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Shulton Blue Stratos was called the biggest new-product introduction in the history of men's fragrances after Old Spice, which now and for several years has had a high share of the market, but no growth. Blue Stratos as a scent, something reminiscent of Old Spice and Brut from Fabergé, the two leaders, was formulated with a brisk and bold blue sky in mind for the free spirit in man.

I've just got aware of Blue Stratos recently, a coworker of mine was wearing it and a soft powdery cloud was surrounding him and filling his cubicle. And it was bloody good. I could not believe it when he told me what it was and how ridiculous was its price on Amazon, much less than 10 bucks. I was intrigued to try this, having never heard of it. Ultimately, I got it and here you are.

First things first, the scent is classified as classic fougere, a simple but competent fougere worlds better than Brut Fabergé. The citrus top accord is spot on! Lemon, lime, and bergamot peel's oil, quickly caught up by fresh lavender, green geranium, and light barely mild patchouli. Initially, it smells very unisex, powdery, like 'posh soap' and bath cubes.

It widens out, however, and becomes somewhat richer and deeper, with a slightly creamy edge to it. Floral, with a touch of gentle Bulgarian rose. It's a very clean smell, but softer and with less punch than e.g. Tabac and Old Spice, even though it sometimes mimics parts of that fragrance's aroma. Musky lavender, in which the lavender is stripped of anything particularly bracing or harsh, yet there's nothing quite like it. As the subtle theming develops, it reveals spicy notes of basil and anis complimented by geranium.

The base notes settle into the unique signature of woody vanilla, with faint citrus and florals still discernible. Some dark patchouli and cedarwood are equally well balanced with the sweet amber and clean musk. The scent is well-rounded and becomes mellow, quite refined and more masculine during the transition between middle and base notes.

Many children of the 70s and 80s will have an olfactory memory of Blue Stratos; either aftershave or talcum powder and if the scent has been reformulated at all, it hasn't changed all that much. It's surely a daytime scent, though this is a matter of taste and what works for a person's skin. Very old fashioned and very comforting as well. Great as a summer scent after shower splash. Someone's review referred to it as 'inoffensive' and it is. It's cheap, but not poor, and it unquestionably isn't nasty. And so I give it a thumbs up. Sillage is awesome, that's why I got aware of its existence, pleasant for you and people close to you to enjoy. Spray more if you want to project more. As for longevity, it is quite decent but close to the skin for the final stretch. It is light and cool and sweet and bracing, definitely of its day (1976) and definitely of the Old Spice school, having originally been made by the same company, Shulton.

It is very close to the classic Brut Fabergé in the mildness and coolness of its overall scent, with its combination of jasmine and a certain old-fashioned and pleasing nuttiness. Most unusual for a men's cologne. I agree it is somewhere between Brut and Old spice, but the vanilla stands it apart from the 2. I find it very fresh, uncomplicated and clean smelling.


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Blv, why Blv? I can't get over it! Bvlgari Blv pour Homme has been my signature cologne when it was released barely 18 years ago, and I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. It smells fresh and clean, but not in a fruity, ephemeral way. It's very unisex, actually, almost soapy and chilly powdery. I share other opinions stating it smells like baby powder, similar to rosy-cheeked posh kids decked out in clean sports gear. I don't understand why it isn't rated higher. I wouldn't say this is a super sexy cologne to wear on a date, but it does the job of making you smell better than you would without it. Beautiful, lagoon-blue bottle. The scent is a mix of cool and warm, ginger, mint, green freshness with cool tobaccos, green leaves, sandalwood... the overall effect is a very unique and powerful cologne unlike any other marketed towards men.

