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Ernie824Ernie824 41 days ago
Bleu de Chanel Parfum - Chanel

Bleu de Chanel Parfum Best Blue fragrance IMO
It was love at first sniff at a local Sephora store, so I tested the EDT, EDP and Parfum not of test strips but off skin, to my nose I preferred the parfum version then the EDT and EDP, so far I have several wearings of this fragrance off my skin...

Ernie824Ernie824 16 months ago
GlorioU.S. - Zippo Fragrances

GlorioU.S. Is it Glorious?
My SOTD (Scent of the Day): Zippo Fragrances Glorious EDT: As of 03/06/19 Wore this fragrance to the office as my SOTD as of 03/06/19, I can't really pin point to where I want to put this fragrance either to like it or is a blah due to the scent...

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It was love at first sniff at a Hugo Boss Outlet store, great freshie scent for spring and summer season, a must have
I agree with Carlitos, I own Prada L'Homme being close to 1 to 1, to me a hidden gem from Ajmal at a lower price point
A superb scent to my nose Neroli is done right
From other reviewers is similar to Sea, Salt and Fig by Old Navy sold here in the U.S



EtamherEtamher 17 months ago
a little bit late but heartly: welcome to parfumo - have much fun !
Ernie824Ernie824 20 months ago
Just starting out in the fragrance community so far I have a small collection and gradually to built it up slowly but one fragrance at a time.