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168 days ago
I Love New York for Her by Bond No. 9

I Love New York for Her„Opening: 1980s toys | Drydown: Grown up fruitchouli”
There is this crazy contradictory thing that happens here in the online perfume community: either people are seeking out artificially fruity scents that recall childhood relics or they’re seeking authenticity that places them squarely...

14 months ago
Madison Soirée by Bond No. 9

Madison Soirée„Aldehydes and Oakmoss remix for the modern age”
It’s easy—and lazy—to conflate old age with vintage when it comes to perfumes. What one person calls 'granny-ish' another person considers 'modern vintage'. Perfumes containing aldehydes are especially held culpable for being 'old...

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A composite of Tauer's greatest hits: spices from Eau d'Epices, jammy rose from Rose Flash, leathery fruit from Loretta, etc.+2
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93 days ago

Exciter76„Perfume Lovers Unite on Instagram”
I was bored one September afternoon back in 2017, so I decided to open an Instagram account. I’d shared pictures of my precious bottles here on Parfumo and other perfume communities prior to making this leap. However, I wanted to turn my boredom into something “artful” and find other like-minded...


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