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After having successfully tested two Les Senteurs Gourmandes Oud cologned, namely Amber Our and Black Oud, I opted this time for giving Vanille Chocolat a try, and blind bought it. I was astounded when I tried it on from a decent package. I instantly fell in love. In a nutshell, I got delicious praline, vanilla, and musky honey... Delights have hidden behind a huge wall of cold, metallic patchouli.

I cherish this. One of the sexiest dark perfumes I have ever encountered. It has the mysterious quality of Thierry Mugler Angel's DNA imprint with that filthy animalic patchouli, but with the cacao and chocolate amped. I'm a huge fan of original Angel and mainly because of the earthy bitter patchouli bite that it has. Vanille Chocolat is indeed very similar to the original but with subdued patchouli and amped up chocolate instead.
If Angel is cotton candy, this is an aged wine. Drier and darkly sweet than syrupy or sugary, and nothing plastic about this chocolate - it is rich, warm, dusty, rubbery, and deep. A very grown-up gourmand, and not an easy wear for everybody, but if you love Angel and her flankers, this scent invites people in and keeps them there, and cuts through cold winter air amazingly.

When I unboxed the scent and sprayed it twice on my backhand I discovered an oriental tasty accord. It opens up with an intense aroma of bitter chocolate warmed by the sensuality of the sweetness of honey. I got cocoa powder thrown into the mix and it smells exactly like chocolate liquor, you know, the bitter dark chocolate. There's a touch of something minty, maybe the patchouli is attempting to rise from the very beginning. I get a tiny amount of cacao which smells more like, as is common I understand as a base in this type of scent, patchouli and some florals to create the effect.

It's all about the cocoa, and yes, it really is bitter cocoa. The opening is a gourmand, and it's sweet, but think of a sophisticated truffle rolled in cocoa powder, not a common chocolate bar. Or maybe don't think of candy at all, it's less dessert-like than you might expect, and to drive home that point, the recipe associated with the fragrance is not a chocolate cake or some such. The bitter cacao is evident in the top notes but takes a back-seat relatively quickly and the heart reveals earthy patchouli still wrapped by the luscious honey.

As times goes by, the earthy heart blends into the richness of a base with herbal vanilla and mild tobacco accents. The natural vanilla extracts from Madagascar and Mexico and cocoa develop a complex perfume formed of several hundreds of different aromatic compounds loaded with emotion. I'm a sucker for tobacco scents, yet it is not overpowering here. Interesting to see that nobody has likened this to Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford. This will carry out for several hours the tobacco is hinted but not extremely prominent, just the perfect mix. It dries down to smooth chocolaty vanilla tobacco at the base and is just a pleasure all-throughout... I enjoy this one a lot!

I'm thoroughly impressed with its dirt cheap prices and simple, linear perfumes that aren't going to require a second debt to explore! Who doesn't love a bargain? You can't go wrong here. A must-have for gourmand lovers. All in all, if you love Angel, you'll love this too.

For the daring gentleman, like myself, who is willing to look past the labelling of "for Women". This is very much unisex - IMHO a bit more on the masculine side. Suited for winter time, I recommend it for evening and night out. Both sillage and longevity are above the average.


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Today I'd like to introduce you to Marijuana, which is another Kolmaz's scent together with Chameleon, Canabis, and Arabi Cana that I have in my collection and I already reviewed. Its name intrigued me at first, just curious to know how would the strain smell like. Of course, the scent is legal, and there is no THC in there. As the name suggests, the perfume is relatively addictive. It wears a long lasting fragrance which is to linger on for hours.

Marijuana is beautiful. It is ascetic, dark, thick, dry, sour, resinous with an intense bitter aromatic sensation. Yes, a feeling, because it is not part of the notes description. After it all settled, I immediately had this impression of a compromise between Arabi Cana and Ferrari Essence Leather. It has a strong opoponax and bitter herbs quality.

