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Supernova of Roads is truly an explosion of citrus notes that sat my salivary glands on alert immediately - falsely assuming they would have to neutralize the same highly concentrated citric acid.

A rare wow-effect, especially since I actually get along very well with citrus scents.

The death of a star as he dips the whole galaxy in a blinding light ...
Garish bright yellow at first, followed by darkening green tones that blind me, the lilies of the valley are burned before their full bloom.
What remains is a heavily tart, spicy green mist of woody stardust.

Supernova is unisex for me 2/3. In the base but rather for a strong man. Wearable only in spring and autumn, from 25°C on, it is too heavy for me.
Thanks Franfan20 for an experience with a citrus scent I never made before.

3 Awards
... in which a woman wears opulent dresses with lots of lace, ruffles and puffy sleeves... with her aristocratic alabaster white skin, her eyebrows plucked thin and highlighted dark... her hair turned into sassy corkscrew curls that are elegantly plugged together... surrounded by an aura of girlish charm, arrogance, pure femininity, extravagance, amused ease and driven by the search for unconditional love.

La Dame aux Camélias unites a very special, intimate, mysterious and seductive mood with its cheeky fruity sweetness, the confident camellia, the virtuous rose, the slightly creamy and powdery notes and the indigenous wood.

Originally I wanted to decant the fragrance into a more manageable bottle, also because I had no great expectations for the longevity. But the bottle is so beautiful in the flesh and perfectly underlines my fragrance experience that this icing on the cake can't be missed. La Dame aux Camélias stays with me for a good 6 hours.

It`s difficult to describe a fragrance that is as fleeting and tender as Clean Linen.
Everything and I mean everything, what I smell is freshly bathed and powdered baby skin. A warm, comforting, clean scent like ... JOHNSON'S Baby Powder on the skin.