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23 months ago
Eternity by Calvin Klein

Eternity„A Carnation Classic”
I have a miniature of this Calvin Klein classic from the time when it was still Calvin Klein Cosmetics ,instead of Coty. Although i'm impressed with the quality of the perfume, and the originality (regarding it was late 80's),there's just a to strong carnation...

3 years ago
Inouï by Shiseido

Inou├»„Inoui, a rare classic”
Inoui has become very rare these days, so i was very excited and happy to discover a miniature of her ! when i first applied her on my skin,on a summerevening, i felt a bit dissappointed. I had expected more,i felt she was a bit faint and on top off the bill...


ApiciusApicius 4 years ago
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