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Ernie824 1 year ago 4
Eros little sibling
Purchased this fragrance before the pandemic, the scent has similarities to Versace Eros, but in a affordable price another reviewer from this post said could be Guess best fragrance and I would agree to the T. Longevity/performance off my skin is beastly I get around 13+ hrs (with moisturizer on pulse points). To me is great alternative to Eros and highly recommend.
Ernie824 1 year ago 2
Very Classy scent
Cannot describe the words for this scent, to me is just a pure class, barbershop fougere, I can detect the Sandalwood, Neroli, citruses and Cardamom which is well blended, off my skin longevity I get around 6-8 hrs. Is a must have for spring, summer and fall
Ernie824 2 years ago 4
Best Blue fragrance IMO
It was love at first sniff at a local Sephora store, so I tested the EDT, EDP and Parfum not of test strips but off skin, to my nose I preferred the parfum version then the EDT and EDP, so far I have several wearings of this fragrance off my skin projection was around 2-3 hrs, and longevity/performance as a skin scent around 10-12+ hrs (with body lotion unscented on pulse points) and again it depends on the skin chemistry, do apologize is a short review, as for season to wear this fragrance is great for all seasons, you can dress it casually, dressed it up or dressed it down, business casual-work/office scent and a date night as well, but my take on this fragrance as an overall score is an 8.5 out of 10, it is the best blue fragrance currently in the market IMO.
Ernie824 3 years ago 1
Is it Glorious?
My SOTD (Scent of the Day): Zippo Fragrances Glorious EDT: As of 03/06/19

Wore this fragrance to the office as my SOTD as of 03/06/19, I can't really pin point to where I want to put this fragrance either to like it or is a blah due to the scent DNA has been copied or used before. My nose detects the vanilla, grapefruit, star anise and chocolate even though is a bit strange the notes are well blended and works well of my skin. The tobacco and leather is non existant or is just buried underneath which I can detect but faintly. My overall rating is 7.25 out of 10, I do like the scent is attractive, but need more wearings. The design/presentation is 8 out of 10, it would be nice if the cap like those Zippo lighters would snap back and forth. Value is 9 out of 10, a cheapie/bargain. Longevity/Performance is 7 out 10, 6-8 sprays lasted on my skin as a skin scent around 6-8+ hrs. Is a cheapie but a good scent.
Ernie824 3 years ago 2 1
A Very fruity sweet/somewhat Gourmandish Scent
My SOTD (Scent of the Day): Ferrari Scuderia Ferrari Forte EDP: As of 03/05/19

This is a plum, cinnamon, and vanilla bomb, and it has my favorite notes plum, vanilla and cinnamon, I don't own Gentlemen Only Absolute from Givenchy to compare it to, but in the opening to my nose it has the similarities to Calvin Klein Reveal without the Brandy and Agave. The sweet scent it took me by surprise, this scent is getting some love from me cause I do love the scent and Ferrari has another gem, and I wanna thanked Chad who reviewed this fragrance on his channel A Gentleman's Journey. A solid release from Ferrari, I'm putting this 3rd as one of my favorite Ferrari fragrances, the 1st one is Bright Neroli, 2nd is Noble Fig and 3rd is the Scuderia Ferrari Forte. A gem and a must have.


Scent: 8.25 out of 10 love me some Plum, Vanilla and Cinnamon and I do detect to my nose as well the pineapple, apple and orange blossom in the background but it's buried from the Plum, Vanilla and Cinnamon notes
Design/Presentation: 7.5 out of 10 love that black and red design
Value: 9 out of 10, a bargain
Longevity/Performance: 9 out of 10: 6-8 sprays semi beast mode: Lasted on my skin as a skin around 10-12+ hrs
Overall: 8.5 out of 10
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