Provided that I've never smoked any derivative strain of cannabis, the scent opens with a strong smell of leafy and shady notes, and there are no citrus features, it is all about black and aromatic lavender leaves and other things that create a herbaceous and fern aura. The overall opening is sour and opulent, and there are sparks of artichoke, the distinct bitter and pungent flavor you get when you bite and artichoke leaf, and something that reminds me of rhubarb. The fresh and strong leather accord is ready to explode and announce itself in the background.

As the scent develops you get leather, leather, and again leather, the soothing scent of old leather. It is earthy, rough, with a few shades of wet woods and amber accords. To love this cologne, you must be fond of leather in any of its shapes, the smooth, the raw, the dull, the musky, and the tanned one. And the heart reveals the earthy aspect of the cannabis. Here I get an earthy and leafy note that I am not acquainted and I have never met in any other scent I own. Hence I surmise, but I am not sure it could be the strain.

The scent smells that ways for a while, it takes time to enter into the dry down phase, which releases a bittersweet amber trail with a touch of powdery notes, allegedly from vanilla, opoponax resin or some artificial mossy accord. It is not a baby powder talc smell, and slightly it has a velvety and animalic dusty accord.

My overall impression is good. Marijuana is a green, earthy and resinous cannabis, not as smoky as Arabi Cana, at least the ashtray facet is not present. It does not project too far, and the sillage is moderate. However, the longevity is above the average, all day long I would hazard to say. I recommend wearing this drug during the day in wet and cold seasons, late fall, early spring, and all winter are the best times. I see both young and mature men wearing it, at the office, and during leisure weekend, nonetheless, women who dare might wear it as well.

I wish I would not get addicted to Marijuana since the more I smell it, the more I fall in love with it. The scent persists over a day and night, you will get a raw licorice like smell that includes ‘aniseed-like’, ‘earthy’ and ‘burnt’ alongside more unusual odors: ‘sweaty’, ‘foxy’ and ‘deep-fried', dark petroleum and dirty patchouli,.


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A few days ago I had a chance to get into a ZARA store and came across three recently released colognes, all of them were in a big 120ml bottle and an EDP concentration. Hi-Lo Country was one of those, the bottle is the same as the most recent release of Vibrant Leather and From Paris to NY EDP but embellished with a colored eco-leather basket, dark blue with indigo accents under the light, and a magnetic cap. Of course, the price is a bit higher for a ZARA fragrance, yet the packaging, the size, and the perfume concentration should justify that. Because they have just arrived in that store, there were no testers available, and I blind bought a couple of them.

As I was looking forward to sniffing those new toys, I instantly opened them as soon as I got into my car... Whoa! Hi-Lo Country was the first, and my nostrils got filled with a devastatingly handsome and more intense bouquet than ever, which tells the tale of a roguish frogman. One of the most delicious, sweet, metrosexual scents in the designer game greeted me. Yes, I’m starting to get the distinct impression that I have a fondness for this fragrance! Hi-Lo Country is a fragrance built upon contrasts, moving from deeply seductive facets to casual freshness like the rolling of the tides, thoroughly modern, with a fresh outlook and a streak of rebellion.

The opening of Hi-Lo Country is a meeting of the torrid sensuousness of dark lavender accented with peppery mint and something fruity, and I reckon it is pear or apple with the former the most alleged. It is bittersweet, with a few smooth citruses from the lemon peel and sharp bergamot that produce a candy-like mildness that is akin to bubble gum. From the very first whiff and throughout the heart there is a beautiful yet not overstanding powderiness coming from the orris note. I relish it, albeit it is not similar to Dior Homme iris with that well-known lipstick accord, anyhow a delicious orris creaminess is exuding more and more from my skin.

Momentarily, this may not sound appealing for some people, but it soon settles on my skin into something that is warm and smooth, and a scent that I find very appealing. In the heart, a frisson of cool spices creates contrast, the sweet, mild spiciness of the cinnamon bark blends with the bitterness of the clary sage, a note that I could unmistakenly recognize in any cologne containing it. Although the heart doesn’t quite have the same impact as either the head or base, it acts as an ideal interlude for setting the scene. Such a warm hiatus slowly evaporates to reveal the mouthwatering and sweet gourmand notes of vanilla.

