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EqelEqel 2 months ago
Eros Parfum - Versace

Eros Parfum Nothing groundbreaking or to die for
Take it as a grain of salt as I am not as experienced as all those reviewers hheheeh. 80 euros with discount!! Another example of shelves' perfumery. It lacks quality, grace and alarming overpriced. However, with a attractive...

EqelEqel 3 months ago
Dior Homme (2020) (Eau de Toilette) - Dior

Dior Homme (2020) (Eau de Toilette) Please no.
Maybe it's just me having an idea on my mind about what should offer a brand like Dior ( extend it to Chanel, Hermes... ) . Too much wordiness, a huge history, big budgets so... one expects something more luxurious. Instead of that I get a somewhat...

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Very pleasant . Balmy and well blended with a touch of hard character . It fits so well with my mood and the performance doesn´t dissapoint



MeneeixMeneeix 10 months ago
Gracias Carlos fue todo perfecto,deseando hacer más tratos contigo. Persona amable y en permanente comunicación. Un abrazo
DonVanVlietDonVanVliet 10 months ago
Hey Eqel, welcome to Parfumo, have a lot of fun here!