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101 days ago
Joy by Dior / Christian Dior

Joy„Have you watched Blade Runner 2049? Joi/y is there”
I received a sample of Dior Joy during a purchase and considering the nice package and the lovely pink color of the juice, I jumped to it in order to check what Dior had been up to. Now, in order for you to have a picture of what...

9 months ago
Nuit de Tubéreuse by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Nuit de Tubéreuse„Too peppery for my taste”
As a sucker for tuberose, I added Nuit de Tubereuse to my wish list and waited patiently for a bottle to show up on these lands, for L'Artisan Parfumeur doesn't sell in local shops where I live and buying online would mean paying four times the retail price...

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An initial promising fruity boozy opening and then 10 min later it all went down to the same JPG DNA. Not bad; just not exciting.
Lovely fragrance. If only it lasted for more than one hour I'd happily get a bottle of it. But it doesn't. Such a shame.+1
The most amazing syrupy candied rose ever made.+1
To my nose Ce Soir ou Jamais is Lutens' La Fille de Berlin without the excessive geranium note. Bottom line: impossible not to love it!+1
The drydown keeps a slight resemblance with Dior Addict (first formulation). So if you truly miss Dior Addict, you can give this one a try.+1
If you miss the discontinued Nasomatto Nuda and wished its jasmine was less fecal, then Lust is totally for you (and me!).
Lovely almond. Creamy base. No lavender for me, which is a total plus! Longevity for an EdC is superb: 6 hours with steady projection.+1
Yes I Am Yes I Am - Cacharel   Fabirss 9 months ago
Yes, you are boring. Yes, you are more of the same. And yes, we didn’t get along well.+1
Pepper. Critusy peppery composition. Can't find nothing but pepper in it. And boy, it lasts!+3


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