The vanilla’s sensual embrace endures as the base emerges with a resinous blend of cedarwood and sweet, earthy patchouli. Particularly seductive notes of labdanum interact with the vanilla to create an overtly amber and leathery accord. Amber and leather become more evident in the late dry down, but besides that, there's nothing else to speak of here regarding development, this accord creates an unforgettable trail.

The recent trend for fruity gourmand male fragrances inspired Hi-Lo Country, sort of falls into the same category as a fragrance like 1 Million and Ultra Male. Smooth, candy cotton-like sweetness, with enough staying power to be a night club favorite. Embracing an excess of aromatic, lavender and amber notes, it’s a modern take on the Amber Oriental Fougère family.

Projection wise, I would rate it as a reliable starter that fades into something much more moderate. It does have great longevity on my skin, over 8 hours, maybe a little longer on some wears. It’s pretty excellent in that regard. Both sillage and longevity perform admirably with a refined yet powerful trail over the entire day. While the projection is somewhat weaker, this makes the sillage much more effective.
Regarding seasonality, Hi-Lo Country is very well suited to the colder months, late fall and all winter. Thanks to its strikingly amber and gourmand accords, it’s something that performs well in a seductive fire-lit environment or the frosty night air. However, wear it during the day depending on the situation. Although it wouldn’t be a particularly office-friendly fragrance, it’s perfect for high school or clubbing on a night out.
Hi-Lo Country is a youthful fragrance with its fruity notes and the cologne targets for younger people. As its somewhat unconventional to feature fruity notes in a male scent, older generations may find this a bit too unorthodox for their tastes.

Overall, I would recommend Hi-Lo Country, provided you like this kind of scent. Some guys don’t like sweets and if that’s you, pass on this cologne. Otherwise, I find this to be fun wear, just another great entry from ZARA.


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I am so excited to describe this marvelous piece of art, so let’s start the colorful journey of this scent. Arabi Cana is a perfume that should be taken into consideration by fragrance lovers, especially by those who like tobacco and leather fragrances. If you are fond of Black Afgano, Ferrari Leather, or Tuscan Leather, definitely you will relish it. This perfume perfectly unites sensuousness along with freshness. The smell is so refined and alluring that it appeals to modern users of any age.

Arabi Cana starts very woody and a little smoky. At the very beginning, it made me think of the nice woody smell you get from a freshly sharpened pencil, with just a hint of smoke. There is a strong blast of smoky and gritty leather, the kind you might smell upon entering a leather goods store. The leather is right up front, along with a sharp citrusy accord. It’s a new, raw leather, like those unfinished leather goods that start out a matte light tan and gradually weather to a shiny dark brown finish, darkening quicker in areas that get a lot of pressure. This initial stage releases an excellent aroma of burning tobacco, the fresh smoke is reminiscent of marijuana and cannabis. I would compare the smell of burning rubber or plastic, a little bit choking. To complete the leathery and smoky accord, a touch of whiskey or cognac adds such a boozy facet that completes the overture. With it, you get a bit of saffron tartness, which blends well with the swanky leather, though saffron could only be detected by experienced noses. The overall opening is intoxicating.

The top notes of this fragrance do project extremely well and they stay there for at least four hours, so those who are not a big fan of leather fragrances should stay away from this juice. Then after couple hours, saffron tends to die down and makes way for oud and cedar notes. Mind you, leather is still lurking behind in the background, but accompanied with the sublime resinous and woody mix of oud and cedar.

As the scent dries down, the leather is still there, but not nearly as prominent, since there’s an herbal-woody sillage that goes with it. There might even be a tiny hint of oud, but if so, it blends well and isn’t strong enough to be obnoxious. After a half hour or so the cedarwood becomes noticeable, and it is at this point that the perfume hits full bloom. After an hour or two, the leather goes away, leaving a woody and smoky scent that lingers all day.

