, and glowing as the best amber. This orris-cacao-amber accord is the overall predominant aroma.

In the base, it returns the wearer to familiar territory, the finish is woody and oriental with a great benzoin, vetiver, and modern patchouli. The leathery accord created by the blend is slightly noticeable and mild as a suede, rather the vetiver dominates the scene. Anyhow, it is kept on the lighter side so it doesn’t obliterate the floral core and it meshes very nicely with the orris.

Quite possibly one of the greatest cheap fragrances I have ever smelled, closely akin and likely inspired to Dior Homme, the orris opening up to the cocoa drydown is very captivating. I am a sucker for iris whether it is considered feminine or not, I have always adored the smell and love wearing it. Ever since I was a child I would sneak into my mothers make-up stash and sniff her lipstick because of that iris smell, I've always loved it. I wish the iris stuck with the life of this fragrance but it doesn't. It does stick around quite a while though, about 1-2 hours. After that, it's all cocoa and it smells fantastic, not too sweet, not cloying at all. Just the right amount, I would say that this is the definition of class and elegance. Recommended for the cool, cold, and misty season, fall is the perfect match, very versatile for both leisure and business days and evening or night outs. I see dudes, buddies, as well as daddies wearing it.


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As already seen with Adventus Creed dupes, ZARA did it again with Santal LeLabo and released a brand new scent named Scent#1 that is uncannily similar to Tiveden. It’s a gorgeous scent, not “pervasive” which is a word I like coming to mind with a personal fragrance. It is a bit masculine. It is feminine. It is smoky. It is woody. It is leathery. It is creamy. It is shape-shifting in my nostrils. It is elegant but edgy. It is sophisticated but down-to-earth. It is love, pure love. Starts very fresh, then does this glorious move into the sweetest, most divine creamy wood fragrance ever. The combination of the sandalwood, cedar, and violet is inspired! I don't think I've ever sampled anything from Le Labo before, but this is really, really nice. And lasts!

The smell... Describing scents in words is a really hard text, especially when a scent is as complicated as this one. I'm a big fan of Sandalwood based scents, but the trick here is the floral accord. When you wear this, you get occasional whiffs of the florals and that grape note from the iris that keeps this composition interesting. For one thing, I find this to be a predominantly leather-focused scent, with salty, green cucumbers or better pickles quality that is almost aquatic. It opens with a powerful blast of green cardamom, with its pungent yet elusive flavor, resinous and dark with hints of eucalyptus, sea salt, leather, and that aqueous herbal element. Perhaps, there is a tad of tarragon or drill in the headnotes, not listed on the official site.

What makes a fragrance intriguing is when it evokes a specific time, a certain place or a particular material while remaining elusively vague. Scent#1 is intensely masculine... full of raw, oily leather and balsam, it makes me think of a lifestyle concept store – one of those deep-toned, white empty studio spaces where they place a tangle of parched white driftwood in one corner and a long leather couch in the other. Close your eyes, breath, and let your mind go in there...

Much later on, in the far drydown, there is the aroma of the raw and brusquely woods, and it is only then I see the reference to sandalwood. But, in general, this is dry and woody-leathery, not lactonic or sweet. The more I sniff it the more I get the astonishing smell of genuine leather exuding from a brand new handmade coat, belt, or pair of shoes.
It reminds me of books, too. In particular in the raw, harsh chemical breeze of salt, which ultimately comes off as a combination of freshly-tanned leather and newly-printed paper.
Scent#1 is an experimental mixture that is leathery, with some bright woodiness mixed with muskiness. Longevity and sillage are enormous. I've been wearing it since 8.00am, and after almost 7 hours it is still alive and kicking, and I do love it!

Ultimately, the smell lies on the masculine side and can be worn well in the fall. It's a warm, woodlike smell that I found surprisingly identical to the way the forest smells after it rains. It captures the smell of damp earth, ferns, creek water, cedar, and wet leather. Woodsy like the aroma of the freshly-cut wood you get in a sawmill or lumber mill, where logs are cut into lumber... Ever been to a lumber yard? It's that scent. Wonderful woods being cut. It's terrific and quite wearable. I love the trail the fragrance leaves behind in an elevator, on my clothes or even in a room. It's memorable and immediately bonds you to the person who knowingly asks if you are wearing Santal... Oops, Scent#1!