Bvlgari Blv pour Homme is a spicy woody cologne built on top of three central elements: the balmy Cardamom, the fizzy Ginger, and the creamy Sandalwood. Indeed, it features a few other eerie notes I've never smelt before, such as Galanga rhizome, Ginko leaves, and Tobacco blossom, for an invigorating aroma that draws attention from anyone nearby. Creamy and citrus is the top of my list, I get a sort of lemongrass, the ginger is so fizzy in the opening that it fooled me into thinking that some citrus also featured in this fragrance. In that sense, it does have a very fresh, almost citrusy feel to it. Not the everyday ginger as in YSL l'Homme or Davidoff Horizon, yet this has a mellow tone to it, like the kind of ginger embedded within a bar of chocolate. I absolutely love ginger, particularly when it features in a male fragrance, such as Blv pour Homme. While there’s a clean, soapiness to it, there’s also a sweet-spiciness that keeps it from being yet another smell-alike fragrance. The ginger notes that dominate Blv can be love or hate for some so beware. The creaminess stays into the drydown but the citrus is gone quickly, just turns into a clean, soft scent. But the opening does not end here... There are spicy cardamom and rich sandalwood supplementing an exotic, masculine atmosphere that instills confidence almost immediately. Ultimately, the opening is a very calming scent that is bright and fresh.

Middle notes of rare galanga, sharp juniper, and elegant ginger enhancing the aroma with their enriching botanical element. Galanga plant belongs in the same family as ginger with which it shares the piquant, spicy facets. Hence, it is pretty clear now why Blv's ginger is so different from other colognes featuring the same root note.

The dry-down is smooth and mellow as well, a cool creamy base like face makeup or body lotion and the faintest hint of spice. The tobacco appears and says: "I’m here to make you elegant without annoying you." To close the door with a golden key we have delicious and balanced notes of solid teak wood, white tobacco blossoms, and ginko green leave that complete the concoction for a cool, uplifting cologne that’s original and satisfying to both the mind and body. The ginger occurs in initially and the foundation is tobacco with a tinge of sandalwood. It is creamy and a bit powdery but not over powdery at all. It is extremely well blended.

One of the best aspects of Bvlgari Blv Pour Homme is its versatility. It’s a fragrance that will work at the office, on a date or even a formal dinner also. I love to wear this on hot days, especially to work. It's pleasant in every way and has modest projection while lasting for most of the workday. Because it’s a relatively clean and natural scent, it feels at home in most situations. It also has a sweetness which I usually think of as appealing to younger men, however, it’s just spicy and clean enough that it doesn’t feel like it’s exclusively for young guys. Seriously, I am 55 years old and we go together well. It always draws compliments from people as it's a very clean smelling fragrance, I'd love to own a vial of the pure perfume of this, I think I'd carry it everywhere. This isn't a real manly scent but it would really suit the right kind of person. I adore it! So soft, nostalgic, fresh, beautiful.


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What is there to say? Cool Water Man Summer Edition 2019 by Davidoff is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for men and is another flanker of the original Cool Water. I had forgotten how good it was until I rediscovered this latest reissue! And to be honest, it’s impossible for these flankers to change their character, even if they will try very hard, no one can change their innate DNA. Smells so minimally different that it really isn't any different. I have a weird thing for Cool Waters so I had to add this one to the collection. It's not my favorite of flankers from the House of Davidoff but it's still enjoyable. For those who might be a bit tired of the original, if that's even possible. One may yet have a little summer play with this flanker instead, for one summer at least. I'm a total Cool Water addict. Have been since the early 90s and these special editions smell amazing.

The immediate hit of Calone is Cool Water’s trademark. This is what creates a comprehensive aquatic scent. Though, it is not accompanied by a discernable lavender bouquet and other cool aromatics of the original. It opens with a slightly spicy mint before quickly drying down to mostly a juniper and water scent which reminds me of nice beach experience. Although citrus fruits accord, resulting from the blend of tangerine, grapefruit, and lemon, is a fitting description for this overall fresh sensation, there are underlying hints of minty and spicy notes.

The citrus dries off leaving only the mint and aquatic scents from the head. The heart appears with an herbaceous bouquet of basil and sage leaves. Deep notes of juniper berries are present as a reminder that we’re dealing with a rich, masculine fragrance. It's the original Cool Water with a heftier dose of mint.

The mint freshness maintains the cool texture as we probe into the base. This is reinforced by sharp notes of sandalwood, which contrast with a warm musky presence. The musk is undeniably aldehydic with a fatty finish, which ensures that stays more animal than amber. Here and there I get some similarities with Dior Sauvage without the overwhelming Ambroxan. Throughout, the aquatic notes are not only present but overarching. However, it does evolve with the dry down starting with neatness that evokes shaving foam and finishing with a deep creaminess closer to suntan lotion.