I like this scent quite a bit, especially in the early phase, and would definitely wear it, not caring whether others perceive it as smoky as an ashtray. The scent remains dark and smoky overall, but the oud and cedar just beneath the surface keep the cologne from going too rough.

Sillage is strong but not cloying as people would notice you every time, and since you need so little, Arabi Cana is so well-blended, and the longevity is so superb. If you spray it on your clothes then a wash is the only way to get rid of this fragrance. From top to base notes everything feels very natural, refined and cultured. Very masculine, sensual, elegant. I like it straight up, but it also works exceptionally well in layering with other fragrances - it's strong enough to not get overpowered and lost, yet it's soft enough to blend well with florals, jasmine absolute for instance, etc. According to my nose, there are a few notes or accord, which complete this potion: cigar smoke, diesel fuel, car oil, sweaty jeans after a summers day in the grass, horses backs, wood shops and oh yeah well tanned, oiled and supple to touch, leather in all its glory.
This is definitely a late fall and all winter scent, ideal for cold weather and outside wear, recommended for late evening and night.


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To begin with, I've read quite a few reviews here and there making a comparison or stating that Absolute is the perfect replacement for the discontinued masterpiece Gucci Pour Homme... Albeit it is a child of the same perfumer that created Gucci Pour Homme, and as you can see the notes are very similar, but they are a bit different, yet I will not express any opinion here being I had no chance to get together with Gucci, sigh, my bad.

Bentley for Men Absolute is a story I have had my eyes on since its release communication over a year ago after being highly impressed with Bentley for Men and even more-so with Bentley for Men Intense. I've waited a while to try it, it was not available here in Italy, and online the price was still too high. Swiftly, a few days before Xmas I came across it on eBay from an Italian seller, it was relatively new, just tested with few sprays, and bought it. I like Bentley for Men, Intense, and all the other flankers very much, but Absolute makes its mark at all. Ain't similar to the original, nor to Intense or any other flankers. The first two are more about the leather and rum, along with a different bay leaf note. Absolute is an entirely different scent. Absolute is dry, is woody and spicy, is ashy and resinous, is unique among all Bentley's colognes and all of my collection's artifacts.

If I were asked to describe Bentley Absolute in one word I’d say smooth! Oh man, is this juice just smooth. It smells luxurious and positively masculine. The notes of incense and freshly chopped wood remind me too much of the traditions and holidays of my childhood in past winters. And, to wear this fragrance in any other season but the winter, to me, seems plain wrong, unless you're on a cold fall which is fine, either. It is a classy and luxurious scent in a mysterious dark way like its bottle, and I do have the all black one.

But, let's jump into the smell. The opening is divine! Hands down the best overture of any cologne that I own. That blast of fresh pencil shavings magically blended with pinchy pink pepper and smoky and spicy incense. I adore this opening and wish there was no scent development with Bentley Absolute, just that opening. Don't get me wrong, I like the dry down too, but I love the initial accord most. When this juice does dry down, it’s dark and muggy and smooth. This redolence is the smell of an Arabian prince, Ali Baba I think was wearing this if he were a real man. This treasure feels less like cologne and more like a scarce and expensive anointing oil. It is initially bone dry resinous pepper with fresh birch sap in the background that initially brings to mind. All the while I detect slightly pungent ginger and papyrus mix and ever so slightly sweet pink pepper orbiting around the main notes of bone-dry oud and olibanum dripping into a flame.

Absolute, I will call it this way from now on, uses precious woods and natural essences to define an experience of pure luxury. Michel Almairac did a great work here. The top note surprises, with a spicy cocktail of fresh ginger and pink peppercorns, and a hint of mystical frankincense. As aforementioned, it is not citrus, yet clean and tasty and smoky from the very beginning.