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Ralph Lauren’s Polo Blue isn't a scrap as rumored by the crowd. Rather, it's so freaking good, a surprisingly refreshing and fruity aromatic fougère featuring aquatic and ozone motives. Suede, woodsy notes, and a bit of cucumber and melon make this cologne sexy, young, and masculine. I have a slightly different kind of soft spot for the line of Polo fragrances, Polo Sport was one of the first colognes that I tried when I was younger, and honestly still enjoy to these days. So, after trying a fragrance like Polo Sport, I decided that I should try out Polo Blue as well and give my opinion on it. My initial impression of this scent was immediately how fresh it was. I could really recognize the cool aquatic notes and it did conjure up ideas of the color blue in my mind. Albeit it's really great to wear on a warm spring or summer day, yet I also think that it works very well during the cooler autumn months because of the warm, woody, and slightly spicy notes.

Here it is... Polo Blue to my nose reveals the following main accords: ozonic, aquatic, fresh spicy, green, and musky, and opens on immediately discernable fresh melon notes followed by cool cucumber and hazy clementine zest. The opening lights with some surprising delicacy for a men’s fragrance. The fruity and aqueous head's accords are not too citrus, which makes the scent agreeable for early fall days, it is truly a breath of fresh air.

Plain floral geranium notes emerge first from the subtle head’s vanishing. This is quickly accompanied by aromatics dry greenness of clary sage, basil, and verbena. They mingle for a while before transitioning to the base. The heart is green and aromatic, with the strong lemony and grassy facets of the verbena, and the geranium leaves that add a bitterness and earthiness to this central stage.

When the dry down comes, refined notes of velvety leather appear first. This is shortly followed by the modern touch of patchouli and oakmoss, which provide fresh earthiness to the base’s blend. Clean mossy and musky tones melt with white amber and soft leather, a kind of velvety suede. The leather here is not too raw or animalic, is closer to a wallet or a belt made of lamb.

That said, Polo Blue is a majorly spring and summer fragrance, which is not out of keeping with fall days. Its aromatic and fruity notes would fare better in the heat, which probably adds to why this is an appropriate sports fragrance. Quite versatile in that it’s a seemingly all day fragrance. It’s easy to picture this being worn during the day, in the evening or even at work. The notes do sort of transform from very clean and crisp into something that is warmer and more sensual. While it does have plenty of fruit notes, this never becomes anything feminine, and I would say it’s entirely masculine. The woodsy notes anchor Polo Blue and don’t allow it to become a light and airy fragrance.

I would say that its projection is moderate. It’s not the type of cologne which will overwhelm with just a few sprays but it is by no means a weak one either. It has good to very good longevity, as I get through an entire workday and can still detect it before I shower at night.


Black Musk is a men's scent I came across in 2015, I remember that I smelled it and right off the bat, in the dry down, it reminded me of CK Obsession for men, maybe the combination of patchouli, musk, and vanilla created the same accord in both.

That said, it was only a few weeks ago that I tried it anew and chose to get it instantly. I've to confess that Black Musk is a name a bit misleading, I always associated it to a dark version of the feminine White Musk, yet it smells like anything but animal musk. After having worn it almost all day, I am inclined to describe the scent as an oriental, amber, spicy, with dark floral touches. If you smell the scent directly from the cap or the sprayer, you'll get the smell of chrysanthemum flowers, a wonderful aroma kind of like earthy and herby, rather than the sweet aromas typically associated with bouquets.

That said, what's Black Musk all about then? Immediately after spraying it on my skin, a blast of boozy, spicy, and zesty notes reach my nostril. The opening is dense, dark, oriental, the freshly cut ginger root gracefully melts with the crunched green cardamom pods releasing a crisp yet spicy accord in the air.

It is right after a few minutes that the spicy tones of the opening fuse with a prized woody hint of cedar and guaiac. At this stage the heart is warm, you could feel the rosy, honeyed-sweet and slightly smoky aroma of the guaiac wood blended with the very clear and fragrant smell of pencil shavings with a softly camphoraceous background of the cedar wood. The heart is soft, woody, evergreen and balsamic.

And then comes the dry down, bittersweet, luscious of warm nuances of vanilla and patchouli. The two notes are neatly blended, the sweetness of the cozy vanilla orchid is well balanced with the darkness of the earthy patchouli leaves, and the oriental accord reaches the supreme beautifulness at this stage.