In terms of seasonality, Cool Water Man Summer Edition 2019 is a quintessential summer fragrance. Its ocean breeze notes exude seaside nightclubs, summer cocktails and the sand between your toes at sunset. For this reason, it’s an ideal fragrance to wear in the evening rather than the day. That said, the scent wouldn’t feel out of place when at the wheel of a convertible under the beating sun. Consequently, it’s more of a casual fragrance that would struggle in the workplace or during more formal occasions. Instead, reserve it for nights out or evening social gatherings.

When spraying Cool Water onto your neck, you can virtually hear the waves crashing against the rocks. It’s an undeniably iconic fragrance that is evocative of imagery like Corvettes speeding into the sunset to synth music. It pairs well with summer nights out and wouldn’t be out of place on vacation.


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Fresco Absolute by Victor is not unusual to me. In fact, I have worn this beautiful cologne in the middle 90s, the era of the unisex, fluffy, airy, and ethereal scents, like CK One or Victor Green Tea just to mention a few. First thing first, you don't be tricked as I did, Fesco Absolute is a fresh green cologne with no aquatic or salty accord despite the frozen bottle. Its notes are a blend of minty and more earthy or woodsy ones. However, Fresco Absolute doesn’t have a heavy or rugged aroma to it, it is clean and warm instead.

The opening is a blast of citrus and balsamic herbals, so comfy, so soothing, so awakening. Lots of lemon verbena that is matched up with spearmint, a mild and gentle mint. There is also a hint of thyme with cardamom giving it a slight spice. That spice doesn’t hang around too long or gets too intense, but it is there. The mint and cardamon help to give this scent a light balminess, which I think plays a major part in its appeal.

The minty lemon accord feels pretty watery and the mossy, milky, and floral notes come in rather quickly to generate a soapy quality to Fresco Absolute. The synthetic moss keeps the heart a bit earthy as a wet forest floor scent that is very true to nature, with dry, earthy, green, and bark-like qualities, while the milky fig adds a touch of dryness, and the rosy Brazilian wood completes the accord with a floral taste. Even if not mentioned, I get a taste of sweet citrus blossom, kind of like orange blossom or neroli. It’s really not overly soapy, in my mind as I’ve come across fragrances that do it to a greater extent, but it definitely provides that lathery freshness.

As it dries down, the intensity of the opening citrus notes begin to subside, and it becomes much more earthy and woody. The base is still musky and pithy with the synthetic cashmere wood note, but on top of that, is mostly rooty vetiver. I think that the lemony citrus and the base notes, sort of offset the floral aspects of this fragrance, even when a powdery element emerges.

What I get in the end is, a just out of the shower freshness, with lemon verbena and mint notes that are met by green floral ingredients. There are a light musk and a woody base holding the whole thing together.

One thing that I really like about Fresco Absolute, is that even after 20 years since its release, it still feels modern and fresh. It really hasn’t lost its glory to me. The notes just give off this crisp energy which invigorates your senses and gathers compliments from those around you. Again, this is not a niche fragrance, which will be a unique find or only some people will enjoy but that doesn’t make a bad scent, it is a best-seller for a reason.

Projection wise, it is a light to moderate fragrance. The sillage isn’t super strong, but it was always noticeable. The longevity is solid, 6-7 hours still seems capable with this stuff, perhaps vintage bottle went even longer.
Seasonally, it was always more of a spring/summer scent as it lightens up after initial application, but this was around all the time and can go year round. Super unisex to me, depending on what part of the wear it leans one way or the other. This one is very youthful and casual. I’d wear it on a warm day, just hanging around, or out for errands. It’s one of those scents that are great for teenagers and college students to wear to class or wherever, yet perfect for the office.

Overall, Fresco Absolute is a great scent for those who want something youthful, those who want a versatile everyday wearer, those who like clean and energetic scents that aren’t too manly or too girly, and those who just appreciate a good fragrance. It was a massive success when it came out and is still selling a bottle to this day. Is it super amazing? I mean, nowadays, it is commonplace and isn’t all that exciting. It is pleasant, fresh, and very nostalgic. It still performs and has a scent that people have always enjoyed.


