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FannyFanny 12 months ago
Unum - Opus 1144 - Filippo Sorcinelli

Unum - Opus 1144 Not so dark after all...
A very comfortable perfume which reminds me of Kismet and Shalimar. The difference being Kismet is more dense because of the opoponax and Shalimar has a prominent leather note, while the leather in Opus 1144 is buried far in the background...

FannyFanny 1 year ago
The Secret Collection - Lady Tubereuse - Moresque

The Secret Collection - Lady Tubereuse Mythic tubereuse
A gorgeous new perfume by the house of Moresque. I've already bought Seta and Ubar and I really want a bottle of Lady Tubereuse as well. This is a surprising new take on tubereuse; the sweetness of the fruity notes, vanilla and tubereuse is tempered...


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