EszEsz's Perfume Reviews

Esz 4 years ago 2
Doesn't match the marketing
Don't let the marketing graphics fool you. This isn't some bleak end of the world outdoorsy fragrance. It is a sweet soft woody fig with a ton of cashmeran. It's more along the lines of Gyspy Water or Velvet Haze than say Super Cedar.
The fig in it isn't the green fig you get in something like Philosykos - its sweet and ripe like a fig candy.
Usually Byredo is on point with their marketing but I think they missed the mark this time. If they had've gone for a youthful, fun and delicate campaign, it would have fit better.
Overall its quite nice, but not challenging or exceptional. Regardless, the people who love to post monochromatic shelfies on instagram will lap this up.