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7 years ago
Scent 8.0
Rose de Mai by Fragonard

Rose de Mai„Fragonard Rose de Mai - the best”
Rose is always one of my favorite scents. And among all the different rose perfumes i tried, i think Fragonard's is the best. It is so pure, so natural... it is like you are smelling a rose in front of you. It is not a fresh young rose type, i meant...

7 years ago
Scent 9.0
Air Aquarius by CnR Create

Air Aquarius„CnR Create Galaxy Aquarius - Air”
I got hold of a few samples of this new collection of this Niche house. I am positively surprised! The Aquarius Extrait de Parfum is one of my favorites. It is sutble yet full of personality. Not the type of strong and loud fragrance which people...


FlaconneurFlaconneur 7 years ago
Welcome to Parfumo, Eva009. Nice of you to join us.
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Hello Eva009, welcome to Parfumo! I wish you a lot of fun here!