The fragrance announces its uncompromising extravagance within just a few seconds. After several minutes the heart note unfolds with elegant woody aromas of papyrus, cedar, and sandalwood in a way that is remarkably powerful and masculine. Atlas cedar is noticeable in the top notes, and the pencil sharpener accord is outstanding as in LeLabo Santal 33. Papyrus intensifies this dry and bare accord more, whereas sandalwood adds creaminess and balances the heart.

Absolute smells like incense, the resins put under heat and are just at the brink of giving of smoke but it hasn't yet. It's warm, it's natural... this is gorgeous. This is not the incense stick kind; this is the same high-quality resin smoked to perfection.

The base note includes the most seductive essences in the world of fragrances: Oud. It is agreeable and not too sturdy, this time blended with other resins and woods rather than bitter saffron, amazing rose or luscious vanilla. The sensual ambergris and elegant harmonies of moss surround the golden resin for a gorgeous and longlasting dry down. I've read a few reviews stating that Oud is not noticeable at all... That is not true to me, Oud is there and gives that far east touch to this cologne without being too medicinal.

It is not a firm or heavy scent though it is warmth-inducing.
It is almost linear even though dominant notes appear here and there during its development, the pepper note is more pronounced in the opening then it fades slowly, but ginger, oud, and olibanum remain virtually until the end. The dry down is a tangible woody and dry smell with a little sweetness.

I think the longevity is just a bit more than average, it is quite a beast, you could smell it the day after on your t-shirt or sweater, yet the projection and sillage are moderate, not offensive. The scent lasts for many hours on my skin and sits reasonably close. I love it, and I have been wearing it every day since receiving it. Absolute is very masculine, very sophisticated and very in line with the Bentley brand promise. In my own words and after only a week I own it, I am blown away by this fragrance. It is the wafting smoke of a red-hot saw blade struggling to cut through some old hardwood.

Ultimately, about the title, somehow I get that association. The wooden and leather chairs, the old books, the smell of all sorts of tobacco, the coziness and the vibe of all the visitors coming and going. I find this very attractive, not necessarily in a sexy way but still somehow intriguing. It has class and style in a rather old-fashioned, yet not dated way. It is not pushy nor boozy like the Intense when applied with caution, and the longevity seems to be slightly above average. Good juice this!

Absolute made my day!


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Alcott for men is a little gem, sold for 15.99 euro here in Italy, and occasionally at 11.99 euro during the Black Friday. It is an EDP, excellent value for that price... anyway, what about the scent, what is the smell?

When I saw it in Alcott store two days ago, the black glitter bottle with a silver cap immediately attracted myself, and even more, I was intrigued when I tested on my skin. The bottle and cap are of solid construction. I've sprayed this on the back of my hand, and it floored me at how much I loved this.

Based on the combination of notes Alcott for Men is classified as Aromatic, Aquatic, Fougère fragrance to the nose. The emanation of flavours and scent notes unfurl in a whiff of aromatic and fruity opening top notes. It opens up with a blast of a watery and aromatic accord. The aquatic aspect seems kind of like watermelon mixed with a salty sea breeze. Indeed, the aromatic note reminds me of sage, the decorative part of that aromatic plant to be more precise. The initial stage isn't subtle. It doesn't hold back. And it's up for anything. It has pretty likable aromaticity, but a bit less sweet, a bit more smooth, and a tad drier.

It's now been a while since I applied one spray to the back of my hand. It's very aromatic and performing beautifully. The green and white flowers heart centre note blend in with Lily and wheat. The middle stage kicks in spicy, floral, and herbaceous. The ginger lily magically mixed with wheat extract create such a wet wooden aroma,

Ultimately, the deep musk and woody base notes leave an impression of musk and cashmere wood, which last several hours granting above average longevity.

