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70 days ago
Scent 10.0
Cheat Day by Haught Parfums / Haught Spreengs

Cheat Day„Neapolitan for Grown-Ups”
Covarrubias has a gift. He even has a cult following due to his much-admired Chocolate Wasted. I haven’t tried CW but I blind bought two bottles of Cheat Day. After three days of obsessively wearing CD I can say with certainty that I have been indoctrinated...

70 days ago
Perhaps by Bob Mackie

Perhaps„Smells like the 1990s (for the nth time)”
“Perhaps” was a different kind of mainstream scent back in 1997. By today's standards it is still clumsily unique in its own way in context of its time. It somehow got trapped in the transition between the late 1980s powerhouse florientals...

Perfume Blog

58 days ago

Exciter76„Monthly Perfume Tray Rotations”
Too many perfumes. First world problems, am I right?I've loved perfumes my whole life. Okay, I can't speak for 0- to 2-year-old me because I don't remember those years. But I'm sure even then I loved perfume. My earliest memories of my mom are connected to her getting dressed up for a night of disco dancing with her girlfriends and liberally spraying on Cinnabar before she left the apartment. I was probably between the ages of three and five, and I feel nearly confident to say I was about three...


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CrypticCryptic 157 days ago
O hai! Loved your coming of age story/blog article. :) Have a great Christmas!
CrypticCryptic 19 months ago
Somehow I missed your sweet photo comment earlier. My bad! Thanks for being so supportive. :) Have you had a chance to test La fille de Berlin? As a fan of Incense Rose, I think you'd be smitten.
CrypticCryptic 19 months ago
Hello perfume princess. Have a happy Halloween... Boo! http://cache.desktopnexus.com/thumbseg/1140/1140342-bigthumbnail.jpg
CrypticCryptic 2 years ago
Thanks for being so nice about my kooky photo. :) Did you spot the dust bunny at about 2 o'clock? I think it adds a certain something. o.O Speaking of photos, your Eau de Shalimar picture is just gorgeous.
GoldGold 2 years ago
Thank you so much for your friendly comment... I adore cats AND perfume. :)
CrypticCryptic 2 years ago
Congratulations on making your perfume dream come true. :)
CybernoirCybernoir 3 years ago
greetings back at you exciter! thanks so much for the nice message, it looks like it will take me some time to find my way around and get my profile up, but I am glad to be here!
DigindirtDigindirt 3 years ago
Hi Exciter76, so nice to see you here. Have fun!
valandriavalandria 3 years ago
Hi Exciter76! Glad to see you here...!!
(smile4thecamera on the other site.)