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Exciter76 2 years ago

Exciter76When a ghost wears Azzaro Chrome
The smell of Azzaro Chrome will forever haunt me. It sounds so cliché, I know, but this is now my reality. I find it to be a simple citrus scent. There is nothing particularly profound or earth shattering about this scent. However, so long as I can associate it with a ghost Chrome will haunt me. I was young and had not considered...

Exciter76 3 years ago

Exciter76Perfume Lovers Unite on Instagram
I was bored one September afternoon back in 2017, so I decided to open an Instagram account. I’d shared pictures of my precious bottles here on Parfumo and other perfume communities prior to making this leap. However, I wanted to turn my boredom into something “artful” and find other like-minded folks in the process. My photography...

Exciter76 4 years ago

Exciter76Comparing Top Tens... Then & Now
When I first joined I created lists and posted them in my first blog post. I like lists. I'm a Virgo so I can't help myself. Lists are fun! One of those lists included a Top Ten of my favorite scents. I was so sure that list was never going to change. I have to say, for the most part, it didn't change as much as I thought it would....

Exciter76 4 years ago

Exciter76Artificial Nostalgia Leads To Real Longing
It’s apparent that I like to write about nostalgia as it relates to perfumes. Recalling perfumes worn in high school? Check. Reminiscing about the origins of my perfume obsession? Check. Ruminating about that wildly inappropriate first kiss at a rock concert, all thanks to EL’s Knowing? Check and check! Perfumes and I go way back,...

Exciter76 4 years ago

Exciter76And I'm Never Going Back to My Old School Said Steely Dan
Oh goodness. Why didn't the photographer pull me aside and ask me to fix my hair!? No matter. That was decades ago, right?Once again I felt compelled to write an entry based on an online forum discussion. The question: If you were a teen during the 1980s, what perfume(s) did you wear? Hmm, I barely qualified...

Exciter76 5 years ago

Exciter76Monthly Perfume Tray Rotations
Too many perfumes. First world problems, am I right?I've loved perfumes my whole life. Okay, I can't speak for 0- to 2-year-old me because I don't remember those years. But I'm sure even then I loved perfume. My earliest memories of my mom are connected to her getting dressed up for a night of disco dancing with her girlfriends and liberally...

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