Well, it is an aroma highlighted by a bouquet of fragrant musky, aromatic and green scented tones that will bring a soft, sensual and refreshing perfumed sensation. Examining it closer once applied you will notice a lingering quality of softer scented gourmand, animal wildlife and faint spicy hints that hide an essence of natural, fresh and warm feelings. There is an uncanny similarity to A&F Fierce Intense. Alcott for Men is a winner in my roster, and if you love Fierce as I do, this is a must-have. It's very similar to the Fierce, almost identical, but different enough to warrant having both. Very wearable, and dare I say more wearable than the original. If you like Fierce, you'll love this. Glad I have mine.

Notwithstanding Alcott for men is sold in shops for young guys, though it is a more grown-up, refined take on the classic Fierce. This new rendition of Fierce borrows the dry, woody-spicy elements of Fierce along with the ripe marine accord of vintage Acqua Di Gio and creates this thick, ruggedly handsome aura, but has a more authoritarian, mature feel to it.
Anyone who tries to put age limits or only one gender can wear this scent make no sense. I am fond of Fierce, and as my age progresses, I am still happy to wear it now and then. Maybe it's directed towards the youth, but it makes me feel young and alive when I wear it. So, Alcott for men works fine to me and on me.
In my opinion, it is a versatile scent for warm and hot seasons, from spring throughout all autumn, ideal for day, afternoon and evening, both leisure and work are the right occasions.


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Grigioperla Uomo is my most recent buy from La Perla, still remembering how gorgeous was the first Grigioperla I bought in 1991. Together with the scent bottle, I got a quite big miniature made of metal, which I should still have stored somewhere in some place. That said, I believe that La Perla is celebrating a new era of casual luxury with this cologne. It is silky, luxurious and masculine... this timeless fragrance captures the perfect style of Grigioperla for the modern gentleman.

It's a cold start to the day, and this fragrance seems to be perfect. Uomo opens very masculinely with a playful blend of sparkling grapefruit, aromatic cypress and a unique bittersweet of anise. The bitter citrus fruit and the spicy aniseeds are the most prominent notes, they render an aqueous and watery vibe not in a salty or marine kind, while the cypress is lingering in the background without covering the other two. A charming and elegant opening on my skin, I like it.

A few minutes later, a heart of elegant heliotrope accented with tonic notes of white thyme creates a signature heart. The initial head develops into a buttery floral but with something inherently woody and masculine about it. That is the wooden accent added by the presence of the cedar, yet it is not like a pencil sharpener smell. Indeed, the floral and sweet heliotrope rules mostly balanced by the aromatic and green white thyme.

The base is all about oriental flavours of the all precious, soft, rounded and luscious vanilla beans, modern soft patchouli and animated by a balsamic touch of guaiac wood, a tiny bit smoky, not so strong nor similar to medicinal agarwood. The resulting blend ensures smooth finesse in the dry down for a great trail.

To me, Uomo is a soft, woody and creamy autumn fragrance. You don't smell many newish scents like this, so classy and understated. The projection is perfect, and the smell lasts for about 6 hours. I am a bit sad by the packaging and the bottle because the bottle has a sticker on a paper label. However, I guess I still haven't learnt 'never judge a book by its cover'. It is a cold seasons scent. spring and fall are fine, ideal for a business day, as well as a lazy weekend day.


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Who could have prognosticated a clothing company associated with insipid, narcissistic teens would have produced one of the best adult male perfumes ever. Probably the most recognisable scent of all time and I kind of hate it for that because it smells so freaking good. A cologne that every popular teenager has or did have, and linked to many terrible crimes on the campus of many colleges. But that does not matter. Ok, I am 54 years old, and I know that A&F rotates towards a younger demographic. But this fragrance is absolutely fantastic. Fierce was a blind buy based on reviews, and I visited many sites and forums before buying it, too many I would say. Since I have another A&F cologne, South California or SoCal to be precise, which I adore, I ultimately bought it.