Whoa! This is a very interesting approach on the fig note, by the house of Ferrari, which comes in the form of a fresh-aromatic scent from the Essence lineup, called Noble Fig. I've been saying Noble Fig is fabulous since it came out and it's so cheap now you can buy several bottles for reapplication at will if you want stronger projection. It's very unique and refreshing. If you're anything like me, you might find a bit weird that Noble Fig is mainly classified as a spring sent, whereas the figs per se, those luscious fruits loaded with sexual innuendo, are undoubtedly late summer products. Possibly, the presence of fig leaves and woods justifies that. Anyway, I must admit it works pretty well in the warmer Spring days and Summer nights.

That being said, Ferrari Noble Fig is a highly fresh and herbal aroma that starts as a fresh breeze, with the brilliant and hard but brittle note of milky fig. This one is most of a fig leaf fragrance over a ripe fig, which gives off a coconut type vibe, a green accord that delivers juiciness without any cloying sweetness. The earthy shades of the fig are highlighted by sprinkles of spicy pink peppercorn, which I adore in their fresh form, and mandarin. The opening has an enveloping sensuality with its stimulating resinous sap, crisp green leaves, bitter stems, and milky flesh, the fig brings to mind images of relaxing below the cool shades of a fig tree someplace in the sunbaked Mediterranean and biting into the delicious flesh of this fruit.

Heart notes of clary sage and orris perform on the duality of freshness and warmness. At this stage, the scent is more aromatic and floral, yet the fig accent lingers in the background, lush, salty, sharp, velvety, smooth. The innuendos just keep coming. There’s also a near-powder essence delivered by iris root.

As the fragrance kind of dries down it goes into a straight downstage
floral, not feminine, rather relaxing floral accord, and it’s quite an earthy scent, with a hint of delicate notes of musk, which is not over-powering and feels quite warm, and patchouli that add fresh tones into the final tailpiece, build an unforgettable signature, and which keep you in the virtual warmth of summer.

Luminous, fresh, holder of exquisite floral quality and lovely. It is a very rare event when a house crafts a fragrance for men with such features. Men, don't be afraid of this Noble Fig. Truth to be told, it can easily be classified as a unisex fragrance, but there is absolutely nothing wrong about that.
I noticed it works way better in cool temperatures. I would recommend it for early Spring day and night, and Autumn day, preferably.
It's very light and safe for office wear. This is one that is not going to offend anyone, but it's very subtle, so you might not get compliments with this one. Performance is more than adequate for this type of light fragrance as it will linger for a good few hours although it is more of a personal bubble projection wise.

Lastly, Noble Fig is an excellently crafted fragrance with fig leaves in the top notes, an aromatic heart, and then a leathery base a warmer spicier affair. The blend remains sweet while simultaneously being fresh and woody with just a hint of powder and herbs. Overall, it's quite pleasant and agreeable, an inoffensive, versatile fig fragrance.


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The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this black bottle was "Umm... Guerlain Vetiver dupe?". Nop, this is anything but Guerlain Vetiver. Considerably, vetiver is one of the main notes, though the scent is far away from that mainstream perfume. Indeed, when I sprayed it on my skin, I initially did not fall in love with it. but then... Trust me, for really just a handful of euro, this is a gorgeous worthwhile genderless cologne. This gem is the olfactic annals of a journey to discover an obscure imaginary island, full of spell and secrets to reveal. A redolence that evokes the freshness of bursting waterfalls in nature and immense wild forests to give a healthful sensation of wellbeing.

Sandalo del Kashmir e Vetiver (SKV) is classified as an Oriental Woody scent, yet to me what I love about this fragrance is that you can find a little of each olfactory family in it. It is sensual, romantic, elegant, charismatic, among others. The man of a thousand faces I would figure it out. A warm, comforting scent that starts off with a fresh, citrus opening. Later, the drydown is spicy and creamy, with plenty of sweet-woody notes.