Overall Monotheme did a great job here, the scent is soft and dark, the spicy and woody tones dance together, yet I do not get any animalic note from the musk, perhaps it is just an accord of a few notes like the amber accord. The longevity is good, 5 to 6 hours on my clean skin after a morning shower, but it has a quite poor sillage. Nevertheless, for less than 15euro this is a decent and worthy scent, which can be worn during the wet days of the cold seasons, autumn is the best. Not too overpowering, it is a good pick up for business hours or aperò evenings with friends.


I blindly bought Hanae Mori HiM the last spring, after reading many reviews that compared this scent with Gucci PH II, and I opted for the EDT version. When I got it, I instantly tested it on a paper strip and a whiff of flavored tea filled the air. I put some on my skin and I quickly knew I had smelled it before, it had a head-turning resemblance to Gucci PH II, of course. Yet, as it began to dry down and become spicier and the sweetness began to fade, I knew it was Spicebomb that it was reminding me of. Yeah, I said, it's uncannily similar to other nice gems, and I stored it in a safe place waiting for the right season to wear it. And there we go, it's nearly middle autumn now and the main notes seem appropriate for these wet and cool fall days. To me, HM HiM has three main dominant accords that overstand during its lifetime, spicy, sweet, and woody. Stealthily, the soft cinnamon gets involved in the velvety and almost chocolate tonka for a spicy and subtle harmony. Majestic and rare, white cedar and teak woods punctuate this noble and elegant fragrance.

As aforementioned, I've read quite a few reviews around HM HiM, and I believe that numerous people got the wrong impression about it... Perhaps, there is too much prejudice against fragrances that are not unique or that do not respect their expectations. I am convinced that the perfume's notes are comparable to music's notes, and when combined together they might result in the same accord, same groove, and same vibe. Having said that, I do not think HM HiM is an uncanned clone of Gucci PH II, rather they are in the same ballpark and they give you the same vibe. Yes, they share half of the notes, but the other half is completely different, and from time to time HM HiM is a bit similar to DSquared2 Potion, when the luscious cinnamon brights, or a tad akin to V&R Spicebomb when it approaches the dry down.

HM HiM is adventurous, masculine, refined. Sprayed on my skin, it starts with a powerful opening punch that’s fresh and delightfully spicy. From the listed notes I clearly get bergamot and mandarin. A few minutes later, that zesty part cools down, leaving space to the spicy grains of pepper and cardamom, and the green violet leaves. At this stage, the similarity with Gucci PH II is strong. When the slightly acid citrus fruits infuse with peppercorns, the scene is set and the contrast shows itself fascinating.

The firm heart comes with a blend full of spiciness and sweetness, which encompasses cinnamon bark, fig wood, and tonka beans. The fig note here, allegedly from its wood rather than its leaves, is, of course, woodier and less milky. Ain't no similarity with CK Obsession Night, for instance, so don't think about the intoxicating fig leaves aroma you get in the air during a summer walk down to the sea in a south of Italy or Greek islands, which is anyhow awesome yet not in here. Not soft, the sweet cinnamon blends with velvety and almost chocolatey tonka for a spicy and subtle accord. I know some of you were turned off by its sweetness, but I think you should try it as I don't really think it is that sweet. Maybe the level of sweetness is going to depend based on skin type.

It closes with woody notes of teak and white cedar, fir balsam melted with soft musk, and sweet amber. As it dries down, it develops a smokey olfactory texture. I get bits of amber and tonka in the drydown as well, all notes work well in conjunction. The fragrance is elegant and simple, and so can be worn in any situation, it is an ideal choice for daytime occasions. Longevity, projection, and sillage are very good if not great in EDT formulation. It's not overpowering, yet it lasts almost all day especially on your clothes.

This sophisticated scent is as perfectly suited for a power meeting, business, as well as leisure days. You'll never go wrong when you reach for this robust cologne. This is one to sample, as it is clearly virile but doesn't go for the obvious. No doubt, the opening seems to have been inspired by Gucci PH II and the base by Spicebomb, but that doesn't bother me. There are a softness and depth here which is uncommon in recent designer scents, and it smells reasonably natural. I don't get that much woodiness nor fir balsam here, and overall it's nicely balanced so that no note is dominant. It is an autumn luxury, evocative of October evenings ... notes of cedar bring to mind falling leaves and changing colors. Don't let any naysayers detract you from this joyfully complex, wonderfully seasonal scent. Despite its uncanny resemblance to other scents, HM HiM still fascinates me in its own way.
Ouch... I got tons of compliments while wearing it!


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