I didn’t expect Fierce to be wrong, nor did I suppose to love it. Yes, it met my expectations, but I like it better than I thought I would.
With my surprise, the first time I smelt it I felt dark woody feeling, somehow I was not thrilled with the purchase. Fierce is citrus aromatic, fougère, woody, spicy, and resinous. Its opening is a competent citrus accord with a bit of warming spice, the cardamom I reckon, and a generous dose of resinous fir balsam. The overture has a citrusy mossy aspect that remains throughout the fragrance life. However, you don't indeed detect any overcast citrus as say the scent of an orange or a lemon. It's not sugary nor tart by any means but instead bares those tendencies of citrus without actually smelling as though. It's hard to explain.

Then after a while, I started to feel the sweet notes, the jasmine, lily of the valley and the incredible rose. It was not such a bad smell.
Its textured floral central level is masculine enough, and the touch of aromatic and green rosemary adds considerably to the depth of the fragrance by cooling the warm florals.

I enjoy the base and make special note of the rosewood and oakmoss. Oh man, it’s a pleasure to find those two modernly unpopular notes used so well in this kind of fragrance. The light musk and hint of vetiver remain under the dominant and heavy woody notes along with the not tart and unsweetened citrus moss. It's quite beautiful and by far the most woody fragrance I've ever smelled and also the sharpest wood fragrance I've ever sniffed.

Day after day I started to fall in love with this fragrance, I was sniffing the bottle every 15 minutes 20 times a day maybe more. I become addicted to the sniffing. But then the feeling started to decrease. I still when I wear this I feel it every way I go 7 hours minimum with few sprays only. But the first days will stay with me forever one sniffing from the bottle was enough to feel the smell 3-4 hours all way out, like a considerable emotion. I have several niche fragrances, but I keep coming back to Fierce.

That said, the scent is woody aromatic for cold romantic autumn and spring nights. Sillage is excellent, and longevity is outstanding. I can breathe this on my dresses the next day.

Anyone from a youth to an adult up to the age of 50 can pull this off, even though I don't think anyone over 25 would try this out and it's a darn shame! Maybe the fact that all the teens are wearing this do not understand the concept of over applying cologne that has ruined this scent for you. A timeless cologne doesn't have an age group on it; this fragrance can be worn by any man, at any age. Spray it on your hand, walk around, and see what you might think of it then. You might be surprised! Overall rating from me, buy it, you won't be disappointed. Fierce has set a new standard of excellence in the world of fragrance that few colognes can match.


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"I could be another silly or an exception to the rule...", yet some notes meshed with my skin release a Davidoff Cool Water vibe! Forget about the opening, Usher He is all about fruity notes from pineapple and Calone blend, yet the more it enters into the heart and dry-down stages the more it reminds me of Cool Water, which is a good thing, entirely. I have blindly bought it, first of all for the beautiful and sophisticated bottle design, clean and modern with a black bottle and silver cap with engravings on it which looks nice, and then because I was curious about the scent itself and didn't find any place for testing it. Let's see how does it smell on me...

It opens up with a blast fruity accord of pineapple and melon, the artificial Calone flavor abounds here, and there is a tinge of citrus due to the verbena leaves. So, a massive ultra-aqueous melon opening, reminiscent of the sea and ocean and giving the olfactory impression of the fresh seashore through its marine/ozone nuances, is lightened further by pineapple to provide the scent with an airy, ultra-light feel. It is a very watery fresh citric that all too quickly evolves into a spicy and aromatic heart. I like the aura that it creates around you and then lingers in the room where you sprayed it.

The mid-notes delay on the skin with the warmth and sensuality of lavender, peppercorn, and violet leaves. The opening evanesces after five minutes as the suede presses out the fruitier elements. The slightest hint of white pepper does come through, leaving an immaculate yet layered balance that lasts until the dry down, where musky sandalwood that is very light and subtle never entirely drowns out the traces of suede, pepper and the tiny bit of fruit residue. In the heart, Usher He becomes peppery and herbaceous. Many scents use pepper in their formulas, but I admire the use of pepper, is piquant and long lasting but not overpowering, and it ages well on the skin never becoming sour or stale.