At first spray, SKV came out a bit strong that my nose could not handle.
I gave it up and was imagining on my way home that this could have been a masterpiece. All of a sudden turning the steering wheel I felt this heavenly fragrance which was bliss to sniff. Despite the spicy ginger and creamy bergamot, the opening is not too citrusy, rather I get something fruity, a kind of like sweet nectarine or peach. The citrus notes here smell quite natural and also seem to be very subtle with so many other notes being pushed forward. So, it welcomes you with the freshness of citrus, then it quickly invokes its true strength: the warm, rich concoction of the middle notes and the base notes. They transition - more like, tumble - seamlessly and lift your spirit up, giving you a vibrant and relaxing experience of Cloud Nine, aka euphoria.

The freshness in the start changes quite quickly, a more fruity and floral accord pops up in the heart, there is a creamy rose blended with fumy benzoin, the rose is smoky and balsamic. I barely get the green tea, it is not predominant, and well blended with the other notes. Even if not mentioned, yes, it tastes like coconut but there is no coconut, perhaps the accord is coming from the cross between blond wood or cashmere and vetiver.

Then I could smell the alluring base, notes appear quite significantly and to top it up tonka bean gives a sweet touch. Pure bliss after top notes disappear. I would say after middle notes allure acts like a magnet. The dry down is full of the grassiness and dryness of delicate vetiver, it is nutty and slightly earthy. The note or accord I’m calling earthy is not dirty enough to be called sweaty. I guess I would call this note flushed or blushing. More, it offers a lot of sensuality from the cedarwood and sandalwood, the base loosens a creamy woodiness. If that was not enough, the base is married to warm and amber notes of Sandalwood to give life to an intense, enticing, and precious perfume.

SKV has a combination of casual and sophisticated vibes that makes it easy to wear everywhere on a regular basis, without offending somebody. Its sweet woody base can endure the cold winter, but it requires extra warmth to unleash itself. Otherwise, it stays close to the skin. I find it perfect in Fall or early Spring, and intriguing to wear in the Summer night. A smooth all-around fragrance for all ages and genders, it is a definite keeper that is easy to love. This is manly, but without some of the strong, forceful harshness given off by many colognes; it retains subtle, quiet femininity to it.


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I am rocking this cologne right now, I love it, so unique, so manly, so different. I was never turned away by the bad reviews, and I am glad I looked into this one. Gentlemen Only Casual Chic turns 4 years old now, it's a divine fragrance for men, and it's my second Gentlemen Only cologne together with the original one, of which is a youthful flanker, not heavy and in your face, closely akin yet featuring ginger, cardamom, and juniper.

First thing first, the glass is the same English-style flask already used by the range, crystalline with a heavy metal cap, an orange straw, and a pale azure juice within that creates bluish reflections. On the get-go, it starts with green, balsamic, and fresh spicy elements without any citrusy accord, juniper berries are the leading note, with a so bitter, cool, bright, and piny redolence. The initial spray seems to have an element of orange for the first few seconds or so before the spicy and woody aroma emerges. It has an outdoorsy vibe that is topped by the ginger and juniper notes which creates quite an interesting combination.

The heart and base are where this really shines. The balsamic and spicy aspects fade away and the woody notes come into focus. It isn't a one-note accord, rather a bunch of fresh spices like invigorating ginger and minty cardamom, greenish birch leaves that provide a soft leather accord, and mild cedarwood. Less prominent warm spicy and leather accords create fantastic depth to make you smell phenomenal, with just a little bit of mint. A minty smooth leather unconventional accord. The ginger note reminds me of Dior Homme Sport, although I would not say Casual Chic smells like Dior Homme Sport, and I find it to be quite ‘green’ and woodsy, like a walk in the forest on a late spring or summer day, but it doesn’t go full woods as compared to other scents.

Then it starts to dry down into a still fresh, woodsy scent with a seductive tiny hint of vanilla staying close to the skin, presumably coming from the ambroxan, which keeps it warm and smooth without getting overpowered by the cedar. Ambroxan is as sweet as in Dior Sauvage, unquestionably. More, the creamy, woody, clean scent from the cedar and sandalwood combo is superb.

