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Bat-Sheba (Men) / Bat-Sheba Exotic Oriental (Parfum) - Judith Muller

Bat-Sheba (Men) / Bat-Sheba Exotic Oriental (Parfum) In all her glory
Well,i sure can recognize the hand of Sophia Grojsman here. There are so many notes in this composition,i am not skilled enough to analyze them. All i can say is to me this smells like a true vintage in all its glory. The packaging is stunning....

EnyoneEnyone 5 years ago
Eternity (Eau de Parfum) - Calvin Klein

Eternity (Eau de Parfum) A Carnation Classic
I have a miniature of this Calvin Klein classic from the time when it was still Calvin Klein Cosmetics ,instead of Coty. Although i'm impressed with the quality of the perfume, and the originality (regarding it was late 80's),there's just a to strong...


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