Though a pretty linear fragrance until the base which turns more woodsy, but becomes very soft and sort of drifts away from the opening and middle. Here the notes smell of sweet woods and amber with hints of leather/suede and tons of musk. There’s undoubtedly leather present, but it is ‘downy’ leather, not rough, pungent leather. A touch of vetiver keeps the base a bit smoky and earthy, while the sandal adds a creamy and warmth aspect that balances the musk and the guaiac wood. The dry down creates an underlying softness.

It is mostly intended for young men and buddies and will work best in those cases, yet a daddy like me does not dislike it. The projection is excellent and the smell itself is terrific and masculine. Usher He is not an expensive cologne, yet people often have a prejudice about this fragrance, but it is very refined, masculine and fresh. Longevity is pretty good, so this perfume will keep you smelling good for at least 6 hours, probably more. It is fruity and inoffensive so you could wear it in most circumstances.
Some people associate this one with Green Irish Tweed except this one is much cheaper, whereas I am inclined to compare it with Cool Water. I do see a moderate resemblance, but, where Cool Water is green and aromatic, Usher He is leathery and fruity. They do smell somewhat similar but still are different enough to remain unique in their own right.

That is the point of this cologne, and it does that perfectly. You should wear it in warm seasons because then it will do its best. It is not a winter fragrance. However, the nuances of the notes work fine and better during middle seasons like spring, and fall. It is also very versatile so you do not have to be afraid of wearing it at work.


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The perfume is not extremely masculine as the name suggests. Instead, it is appropriate for those kinds of metrosexual persons. In my opinion, both men and women could wear it. It defines the precise blend of freshness and sensuousness. Well, it smells like fresh lilacs, one of my favorite flowers. It isn't a pure floral fragrance though. It's much more sophisticated and sexy. The box has a Chameleon hologram that changes color if you rotate it, and the bottle as the Chameleon brand printed with colored letters different from one another. It's so damn gorgeous!

Chameleon is a fresh spicy, floral, and amber scent, yet it seems to be more of a smooth, fruity oriental than a floral oriental. It opens up with a light citrus accord, dusted with a pink pepper note that gives it some intriguing aspect, but just a hint of dirtiness. Bleu de Chanel was the pioneer somewhat responsible for pushing pink pepper into prominence, but Chameleon feels more rounded than that. The top notes give off a subtle radiance.

The heart reveals with a very soft hint of lilac still layered under the golden fruit notes. Lilac is such a lovely note in fragrances, and it seems there are not many men's colognes that include lilac as the main note. So comforting, relaxing, and soothing. The geranium adds a sharp greenish note meshing the peppery effect. However, the lilac scent stays on the skin all day, which makes me incredibly pleased.

Once the scent settles on my skin, I start to notice warmer, oriental notes of patchouli and possibly amber. Mind, there is no earthiness in the patchouli base note, either. Instead, the scent dries down into a blend of silky amber and slightly syrupy patchouli. There's a faint vanillic whisper in the final stages of its development, rounding off the fragrance's lite-oriental aspect. Its staying power is above average for an Eau de Parfum.

I would say that Chameleon is more of an evening scent, but it works well during the day as well. It is seriously intoxicating, without giving me or anyone around me a headache, none of my coworkers complains today. This scent is perfect for any time, could it be day or night. As said in the chart this is more of a fall time fragrance, and I agree, yet the amber here is not intense. There isn't a warm accord to this like many fall fragrances, and I regret that a bit.
It doesn't come with a fruity nor very floral scent like the typical feminine perfume, even though it has the notes of lilac with amber. Yes, you do still get the floral scent in the first few minutes when you spritz it on, but when it settles in, you'll have a fresh and soft smell lingering around you. I do recommend having a whiff before you buy because it's not your typical firm scent. Noteworthy, being a spicy floral with notes of patchouli and amber, Chameleon won't be the first cream for anyone with a sensitive nose.


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