Casual Chic is a very safe scent, classy, versatile, it can be worn to work, school, or on a day spent around town. You can wear this in the day or evening, but I think it lends itself better to daytime wear. The best season to wear this is in the spring and it can be worn in summer if you do not live someplace that's really warm. It's not groundbreaking, but it doesn't smell much like anything else in my collection. I receive a compliment nearly every time I wear this stuff. Not a date fragrance but you might impress someone at the office with this one and get a date that way, you know?


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Watch out. It's a lulu! Zara From Paris To New York is a gorgeous eau de cologne that rotates around a few accords, the simple and immediate pleasure of citrusy freshness, a floral sensual grapefruit blossom naive and smooth as neroli but sharper, more piquant, and crisp cotton-fresh white musks infuse to create a radiant, contemporary signature. Truth be told, the odds are you will smell more than three notes here, and everyone will get something different out of it.
An enveloping track that reflects the casual appeal of a timeless white linen shirt being dried on the line on a sunny day. A simply elegant fragrance for your own pleasure, an essential luxury that dares to be radically simple.

From the get-go, it starts with an icy, fresh citrusy note, but refreshingly different compared to some other summer sports scents. The bergamot and lemon combine together and push a juicy zesty scent that is fantastic as the sun warms the skin. These top notes are nice, tart, sharp, bright, it's juicy, it smells fantastic.

The heart is sort of an olfactory Rorschach test. The picture itself is simple but open to individual interpretation. The citrus blossom isn't a burst of juice on your face, it's the whiff of a peel and petals from the next room, and gives a sweet and floral touch to the cologne. It is like a cold fresh made lemonade with a bit of sugar added to it, you smell and sip in a hot day of a cruel summer. That sweetness is balanced with brisk ginger that stays on the skin for more than a couple of hours.

The white musk develops after a couple of hours but isn’t powerful overall, however it helps to enhance the fragrance with fresh cotton like undertone. The gentle soft laundry musky base makes you feel like you’re wearing a crisp white shirt, taking a relaxing drive along the French coast.

The notes float in and out through the whole life of the fragrance. But above all, there is a feeling of freshly done laundry pervading the entire scent, and an inescapable aura of sunshine and good cheer. Everything smells "natural" and refreshing.

Projection is limited, although longevity is good, it stays on the skin very well for a cologne. It isn’t potent and won’t cause offense to fellow office workers or people on your way, never overwhelming. People who complain about the performance don't understand what a traditional 'cologne' is meant to be, ie. a very light citrus scent which can be sprayed several times a day. If it had the good performance you wouldn't be able to spray it so much because the base notes would still be present. 'Colognes' are basically just top note fragrances.
A perfect hot weather work scent, or casual outings. It's simple and cheerful but not sexual or seductive so even though it would handle body heat well in a club, I wouldn't reach for it as my first choice. Men or women can wear it. There is nothing here that would smell out of place on a woman.
Overall the cologne conjures up images of sitting on the beach, looking out onto the Mediterranean Sea, sipping a freshly poured Gin and Tonic with a generous slice of lime. The sun shining, warming the skin, helping the fragrance to release bursts of citrusy freshness.


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First thing first, this is not a Vibrant Leather flanker, yet a new edition of From Paris to New York. I'd like to express my real impression of this brand new Zara's release. Albeit the name and the box look different, the smell and the description on the box are the very same. The opening is strongly citrus and closely akin to Zara Blue Hole, as many reviewers stated, yet they take separate ways as soon as the heart starts beating and the dry down approaches. Definitely, BH has a clear heart floral note, bright jasmine that turns to an earthy and woody accord akin to patchouli and cedar, it reminds me of CD Homme Sport 2008 to be exact, instead, VL Cologne is more seasoned, the ginger is hot and chilly in the heart, and it turns into a neat musk, this one evoking me of CD Homme Cologne 2013. Since I own both Zara's and CD's fellows, I had an opportunity to study all of them side by side on my skin, they all smell quite apart as both CD Homme Sport and Homme Cologne do. Oftentimes, people are too hasty, they quit and conclude on the first impression, but scents are alive and take their time to develop and reveal their heart and base.

