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FannyFanny 8 months ago
Fate Man - Amouage

Fate Man You poor men to bear such a fate !!!
Good lord, what a mess... Being an avid user of the most heavy spicy orientals, male and all, I expected Fate to be exceptional. One has to be a cumin addict to appreciate this. The stuff which usually makes me sick are suffocatingly...

FannyFanny 9 months ago
Under My Skin - Francesca Bianchi

Under My Skin Under My Skin
The opening (when I sniff close to skin) is odd and bordering on repulsive, but the scent around me makes me weak in the knees: a combination of a subtle soft sweetness and warm spicy skin... UMS is so deep and rich, none of the notes jump out individually...


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Tally7Tally7 6 days ago
Just received parcel from you! Thank you for our smooth deal and pleasant communication.
MiaTrostMiaTrost 8 months ago
Thank you for the pleasant trade, Fanny! Dilettante and your kind extra arrived safe and sound.
CaineCaine 10 months ago
Everything was perfect! Thank you, Fanny!!
FannyFanny 14 months ago
Aww, you are too kind my dear Lexa...!
Thank YOU for your kind words and the smooth transaction :))
Enjoy your new perfume !!
LexaLexa 14 months ago
One of the most amazing people here.Kind,generous ,incredible sweet.I would love to recommend Fanny to absolutely everybody.She is wonderful! Simply wonderful!
Thank you my dear friend for the great contact,for the smooth transaction (talked,paid,shipped,everything happenning the exact same day) and for the most wished for fragrance that you sent me! You my dear are the BEST!
Sending you all my love ,my appreciation and a big big hug,
FannyFanny 6 years ago
Thank you, Seatonica!
SeatonicaSeatonica 6 years ago
Enjoying your reviews!
DenoulaDenoula 7 years ago
Hi Fanny! We meet again... :)
CoutureguruCoutureguru 8 years ago
A warm welcome to Parfumo, Fanny!! Wishing you a wonderful time here :) ...
FannyFanny 8 years ago
Thanks all, for your welcoming words!!