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5 years ago - 19.01.2018
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Comparing Top Tens... Then & Now

When I first joined I created lists and posted them in my first blog post. I like lists. I'm a Virgo so I can't help myself. Lists are fun! One of those lists included a Top Ten of my favorite scents. I was so sure that list was never going to change. I have to say, for the most part, it didn't change as much as I thought it would. Still, some changes were made. I was curious to see how drastic my choices were.

Here's what I said back in 2015:

♦ My COLLECTION TOP 10 (in no particular order):
→ ✓ "Angélique Noire" ◊ Guerlain
→ ✓ "Fantasia" ◊ Fendi
→ ✓ "No. 06 - Incense Rosé" ◊ Tauer Perfumes
→ ✓ "Jour de Fete" ◊ L'Artisan Parfumeur
→ ✓ "Loretta" ◊ Tableau de Parfums
→ ✓ "Ombre Rose L'Original / Ombre Rose (Eau de Parfum)" ◊ Jean Charles Brosseau
→ ✓ "Organza Indecence (1999) (Eau de Parfum)" ◊ Givenchy
→ ✓ "Shalimar Parfum Initial" ◊ Guerlain
→ ✓ "Stella (Eau de Parfum)" ◊ Stella McCartney
→ ✓ "Sucre et Fleurs" ◊ Perfumes By Terri

Here's what it is as of January 2018:

♦ My COLLECTION TOP 10 (again, in no particular order):
→ ✓ Angélique Noire ◊ Guerlain
→ ✓ Loretta ◊ Tableau de Parfums
→ ✓ Fantasia ◊ Fendi
→ ✓ Cinnabar ◊ Estée Lauder
→ ✓ Tea For Two ◊ L'Artisan Parfumeur
→ ✓ Incense Rosé ◊ Tauer Perfumes
→ ✓ Stella ◊ Stella McCartney
→ ✓ Coco EdT ◊ Chanel
→ ✓ Elixir Des Merveilles ◊ Hermes
→ ✓ China Musk ◊ TerraNova

Now that's not to say I stopped loving anything on the first list. Sucre et Fleurs was my signature scent for over a year and I still love it with every fiber of my being. But what really, truly makes the cut? Two years ago there was a wildfire that was nearing my home and the possibility of evacuation was imminent. Quickly, I threw everything I felt was important into my purse, a backpack, and an overnight bag. Photos, important documents, my laptop and tablet, medications, clothing, shoes and a handful of perfumes.

As precious as my perfumes are to me, they were the last to be loaded up. In reality, they were my least important items to pack. Once my pets were gathered and my necessities were packed I had a few minutes to think about my little liquid morale boosters. In those split seconds I asked myself what could I not afford to lose and what would keep my spirits up when chaos was the order of the day? Ultimately, I grabbed Angelique Noire, Fantasia, Incense Rose, Loretta and an aged bottle of Cinnabar. That's how these five ended up on my list today.

Luckily, the order did not shift from voluntary to mandatory since the fire was kept away from homes. I hated the thought of leaving my other beauties behind. Then again, I hated the thought of my home being consumed by fire. There was much to mentally process in those chaotic days. The ending was a happy one and I was able to go back to making hypothetical lists.

So here's to making lists for the fun of it!

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