Back to VL Cologne, the opening is a blast of strong citrus fruits right in your face, and once the intoxicating fresh lemon juice soothes down, a sweeter and smooth mandarin orange stands, I definitely get that strongly in the opening alongside the lemon, together with a bitter note of grapefruit, maybe not from the juice or peel but from the blossom or leaves, there is some greenish herbal and leafy accord in there. The opening is so fresh, so manly. Love its bitterness when the lemon finally sits. I absolutely love it. Great refreshing and bright zesty fragrance in the style of Dior Homme Cologne and Allure Homme Cologne.

In the heart, both sparkling ginger and a kind of soft lemon-like greenish herbal are very present up close but from arm's length ginger really dominates. It is spicy, sharp, bracing yet light, and pairs well with citrus notes. This heart aroma lasts quite a few hours before unhiding the backbone notes.

The drydown has woody, spicy and citrusy nuances, the zestiness lingers in the base with the musk and a nice ginger kick. Despite the dominance of the musky accord, I notice a sense of vetiver, rather creamier, lemony, and greener than earthy or rooty, which reminds me of Cacharel pour Homme, the vetiver vibe and trail is similar.

I am really glad to have this one in my collection, you can't go wrong with it. Performances are awesome for this kind of EDC. The bottle is also very nice, heavy and has a blue straw. It is fresh yet elegant, positive, uplifting, bright, sparkling. For more or less any event when you just want to smell nice and clean. You'll get compliments with this one, seriously. I can imagine this fragrance would perform fantastically well on hot and sticky summer days and evenings out.


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Sometimes when people hear a woman reveal she’s wearing a men’s fragrance they act amazed. Like it’s a shame to wear a men’s fragrance. And don’t even start on how people react if you’re a man admitting you’re wearing a women’s fragrance. The truth is, perfumes aren’t constrained by gender. Though some perfumes can be construed as feminine or masculine. The final say on the matter always ends with the individual. If you like it–just wear it. Zara Woman Rose Gold is one such fragrance where if you like it then just wear it. This is glamorous and I picture a muse walking down a moonlit tropical garden after a rain. The air is filled with a lush sweet perfume. She sits down on a bench and just takes a deep breath of the intoxicating flowers and her eyes closed. This is a perfume that took me to another place. Very exotic. If you want a tuberose perfume just give this a try.
I don't really know why I refused to try it for such a long time. Yesterday I finally did and fell in love with it. It is like a smell of roses after the rain. So delicate and private and so beautiful. The bottle is so cute. It's Rose Gold as the name suggests, the cap, the juice, and the printed name, which I didn't realize until I got it home. I know Rose Gold has been a big thing with people lately, so maybe it will appeal

Let's walk altogether into that garden and see what do we smell... First thing first, Rose Gold is a floral, woody, musky perfume that opens up with a blast of green leaves, white blossoms, and a kind of like incensed and resinous aroma. In that blend, I can get some white magnolia, gardenia, and freesia, and allegedly labdanum resin, cause it is resinous yet not as smoky as olibanum. All of those tropical white blooms give a dampness accord, similar to the sultry smell of leaves after the rain. This is one of the best and unique opening I didn't find in any of my masculine colognes. That's why I love it.

The heart a very sweet and joyful combination of orange blossom with other white flowers, which reveals with violet leaves, flamboyant tuberose, on a background of peony blossom and a touch of buttery orris. The tuberose is the queen, so opulent, so narcotic, so extravagant, it's here in bucket loads yet never vexatious nor uncontrollable.

The dry down is a lot of golden amber and animal musk. I must be mistaken, but every now and then I get a whiff of tonka, so delicate and sweet, and a sort of blond wood, maybe the synthetic cashmere wood. Besides, there is that milky tone that makes me think of dried figs.

Wearable, easy and nice for the first warm days of spring, surprisingly a scent better suited for wear in the warmer months. This is oriental, sultry, animal, and sexy. A good, elegant night time scent. In the mornings, it may feel a little heavy and strong, but it calms down quickly.
If you are looking for decent tuberose that's inexpensive, and love strong, heady florals, this may be worth your consideration. I would suggest you try it once at the Zara store to take a call. It lasts quite a long time, especially on garments, and makes itself noticeable. When you apply it, you can detect it from a distance, so I would say the sillage is really good. Yes, it's so lovely. Since I wrote this I've become even more obsessed with it.


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