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1 month ago - 09.07.2022
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An introduction of sorts

Hi, I'm Charon I'm a Freelance Traditional Artist from the UK with Eren Yeager and Attack on Titan brainrot. I draw my OCs, Adoptables and fanart, I'm also fascinated with the fantastical, ethereal and the macabre.

Here's a link to my portfolio if you're interested:

I've been collecting fragrances on and off throughout the years it wasn't until my late 20s that fragrance collecting would become a passion project when I discovered Chance EDP (Chanel) that was the spark that began my investment in fragrances and thus my collection grew at a stupid rate. But I did find out what I really liked and what I don't like due to some blind buy regrets that I made in my early/mid 20s and late teens.

A few fun tid-bits.

My first fragrance was Babydoll (YSL) sadly my step mother broke the bottle, it took me until 2011-2013 to replace it she lied and said she would replace it but never did.

The first fragrance I bought with my own money was Beyond Paradise (Estee Lauder)

The fragrances that got me curious about certain brands namely Hypnotic Poison and Omnia (I used to sneak into my fathers room and smell them when my step mother and father where absent from home)

I am in the camp and believe that women can rock masculine scents and not be ashamed because we enjoy them as sometimes they can lean very much in the unisex direction despite being marketed towards men. And the same applies to men as sometimes feminine fragrances can lean masculine despite being marketed towards women.

Anyway my birthmother used to wear Loulou but I can't stand it let alone wear it because it just makes me feel sad.

Also my pseudonym "EmberRose" combines two of my favourite things as Roses are my favourite flowers and Embers elude to a flame that'll fight and won't go out it'll keep on burning.

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