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EqelEqel 6 days ago
Megamare - Orto Parisi

Megamare Dissapointment
I refuse to accept that you have to pay 280 euros (converted to 100 ml format ) to smell like this , which in the end is heavily loaded with calone and ambroxan . The opening is difficult . It combines a sweet note that is difficult to describe...

EqelEqel 20 days ago
Noble Musk Nights - Jesus del Pozo

Noble Musk Nights Not for me :(
I didn't like it very much . It seems to me that it tries to mix things from successful perfumes making a whole that simply does not please me much to say . A little bit of Aventus dna , a little bit of ambroxan sauvage-like , I can also understand...

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Very pleasant . Balmy and well blended with a touch of hard character . It fits so well with my mood and the performance doesn´t dissapoint



MeneeixMeneeix 10 days ago
Gracias Carlos fue todo perfecto,deseando hacer más tratos contigo. Persona amable y en permanente comunicación. Un abrazo
DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 25 days ago
Hey Eqel, welcome to Parfumo, have a lot of fun here!